Rewriting The General Piaget Altiplano 38mm 900p Watch

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Neither the movement nor the case, the two merge into one. The world’s thinnest mechanical watch, PiagetAltiplano 38mm900P, integrates the manual-winding movement and case components into a whole, with a thickness of only 3.65 mm, setting a new world ultra-thin record. Piaget Piaget, who is well versed in the production of ultra-thin watches, witnessed the brand’s superb technology for more than half a century with Altiplano 38mm900P, creating another brilliant achievement in the field of ultra-thin watches, perfectly showing the advantages of Piaget’s two integrated watchmaking workshops . Piaget watchmaking masters, watchmaking craftsmen and designers work together in the brand’s fine watchmaking factories and watchmaking workshops to breathe life into this precise and reliable masterpiece.

To celebrate the 140th anniversary of Piaget Piaget, the brand specially launched this new Piaget Altiplano 38mm900P ultra-thin watch that rewrites the future of ultra-thin premium watches. The watch design showcases advanced and innovative technology, and is specially named 900P to commemorate Piaget’s first ultra-thin hand-wound movement, 9P, introduced in 1957. The 9P movement is only 2 mm thick, successfully establishing Piaget’s position in the ultra-thin watchmaking field. In 1960, Piaget set a new record with the 12P movement, which was only 2.3 mm thick, making it the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement at the time. Since then, the brand has successively refreshed the ultra-thin records of many manual and automatic winding movements, and some are equipped with complex functions. Among them, the best include the world’s thinnest manual winding rectangular tourbillon movement 600P, and among the same type of movement The thinnest automatic winding movement 1208P and so on.

Outstanding ultra-thin movement tradition

Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshop will continue its love for slim movements. Of the 35 movements developed and manufactured by the brand, up to 23 are ultra-thin movements, of which 12 have been rewritten in the past few years. The record of ultra-thin movements has become an important part of the brand’s existing watch series. Each movement is an outstanding achievement, marking the outstanding craftsmanship of the brand over the years. This exquisite craftsmanship has enabled Piaget to create countless extraordinary watches and continue to expand the limits of craftsmanship and introduce new ones. Piaget’s masterpieces of watches are not only known for their extreme slimness, but also for the purpose of each watch and every decision of the watch factory. These 23 ultra-thin movements have witnessed the brand successfully managing these two challenges. Since the launch date, they have continued to produce and have not overshadowed the aftershocks. Among them, the durable 430P movement is the most widely produced ultra-thin movement in the world. Thin hand-wound movement.

The perfect combination of the skills of the two integrated watchmaking workshops

Making ultra-thin movements is a long-lasting test. From the first draft, designers need to remove all unnecessary parts while maintaining the function, aesthetics and durability of the movement. Streamline structure. Only a few watch factories design movements in this way, and only a few of them can independently develop and manufacture movements and cases under the strict supervision of brand designers, and Piaget is one of them. A watchmaking workshop that can reach this initiative. PiagetAltiplano 38mm900P combines the case and the movement design into one, not only has become the world’s thinnest mechanical watch, and with the brand’s two own watchmaking workshops, this initiative has been successfully created: the watchmaking workshop in LaCôteaux Fées specializes in making machines The watchmaking workshop in Plan-les-Ouates is specialized in the production of watch cases. The technology of the two watchmaking workshops is closely combined by PiagetAltiplano 38mm900P into a single case with exposed case components, inside and outside. Naturally designed movement.

The production process of this ultra-thin masterpiece took a full three years. The master watchmaker, case craftsman and designer cooperated in every stage of research and development, production, adjustment and retouching, which led to the birth of PiagetAltiplano38mm900P. In the process, each of the technical and aesthetic decisions affects each other and the lips and teeth are interdependent. PiagetAltiplano38mm900P’s 145 parts are all reduced to the smallest size. The smallest part is only slightly thicker than the diameter of the hair. Some gears are thinner to only 0.12 mm (the thickness of the classic movement is 0.20 mm). The gap between the parts also needs to be carefully calculated. During the design, the position of each part is delicately arranged, with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter, so that the fixed parts and the moving parts are perfectly joined to ensure that the moving parts can move smoothly, thereby ensuring the machine. The core operates smoothly.

