Christie’s Watches Online Auction Boutique Review

From June 13th to 27th, Christie’s watch online auction planning summer special. Many antique watches and modern watches from world-renowned watch brands appear in this online auction. Among them, include Rolex, Omega, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre and other international watches. It is worth noting that rare antique Rolex and other watches have received the attention of many Tibetan friends before the start of the auction. There are a total of 130 watch collections in this online auction. Next, Watch House will review the products of Christie’s online auction to see which fine watches are participating in this auction.

lot.1 Rolex Daytona 6265

Basic information: Stainless steel housing, diameter 37 mm. Equipped with a timing function, using cal.727 manual winding movement.
Estimate: USD 30,000-50,000, approximately RMB 200,000-340,000.
Including commission price: 40,000 US dollars, about 270,000 yuan.

Watch Comments: This Rolex 6265 received extensive attention before the start of production. Its production time was about 1972. The movement is based on the manual winding cal. 21600 wobble frequency, it is a movement that Rolex has used for 20 years, it can be seen that its stability is good enough. And this Daytona not only follows the design of the Daytona series, the prominent stainless steel case, the dial has changed from Rolex Cosmograph to Rolex Oyster Cosmograph (commonly known as ROC surface). The word ‘DAYTONA’ was cancelled on the ROC surface. This is the 6265 feature of this period. As long as Rolex’s DAYTONA appears in the auction market, it will definitely be sought after and paid attention to by collectors. For classics, perhaps people’s enthusiasm will never fade.

lot.3 Rolex MILGAUSS series 116400GV

Basic information: stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm, automatic cal. 3131 movement.
Estimate: USD 4000-6000, about RMB 27000-40000.
Commission price included: USD 6875, approximately RMB 46,000.

Watch Reviews: Another watch from Rolex. In 1956, Rolex was specially developed for scientists. This watch can withstand a magnetic field of 1000 gauss. This series ceased production in 1988 and was relaunched in 2007. This 2014 watch has a lightning-shaped orange second hand, a blue dial and a unique green mirror. This makes this watch unique among other Rolex watches. Rolex has always been ‘everything is green’, so it is not unexpected that this watch sold at a price higher than the highest estimate.

lot.4 Rolex RED SUBMARINER 1680

Basic information: Stainless steel housing with a diameter of 39 mm. With time and date display function, using cal.1570 automatic winding movement.
Estimate: USD 8000-12000, approximately RMB 54400-81600.
Commission price included: USD 16,250, approximately RMB 110,500.

Watch comments: Rolex’s watch in this online auction is amazing, but according to Rolex’s performance in previous auctions, this is reasonable. The highest estimate of this black water ghost from 1970 is $ 12,000 (approximately RMB 81600)
, But the final transaction price was higher than the highest estimate of 4,250 US dollars (about 28,900 yuan). At a 2015 New York auction, the same 1970 Black Letter Ghost 1680 was also sold at a price higher than the highest estimate. There is a great demand for water ghosts in the market, but the production of water ghosts is limited, which has led to a shortage of water ghosts. If you are lucky to have an antique water ghost, it is probably the wish of many collectors.

lot.16 Rolex Date-Date 1803

Basic information: 18k yellow gold case with a diameter of 36 mm. With date and day display function, cal.1556 automatic winding movement.
Estimate: USD 8000-12000, approximately RMB 54400-81600.
Commission price included: USD 20,000, approximately RMB 136,000.

Watch Reviews: There is no doubt that the Rolex day-date series is synonymous with luxury and classics. This series of features is only the use of precious metals (including gold, platinum, rose gold, etc.). Its special design is to cancel the design of the calendar and the week side by side, set the date display to 3 o’clock, and the week display to 12 o’clock. First introduced in 1956, the classic design has been used in the day-date series for the next 60 years. The day-date series is also known as the ‘President’s Watch’, which has been worn by many American presidents in history, including Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and so on. The watch was finally sold at a price higher than the highest estimated US $ 8,000 (about 54400 yuan), which also stems from its scarcity and integrity of the product.

lot.29 Jaeger-LECOULTRE MEMOVOX POLARIS series E859

Basic information: Stainless steel housing with a diameter of 42 mm. With travel time, date display and alarm function, using cal.K825 automatic winding movement.
Estimate: USD 15000-25000, approximately RMB 102,000-170000.
Commission price included: USD 21,250, approximately RMB 144,000.