The mystery of the world’s thinnest mechanical watch

The mystery of this ultra-thin watch is actually buried in the structure of the case: the case back is also the main plate of the movement, the movement and the case are integrated, and the mechanical parts are directly mounted on the case. Such a complicated structure means that the movement of the movement needs to be turned upside down. The bridge is mounted on the side close to the dial. In order to enhance the aesthetics, the bridge design is exposed. In order to further reduce the space of a few millimeters, Piaget has also compressed the entire movement and the pointer installation system as much as possible, and the thickness is thinner than the balance wheel, so that the hour and minute hands can be displayed eccentrically, implementing the classic design features of the PiagetAltiplano series. The watch also sees the operation of the entire gear set, allowing users to pry into the secrets of such ultra-thin watch masterpieces and high-tech movements. Piaget has developed a floating barrel for this narrow movement, which is suspended on a single bridge on the side of the dial, as opposed to the traditional movement of fixing the barrel to the main splint. The Piaget Altiplano 38mm900P watch is cleverly designed and has a power reserve of up to 48 hours without affecting the performance of the movement.

Patented technology under application, breaking the limit of reliability

When the watch is under extreme stress, such as in water, the glass or crystal mirror is slightly deformed. For ordinary watches, this physical phenomenon has little effect, but if the situation occurs on ultra-thin watches, because the space inside the watch is extremely small, the glass may be pressed against the pointer when it is deformed under pressure, resulting in mechanical failure. The core stops working. In order to prevent this problem from appearing on ultra-thin watches, Piaget has devised a revolutionary device (patent pending) that breaks the limit of the reliability of ultra-thin watches. Instead of fixing the hands on the bridge, it fixes them below. , Vacate the space between the minute wheel and the crystal mirror surface, even if the crystal mirror surface is deformed by pressure, it will not directly press on the pointer (because the pointer is installed behind the bridge), it will only press the gear set, which will not affect the machine. Core operating frequency.

Unmatched retouching

Piaget insists that while thinning ultra-thin watch parts, it will never sacrifice the accuracy of the watch, nor will it compromise the finish of the watch. PiagetAltiplano 38mm900P was born with this conviction. Even if some of the 145 parts of the watch are hidden inside, the craftsman still carefully polishes and polishes each part, showing the most advanced watchmaking tradition with long-time manual techniques. Ultra-thin watch parts are thin and precise, and the finishing work is more sophisticated than ordinary watch parts.

At the same time, the case back that also serves as the main splint is polished and sandblasted, and the gears are alternately retouched with solar radiation or annular corrugated matte polishing. The open-cut design sees through the sophisticated mechanical mechanism of the movement. The bridge is treated with chamfering and sun-radiated matte finish. After black coating, it forms an elegant contrast with the white gold case. The rose gold model uses carbon gray mechanical parts, while the same white gold inlaid gem model is set with 78 diamonds on the bezel, which shines brightly. The dedicated power correction system is engraved with the Piaget initial ‘P’ mark, highlighting the brand identity in a harmonious and delicate masterpiece of high-end watches.

Extraordinary fine jewelry watch

Piaget has pioneered ultra-thin movements since the early 1960s, and has created countless extraordinary styles over the years, demonstrating the brand’s exquisite fine watchmaking technology and fine jewelry craftsmanship. Watch and jewelry setting is a rigorous craftsmanship. Craftsmen need to overcome many difficulties. The challenge of mounting on ultra-thin watches is even more daunting. The reason is that it is limited by the slim contour and the ultra-thin case. The design allows only extremely small tolerances, while only very limited space is available for gem setting. The Piaget Altiplano 38mm900P jewelry watch, which is only 5.65 mm thick, is set with a total of 4.71 carats of diamonds, setting a new record for the world’s thinnest jewelry watch. 304 diamonds have different cutting effects. The bezel is made of rectangular cut diamonds, the lugs and the front side are set with round diamonds, and the dial is decorated with 33 rectangular cut diamonds. Piaget set diamonds on the bridge screws and gear trains, pushing jewelry watches to another level. Even the folding buckle of the crocodile leather strap can be seen in the delicate gem setting. The overall retouching effect is gorgeous, never neglecting the smallest details, making a magnificent watch exquisite like an artwork.

The vast Altiplano

Altiplano is Spanish, which means ‘plateau’. It is located in the middle of the Andes and spans more than 1,500 kilometers. It is one of the highest living areas in the world, with an average altitude of 3,650 meters. The Altiplano area has been blown by strong winds for a long time, the vegetation is sparse, and the horizon is vast. Under the desert plateau, it is a treasure trove of natural resources, burying a lot of mineral resources such as gold, silver and copper. Piaget not only based on Altiplano’s vast landscape, designed a simple and modern high-tech Altiplano series, but also injected another treasure into the watch: mechanically equipped in a simple and modern design, such as the time scale on the eccentric dial with single row and double Lines are alternately displayed, presenting a timeless classic aesthetic in a contemporary way. The case of the new Piaget Altiplano 38mm900P watch is made of 18K gold, with a simple appearance and outstanding internal structure, which makes people love at first sight and even forget that it is the world’s thinnest mechanical watch. PiagetAltiplano 38mm900P has no negative Altiplano name, showing its popularity … (Xin Xin, the home of the picture / text watch)

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Casio Launches Personal Special Gd-100ns

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G-SHOCK has launched this personal special GD-100NS in cooperation with professional BMX player and pioneer of street culture Nigel Sylvester. Nigel Sylvester enjoys a high reputation in the BMX world, with a unique black rhythm of strength in the BMX world’s hegemony side, and G-SHOCK is also unshakable in the street trend, the cooperation between the two has contributed to the birth of GD-100NS.
G-SHOCK collaborates with professional BMX player and pioneer of street culture Nigel Sylvester to launch a personal special GD-100NS
G-SHOCK collaborates with professional BMX player and pioneer of street culture Nigel Sylvester to launch a personal special GD-100NS
This GD-100NS is shockproof, 200 meters waterproof, super automatic LED backlight, world time (48 cities), stopwatch (accurate to 1/100 second), and has a unique design. The white case with black dial , Is a classic black and white match, can better highlight the traditional street riding style in Queens. The red alphanumeric display complements the black LCD back screen and LED backlight. The anti-scratch dial screen and the traditional waterproof design make people feel at ease when wearing. Even more remarkable is that the front surface is printed with a red personal signature of N. Sylvester. The small design highlights a unique presence. The back of the case is printed with the signature of N.Sylvester and is delivered in a special box.

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47mm Green Rusty Bronze Panerai Luminor Watch

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo-PAM00382 frosted bronze case, diameter 47 mm, unidirectional rotating bezel. Equipped with a Panerai P.90 0 0 automatic movement, dual barrels 72 hours power reserve. Luminous hands and scales, waterproof to 100 meters. Limited to 1000
Keywords: high-tech materials, soft landing, long power, 1950s wind
Music effect: Goth
Product style: Retro, reappearing the design features of the transitional products from the 1930s to the 1950s
Main series: LUMINOR 1950 series based on the new P.3000 movement
New products: 7
Editor’s Choice: LUMINOR COMPOSITE 1950 3 DAYS 47mm

Comment: As we all know, Panerai’s two major series Radiomir and Luminor have completely different appearance characteristics. Radiomir is a pillow case, welded or screwed thin lugs, onion crown; Luminor is a round case and Coarse lugs and crown with patented shoulder guards, but in the 1940s and 1950s, during the transformation from Radiomir to Luminor, there were also mash-up ‘Four Dislike’ products, which is exactly the theme of this year.

    Of particular note in the LUMINOR 1950 series are two left-handed watches and a Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo made of bronze. With the passage of time, the green rust color on the surface will create a rustic feel.