Watch comments: elegance has always been used on Jaeger-LeCoultre. This Jaeger-LeCoultre E825, as a diving watch, has a sophisticated and elegant aesthetics compared to the rigorous appearance of other diving watches. In addition, this watch uses a large stainless steel casing and a super compressor structure, which makes this watch more stable and waterproof in the case of deeper water. In addition to personal taste, an important factor that collectors consider when buying antique watches is the scarcity of watches. The total production of this watch is less than 1,800 pieces, and this E825, which is only auctioned at Christie’s online auction, shows its preciousness.

lot.41 OMEGA Speedmaster Series ST 145.022

Basic information: Stainless steel housing with a diameter of 42 mm. Equipped with date display and timekeeping function, using cal.861 manual winding movement.
Estimate: USD 4000-6000, approximately RMB 27000-40700.
Commission price included: USD 4375, approximately RMB 29,700.

Watch Comments: As one of the most iconic and legendary Omega watches, the Omega Speedmaster series is the only watch certified by NASA that is eligible to enter space. This Speedmaster, which was auctioned on Christie’s online, had a Rolex Oyster case. The original case was accidentally broken, and Rolex’s Oyster case was just right. This is what makes this watch special. The strong appearance of the Speedmaster is one of the reasons why many people like it, and the high quality also attracts many Tibetan friends. The story that this particular Speedmaster possesses may be the reason why buyers buy it.

lot.64 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Royal Oak Series 14790ST.00.0789ST.07

Basic information: Stainless steel housing with a diameter of 36 mm. With date display function, using cal.2225 automatic winding movement.
Estimate: USD 8000-12000, approximately RMB 54400-81600.
Commission price included: USD 17,500, approximately RMB 118,900.

Watch comments: In 1972, Audemars Piguet’s first Royal Oak series was born, which marked the birth of the first luxury sports watch. This is a turning point for the luxury watch industry, which priced more than gold watches. The Royal Oak series is available in different sizes. This 36 mm diameter Royal Oak has a refined Arabic numerals in the dial. Although the diameter of the watch is getting larger and larger in modern aesthetics, this watch still looks very elegant on the hand.

lot.108 Zenith Super Sub-SEA Series A3736

Basic information: Stainless steel housing with a diameter of 40 mm. Equipped with a timing function, using cal.146HP manual winding movement.
Estimate: USD 8000-12000, approximately RMB 54400-81600.
Commission price included: USD 10,000, approximately RMB 68,000.

Watch review: Zenith SUPER SUB-SEA series as a powerful diving watch. The striking orange dial design and striking scale are its signature designs. This watch uses a cal. 146HP manual winding movement, which is the last manually wound movement before the use of the El Primero automatic winding movement in 1969.

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Oris Launches Dive Control Limited Edition Watch

Oris returns to the deep sea with the DiveControl limited edition watch, which is an evolution of the independent Swiss company’s high-performance ProDiver watch, designed for professional diving watches.

 This watch is 51 mm in diameter and the case is cast in lightweight 2 grade titanium and covered with a highly scratch-resistant black DLC coating. The watch uses Oris patented RSS rotation safety system, a brand iconic device that locks the unidirectional rotating bezel firmly during the dive.

 In addition, the new watch has a 60-minute cumulative display at 12 o’clock, and the key scale is decorated in yellow for easy identification. The watch is limited to 500 pieces.

Oris DiveControl Limited Edition
Model: No.0177477277784-Set
Limited: 500 pieces
Material: Multi-piece Tier 2 titanium case, black DLC coating, minute scale on ceramic top ring
Dimensions: 51 mm diameter
Mirror: Double-sided curved, internal anti-glare sapphire crystal
Case back: Titanium, black DLC coating, screw-in, special printing / marking
Operating device: stainless steel screw-in safety crown and screw-in button, automatic helium exhaust valve, black DLC coating
Water resistance: 100 bar / 1000 meters
Lug pitch: 26 mm
Number: Cal.774 (based on SW500)
Size: 30 mm diameter
Functions: Central hour and minute hands and 1 / 4-second chronograph hands, 3 sub-dials show the conventional second hand, 60-minute and 12-hour cumulative chronograph, date window, date adjuster, precise time adjustment and stop-second
Winding: automatic winding, red pendulum
Power reserve: 48 hours
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 times / hour)
Number of gems: 25
Design: Black dial with wavy pattern
Fluorescent material: Super-LumiNova® numbers and hands
Timestamp: Inlay
Bracelet: black rubber strap, titanium black DLC-plated folding clasp for quick adjustment of strap tension
Included: Waterproof case, yellow rubber strap, with professional strap replacement tool
Time to market: January 2019
Price in Switzerland: 4,850 Swiss francs