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Longines L4.306.9.87.0 Watch Real Shot

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Longines, an internationally renowned brand watch, launched several limited edition commemorative watches on the occasion of its 180th anniversary. One of them will be brought to you today. The Agassiz 180th Anniversary Limited Edition model adds a contemporary elegance to the contemporary interpretation of Longines founder Auguste Agassiz’s collection in 1982. Today I will bring you a real shot of the Longines L4.306.9.87.0 watch.

  The watch has a diameter of only 25.5 mm and is small and exquisite. The mother-of-pearl dial looks a bit dizzy. To commemorate the 180th anniversary of Longines, this watch is also limited to 180 pieces. It should be noted that the watch case is also set with 180 diamonds.

 From the side we can see that the case is densely packed with diamonds, which is really luxurious. The time scale of the watch dial is also 12 diamond time scales, which completely captures the women’s love of diamond watches.

From the side we can see that the watch is very thin, which has a certain relationship with the quartz movement used in the watch.

 The watch is equipped with a black alligator leather strap, which is very comfortable to wear. With a pin buckle, the buckle is made of 18K rose gold, and the buckle is engraved with the Longines flying wing hourglass logo.

The picture above does not have any special meaning, just to let everyone better understand how thin the watch is.

 From this picture, we can intuitively observe the mother-of-pearl dial of the watch. From different angles, the watch will see different colors, which are more gorgeous.

18K rose gold pin buckle with an hourglass logo engraved with Longines flying wings.

 The back of the watch is a quartz movement, so the watch does not have a bottom design, which may be a bit regrettable. But the case back is also made of 18K rose gold, which can be considered sincere.

Summary: The ultra-thin rose gold case with a diameter of 25.50 mm is delicately set with 180 diamonds, plus a white mother-of-pearl dial and 12 diamond hour markers. The elegant finishing touch makes this outstanding limited edition of 180 pieces. To enhance the watch’s radiance, to achieve a more complete and harmonious picture and fine proportions, this series uses a black alligator leather strap to match the slim buckle, gently enveloping the ladies’ slender wrists. The price of this watch in China is 66,500 yuan.
Please click on watch details: longines / 17014 /

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Interpretation Of The Watchmaking Aesthetics Of The J12 Series Three 100,000 Yuan Chanel Watches Recommended

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Chanel is a French luxury brand founded in Paris in 1913. It has a wide range of products, including clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, perfume and other fields. These products are famous, especially perfume and fashion. As a luxury brand, in the field of luxury watches watched by men, naturally, we can’t let it go, and bring our understanding of women’s watches into it. Today we come to pay attention to the next 50,000 yuan. The following Chanel J12 series women’s watches.

Chanel J12 Series H2570 Watch

Watch series: J12
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Ceramic
Strap Material: Ceramic
Case diameter: 29 mm
Domestic public price: 50800
Watch details: 44100
Watch details: In addition to the AUTOMATIC logo, there are cross lines drawn by thin silver gray lines. The stainless steel case back is engraved with ‘J12 WHITE 10TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION’, which symbolizes that this watch has become a treasure of the J12 series.

Chanel J12 Series H2181

Watch series: J12
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Ceramic-18k rose gold
Strap Material: Ceramic
Case diameter: 33 mm
Domestic public price: 90000
Watch details: chanel / 16191 /
Brief review of the watch: The H2181 watch with the white theme also uses 18k rose gold as the embellishment on the bezel. The soft color and its noble meaning imply the fashion and luxury elements into it, presenting J12’s unparalleled True and beautiful. The dial of the watch is inlaid with 11 beautiful diamonds as hour markers, so that the combination of rose gold and diamonds is an ingenious combination, presenting a luxurious experience on white ceramics.

Summary: The three basic materials of the J12 series are mainly ceramics. Chanel has also applied ceramics to women’s watches to the fullest extent. The use of pure white ceramics reveals the whiteness and flawlessness of women and exudes female charm. The concept presented by the J12 watch transcends the meaning of time itself, returning to people, confident, free, self-disciplined and bravely moving forward. A lady who likes the J12 white watch will definitely make your style more eye-catching.

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Classic Touring Breguet Early Chronograph Watch

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In the watchmaking industry, Breguet is one of the few brands with an iconic chronograph series, also known as TypeXX. Of course, TypeXX does not fall from the sky. Breguet has been manufacturing the earliest chronograph watches since 1935. Later, they gradually evolved into TypeXX, but even those early chronograph watches had unique appeal, as this 1938 watch will be introduced in this article.

   It’s hard to pinpoint the most prominent feature of this watch: is it a black dial with copper-color printing and matching hands, or a stainless steel case with a pitted crown and wide lugs? To be sure, the ingenious combination of different elements gives this watch a unique personality and an image appearance beyond that era. Today, this watch is still very suitable for wearing, knowing that its diameter is ‘only’ 32.5 mm. But unfortunately, given the rarity and preciousness of this watch, it is unlikely to actually see it on a certain wrist.

   Breguet produced this watch in 1938 and sold it on June 10, 1939. Despite its age, the watch is well-preserved. The dial has been changed to a ‘tropical’ hue and there are some scratches on the case. In addition, the watch remains the factory. The shape of the winding crown and chronograph button on the right side of the dial show an extraordinary personality. At that time, Breguet played a pioneering role in aviation, and this watch also seemed to draw design inspiration from it.

   Breguet’s deep relationship with the aviation world and the TypeXX series that followed in the 1950’s made this chronograph a remarkable timepiece. It was the first fruit of Breguet’s initial involvement in the field of chronograph watches, and since then, the brand has left a solid mark in this field. This chronograph further demonstrates that Breguet’s innovative spirit continues long after the outstanding founder’s death. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

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Recently Accumulated Strength For Hundreds Of Years To Show Outstanding Luxury Watch Recommendations

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We have every reason to believe that it is no accident that a brand launches any watch full of its own characteristics. This is a demonstration of the strength that has been accumulated and invested for decades. The number and area of ​​SIHH exhibiting brands this year, now let us once again appreciate some outstanding watches exhibited this year.
The perfect watch masterpiece:
    About two years ago, Lange’s LANGE ZEITWERK watch, with its extraordinary design features, demonstrated its watchmaking philosophy that breaks through conventions and welcomed the advent of a new era. So it is no accident that ZEITWERK has become Lange’s first timepiece. Its mechanical design concept provides ideal prerequisites for an integrated self-oscillating gear train. When the digital disk is moving forward, it will release a huge force, so it can still provide enough power for other purposes after switching cycles. The stored energy becomes the power of the time signal device, which is used to tighten the spring to drive the two hammers. Every quarter of an hour, the mechanism is activated, striking one of the gongs. Each quarter of the clock will be timed with high-pitched music, and every hour will be clocked with low-pitched music. This watch is equipped with Lange’s own L043.2 movement, not only equipped with hand-decorated delicate parts, balance wheel with eccentric weights, and Lange’s proprietary balance spring. With a diameter of 44.2 mm, this self-timer watch is available in a limited edition of 100 platinum cases with rhodium-plated dials, in addition to the white gold case with a black dial.

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Extraordinary Feminine Charm, Tasting The Parmigiani Mechanical Watch Series White Gold

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In 2008, Parmigiani launched the Kalparisma watch series-the brand’s first women’s mechanical watch series. Now, the brand is about to launch the KalparismaNovaGalaxy watch, with its femininity and charming charm unprecedented, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this extraordinary watch series. This watch comes in rose gold and white gold. Let’s take a look at the white gold model. (Official model: PFC125-1232500)

   This watch uses a gold-plated glass dial with a size of 37.5×31.2 mm. The dark blue dial shows a starry state, telling the passage of time and attracting endless reveries. The triangular hands are hollowed out to better display the celestial body and enhance the subtle femininity of the watch. The small seconds at 6 o’clock has a star design and makes one revolution per minute.