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The Cutting-edge Technology In The Watch Industry Decrypts The Cartier Id Two Concept Watch

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In 2009, Cartier launched the first concept table-ID ONE, ID named after the first letter of English innovation and development. In 2012, Cartier launched the ID TWO concept watch. Compared to the previous ID ONE, what kind of cutting-edge technology is it equipped with? And how did it achieve this vision? The watch home with these questions for you will fully decipher this magic Cartier ID TWO concept watch.

   This time Cartier ID TWO brings a completely new design concept to the watch industry. It can be said that it is another peak leap in the history of human mechanical watchmaking. Cartier has achieved the international front-line level in terms of materials and principles.

  To increase energy storage, improve transmission efficiency, and reduce energy consumption, in order to achieve the above three goals, Cartier comprehensively details every detail of the ID TWO concept watch. Compared with traditional watches, ID TWO has a 30% increase in power and a 50% reduction in energy consumption. Inside the Calibre de Cartier 42mm case, the ID TWO concept watch has an amazing 32-day power reserve.

  The traditional mechanical watch has a system that does not have perfect power transmission from the mainspring to the oscillating mechanism. This kind of gradual transmission of gears through gears has a large energy loss. According to research, the energy loss of a general mechanical watch can reach 75%. The low energy conversion efficiency makes the power reserve time of general mechanical watches relatively limited. Some watches with multi-springs can only reach about 10 days of power. The design focus of Cartier ID TWO concept watches is to achieve high energy efficiency. Utilization, and this is the concept of high performance.

   We know that for objects moving at high speed, air friction often produces huge air resistance. For example, modern aircraft usually choose to fly in the stratosphere. One of the important factors is that the stratosphere air is thinner, the airflow is stable, and the air resistance is relatively small. It can be seen that air resistance is an unavoidable problem. On the Cartier ID TWO concept watch, Cartier uses the original Airfree technology to achieve a nearly 100% vacuum state inside the case. The balance wheel can operate without air friction, and the energy is reduced by 37%.

  Cartier ID TWO is equipped with two double barrels and uses for the first time a highly elastic glass fiber as the mainspring. In order to reduce friction, Cartier uses an ultra-thin layer of air-free, transparent and extremely smooth polymer film. Replaces traditional lubricants.

   The Cartier ID TWO concept watch uses deep reflection ion etching technology to achieve nano-level machining accuracy, while the escapement fork and escape wheel are made of carbon crystal material, allowing the perfect fit between the two.

  Cartier ID TWO’s differential device is very new. The device can be divided into two layers, the lower gear and the upper star gear. The lower gear meshes with the transmission plate. The upper part consists of a large gear with an inward ring gear and a planetary gear.

   The escapement fork and escapement wheel made of carbon crystal silicon material are light in weight, and the integrally formed escapement fork can achieve a good running effect, so there is no need to use a traditional ruby ​​fork shoe. A major feature of the Cartier ID TWO concept oscillating system is that it requires no adjustment.

Summary: From the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that ID TWO has made great breakthroughs on the original basis: 1. Polycrystalline transparent ceramic integrated vacuum pumping case, nanotechnology gasket, and the vacuum state can be maintained for 10 years. 2. Two sets of double barrels, 32 days long power. 3. Glass fiber clockwork. 4. The planetary gear differential power transmission gear train increases the traditional power transmission ratio by 5 times. Through this new transformation, it is not difficult for us to find that continuous innovation has become the development direction of the modern and even future watch industry. I believe that there will be updates sooner and better high-tech watches will refresh today’s historical results, which seems to have become the source of the clock’s people’s motivation.

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Zhen Li Shi Yan Ran Fund Charity Auction To Raise Millions

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On December 18, 2009, the highly anticipated Charismatic Dinner for the Angel Angel Fund was grandly held in Beijing, with bright stars and infinite love. This fund was initiated by the couple Li Yapeng and Faye Wong, and a total of 29.56 million yuan was raised that night. The auction specifications for this year’s Yanran Charity Dinner also reached a record high, and a total of 21 lots donated by people from all walks of life Among them, the world’s largest luxury goods group LVMH’s top Swiss watch brand Zenith 1969 vintage rose gold replica watch also raised one million in the auction.
Every year, the Angel Angel Charity Dinner has always attracted the attention of the public and the media, and its social influence is also increasing year by year. In this event, ZENITH donated Zenith’s 1969 vintage rose gold replica as a lot in order to extend love and fulfill its full support for charities, extending the charity cause. That night, Zenith auctioned with many high-quality artworks and attracted the attention of many caring people, becoming a fierce lot for the dinner.
The Angel Angel Charity Auction was strongly supported by a group of artists and philanthropists. Zenith’s 1969 vintage rose gold replica is the eighth lot on the spot. With the help of the famous film star Yun Dawei knocking down the hammer of righteous auction, with the help of the stars and the support of loved ones, Zenith The auction price of (ZENITH) skyrocketed. The competition among the caring people on the scene was extremely fierce. To show love, everyone was ‘indifferent’. Finally, a mysterious female buyer made this extremely collectible for a million dollars Zenith’s 1969 vintage rose gold replica.

Zenith 1969 Retro Rose Gold Reissue
18K rose gold material / EI Primero 469 self-winding movement, 278 parts, 31 rubies / vibration frequency 36,000 rpm, kinetic energy storage over 50 hours / hour, minute, small second, date display / chronograph Function / 40mm diameter / sapphire crystal, transparent back cover / limited to 250 pieces / reference price: RMB 135,000

Zenith 1969 Retro Rose Gold Reproduction is a unique series featuring the legendary EL Primero movement in 2009 to mark the 40th anniversary of the EL Primero movement created in 1969. The movement of this series EL Primero was named 469 to pay tribute to the year in which the first watch was born. This automatic date chronograph movement consists of 278 accessories and 31 rubies. After careful design by the watchmaker, it is divided into three styles. Inspired by the original design, the size is 40mm. The rose gold model represents the past, the stainless steel model represents the present, and the titanium alloy model with a new era characterizes the future. This series of watches is regarded as a limited edition of collectors. This series of stainless steel models is the Monaco 2009 ONLY WATCH global charity auction watch.

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Rough Atmospheric Dual Time Zone Watch Hamilton Khaki Navy Watch Appreciation

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The most direct impression of Hamilton watches is military watches, because in its more than 100 years of watchmaking history, it has contributed a lot to the United States during World War II. With the development of the world, the war has gone, and Hamilton has also started his own commercial propaganda, which frequently appears on major fashion screens. Today, Xiao Bian brings to you a naval watch developed to commemorate the heroic warlords of World War II. This rough watch expresses the highest respect to the admirals.
 Hamilton NAVY Khaki Navy H77615133

 The Hamilton Khaki Navy H77615133 watch’s silver-white stainless steel case highlights a solemn and neat atmosphere. The 44mm mirror and 152g watch are re-arranged with a rough-lined case to make this watch even more Share atmosphere and boldness. The black surface contrasts with the silver case. In the chaotic dial, the dual time zone time display window and the day and time display window are opposed to the 9 and 3 o’clock positions, and the time marks of 13-24 are marked on the 12 time scales. Among them, the fan-shaped hands rotate elegantly, adding a touch of classic style to this rough and timeless watch. The mirror is made of sapphire glass, and the back of the case allows the wearer to enjoy the mechanical movement of the movement.

 The Hamilton Khaki Navy Series H77615133’s date display window at 3 o’clock can show the date to the wearer. Formerly used as a military watch, Hamilton needs to provide the wearer with a reading time environment in a more difficult and difficult environment, so the luminous function and waterproof function are also indispensable. Khaki Navy series H77615133 uses the original ETA 2893-1 movement. This movement is improved and polished in the classic 2892-A2. The diameter of the movement is 25.6mm, the thickness of the movement is 4.60mm, the vibration frequency is 4HZ, and the 21-stone automatic winding is provided. It provides a single calendar, GMT dual time zone Function, 42-hour power reserve. This movement has reached a very high level in terms of materials or construction, and inherits the characteristics of the stability, durability, and precision of the 2892-A2 movement, and adds the dual time zone function.