   The platinum bezel is set with Wesselton VVS diamonds and weighs 2.28 carats. Against the deep blue dial. The entire case is inlaid with well-designed diamonds, the size of which was carefully selected by top masonry-its periphery is smaller, and it gradually becomes larger near the curved part of the case. Of the 182 gems, each one shines in a ‘mural-like’ picture weighing 2.28 carats, forming a glittering snowflake appearance and blending in harmony with the dial constellation.

   The strap of the watch is Hermes’ indigo alligator leather with pin buckle, which is convenient and secure to wear.

  This watch uses the PF332 self-winding mechanical movement, Parmigiani’s first mechanical watch for women. This movement is unique in its dual barrels mounted in series. This design helps maintain the stability of energy distribution and ensures that energy is delivered to the regulator at a constant level. It offers the most exquisite horological decoration: the bridge is also sandblasted, painted or decorated with Geneva ripples, then manually chamfered, and finally rhodium-plated. 22K gold automatic top with machine-engraved barley grain motif.

   Parmigiani’s attention to detail has made it so precious. The watch takes into consideration the female’s aesthetics in design and appearance. The entire watch looks noble and elegant without losing its sense of fashion, and it is also suitable for wearing on any occasion.

For more information on the latest Geneva watchmaking salons in 2018, please follow the watch house live feature:

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Earl Grey Watches-shining To The Ultimate Feminine Charm

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Earl Limelight Gala-shines the ultimate feminine charm

 In the 1960s, the spirit of fantasy was permeated. Piaget embellished elegant women in the 1960s with dazzling jewellery watches. Inspired by this aspiring time, Piaget launched the new Limelight Gala watch series and transformed it into Piaget’s new masterpiece. Unparalleled aesthetics, full-bodied curves and delicately set gems echo each other in harmony, revealing a unique personality full of fashion charm. At the intersection of art, design and jewelry, Piaget once again interpreted the timeless charm of time with his creative power.

 Bright and lively, vibrant and sexy, these three adjectives perfectly express the characteristics of Piaget Limelight Gala series. It frees time from the straight line design that the world is accustomed to, and replaces it with a completely feminine curve. The two elegantly extended lugs round off the round case, and the sexy radian is even more pronounced by the small and large single row of round diamonds. The simple, understated dial exudes the ultimate feminine charm, and the black Roman numerals on the dial echo the exquisite silk strap.

 New Limelight Gala watch collection

 New Limelight Gala watch series

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Tourbillon Diamond Watch Function And Gorgeous Perfect Combination

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BLANPAIN Tourbillon
Combining top watchmaking technology with extreme luxury jewelry inlays, from the face plate, case and strap to the precious ladder diamonds, a total of 58 carats, showing extraordinary magnificence and nobility. In particular, it is necessary to inlay rectangular step drills on the round faceplate to show the complex craftsmanship aesthetics.
Jaeger LeCoultre Time Tourbillon
The larger balance wheel diameter makes the operation more stable, the local time / second time zone display and the tourbillon are juxtaposed on the dial. Local time can also be adjusted back and forth at will, driving the date on the dial outer ring. The second hand is shown as a three-arm blue steel pointer above the tourbillon opening. The end with the arrow will indicate the elapsed seconds when the tourbillon frame rotates.

Girard Perregaux GP / Cats Eye Automatic Single Golden Bridge Tourbillon
Women’s watch brand won several international awards after launching Cat’s Eye models in 2005. This tourbillon has a three-dimensional carved pattern on the mother-of-pearl dial. The frame and lugs are inlaid with 303 gorgeous T diamonds, and the silk silk strap makes the tourbillon a dreamy feminine for female watch fans.

Kunlun CORUM billionaire tourbillon
双面 Both sides of the case are inlaid with the finest diamonds, and the hour markers are hand-carved sapphire. The 46mm diameter watch design is very expensive. Limited to five pieces in the world, No. 1 has been exhibited in Taiwan, featuring a sapphire crystal glass penetrating design on the upper mirror and the rear cover.

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