 Summary: This watch continues the military style of the khaki navy series: wild, bold, and continues to express its respect for naval sergeants, which is very valuable on a spiritual level. I believe that many table friends who have a military affinity can have a strong resonance with this watch.
 Watch details reference: hamilton / 4722 /

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50 Years Warranty, Limited To 50 Pieces. El Primero Revival Limited Watch

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Since its birth in 1969, El Primero has been writing legends for Zenith. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the series. Zenith launched a new work. This precise and excellent automatic chronograph will retain the original functions and features, and will reproduce the glory of the series with shiny white, rose gold and gold. . The new watches are limited to 50 pieces each and are guaranteed for 50 years. The following is made of platinum. (No. 65.A386.400 / 69.C815)

   Watch the real shot

   Watch detail shooting

   In addition to the material changes, this anniversary watch faithfully reproduces the original features of the 1969 El Primero: a 38 mm white gold case with a curved mirror with magnification. A three-color timer is evenly distributed on the white lacquered dial, and a tachometer scale is embedded inside the bezel.

   The watch has a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock; a 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock; and a small seconds at 9 o’clock. Between 4 and 5 o’clock, there is a calendar display window. The pointer design is clever and novel, and the hour markers are coated with a luminous coating, which is convenient for viewing the time at night.

Case thickness 12.60 mm

   The Zenith brand logo is engraved on the classic crown. The watch uses a ‘counter-time’ process to laser scan the original museum clock, renewing the original look of the watch, and completely recreating the shape of the lugs and mushroom-shaped adjustment buttons.

   The watch strap continues to use a black leather strap. The model shown here is rubber-lined crocodile leather with a buckle made of the same material as the case.

   At the same time, the ‘power engine’ of this watch is equipped with the current version of the El Primero column wheel chronograph movement, which vibrates 36,000 times per hour, with an integrated column wheel structure; installed in the center of the ball bearing The rotor and its more than 50-hour power reserve (a real feat for such a high-frequency movement) make it a signature feature of El Primero for half a century. To perfectly recreate this outstanding watch, every component is laser scanned. The original solid case back is now updated with a back-through design, revealing the mysterious charm of the movement unobstructed.

   This limited-edition watch has a revolutionary mechanism that can measure tenths of a second, and its highly recognizable dial design makes the El Primero series a legendary generation. Zenit is celebrating its 50th anniversary and has introduced this watch as a tribute to the classic. It is worth mentioning that Zenith paid tribute to the 50 original limited edition watches, which provided a 50-year warranty and continued El Primero’s extraordinary legend. (Public price: ¥ 154500)

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2014 Basel Watch Show Blancpain Booth Show

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The 2014 Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair has opened gorgeously, major brands have appeared in watch fairs, and different styles of booths have become a beautiful landscape on the show. Blancpain’s booth is still atmospheric And beautiful, the watch house below will take you to the first look at Blancpain’s pavilion and appreciate the brand’s unique pavilion design.

At the same time, the special report team of the Watch House has also rushed to the Basel Watch Fair to bring you the freshest and most current watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2014, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

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Insufficient Speed ​​passion Brief Comment On Tudor Speed ​​riding Chronograph Watch

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The use of red in watches has always been more cautious, because this color is not easy to control, especially the big red. However, this is very common in motorcycle-inspired watches, especially the red and black color, which is better known as the best combination, that charm can hardly extricate itself. In 2015, with the introduction of Ducati Scrambler’s unique new motorcycle, Tudor, as a partner, followed up with three unique Fastrider chronograph watches. This time, we bring the 42010N red dial watch, do not be poisoned.

    At the beginning of the design, the red of this watch wanted to express the effect of retro fashion. However, the charm of red lies in this. Its mystery makes people have more rich association space. It is a representative of personality. The traditional breakthrough, even you can understand it as charming and charming, so on the wrists of different people, it will also emit a distinctive visual impact.

42010N red dial watch

   Compared with other watches in this series, it is obviously bright enough, bright red, enough to cover the light of other models. Even its ancestor Scrambler red motorcycle is not enough to exaggerate it in the watch. This is what is important for Scrambler. It is classic and modern, pursuing freedom and expressing itself. It’s fashionable, but if it’s not fashionable, you can control it.

Watch side

   From the point of view of the watch itself, as a chronograph, its thickness is obvious. The entire case shape, strap style and buckle are not exaggerated. It still follows the purpose of sturdy and durable series, and at the same time in design Highlight your personality. There is no doubt that we have seen the ‘young’ vitality of Tudor from it.

Leather strap

    Tudor’s sports models can often be equipped with a variety of straps. Steel straps, Nato and rubber are the most common. This watch has belts and rubber straps to choose from. The watch is equipped with a leather strap when shooting in kind. In order to show its ‘youth’ and ‘speed’ energy, the surface of the leather strap is specially textured. The overall style is very different from the traditional leather strap pattern. Echoes the distinctive theme of the watch.

Date quick adjustment structure

    At the 9 o’clock position of the watch, there is a very eye-catching structure. According to the convention, this structure is usually considered a helium exhaust valve. However, this watch is waterproof to 150 meters and it does not need that device at all. Know it’s a special date quick-adjustment device. This device requires special tools to adjust the date.


    The crown and buttons are specially treated in this watch. The surface is PVD-coated with a black coating. On the one hand, it echoes the red and black color of the watch. On the other hand, it can also improve its anti-wear performance. Gives both visual and functional improvements. The anti-slip texture on the surface of the screw-in double waterproof crown gives a good operating feel, and the clearly visible brand logo traces the brand’s long historical and cultural source.

Ceramic bezel

    In addition to the black element of the crown, the bezel is also black, but this time it is not PVD treatment, but black ceramic. This light and strong material has been widely used in watchmaking in recent years. In addition to feel and performance, portability is one of its attributes, and it is often used in sports watches. However, it should be noted that although it can prevent wear, it is easily broken and therefore not easy to bump.


    The three-eye chronograph layout is personally considered to be the most balanced design in addition to the classic chronograph layout of left and right double discs. This layout is very easy to read time. In addition, the hour, minute and hour markers of the watch are covered with a luminous coating, which can still distinguish time even in dark environments.


   The lugs of professional chronograph watches are always very masculine, not to mention such motorcycle watches. The sharp lugs have a matte frosted surface, which conceals the bright luster of the metal and makes it look cold.

Tudor logo shield buckle

    With a leather strap, the buckle uses a folding safety clasp. This kind of buckle is very convenient to use. The buckle is fast and easy to unfasten. There is also a heavy insurance lock on the outside to increase its safety. The buckle style is designed according to the brand’s own logo, highlighting Tudor’s independent style.

Dense bottom cover

    The bottom is the most reasonable bottom cover style that Rolex and Tudor think. Although the bottom can let people appreciate the movement, from the perspective of practicality, the bottom is not any benefit. Practicality is one of the important watchmaking purposes of Tudor and Rolex.

Summary: Among the three watches inspired by Scrambler motorcycles introduced this year, the Tudor Speed ​​Ride series uses a number of precision technologies. Each of the three watches has its advantages, but the same thing is safe and reliable. The internal self-winding movement can provide a 46-hour power reserve, timing, travel time, luminous, and calendar. It provides time information for the watch wearer at any time. The red dial attracts enthusiastic enthusiasts, especially young people who love classic fashion. The watch transforms the pleasure of advocating motorcycle self-parade into subtle dial elements, integrating watchmaking depth into the locomotive culture, and bringing people an unparalleled self-touring fun.

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The Tough Guy In The Movie, Even The Watch He Wears Also Exudes Male Hormones

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I remember that when I was in elementary school, I was exposed to the kind of ‘man’ movies that I watched with my dad. For the classic tough guy characters created by classic movies, a large part of their fans come from men who are healthy or have a passion for fierce fighting scenes. Just as the tough guys bring charm, every detail of them also exudes strong male hormones. For example, the bruises on the brow bone, the sweat flowing from the forehead to the jaw, the wrist with blue muscles, and the domineering watch on the wrist that cannot be ignored.

Wu Jing starred in ‘War Wolf 2’

  Speaking of tough guys, of course, we can first mention ‘War Wolf 2′ at the box office explosion this year. The cold front played by Wu Jing showed the soldiers’ decisive and decisive style of work and the tenacity of the blood of a tough man in this war movie. The movie caught fire, and the watch worn by Wu Jing for the task in the play was also noticed by the audience, and some people were still seeking brands under the official micro-blog. However, Wu Jing’s watch is really not a brand that everyone is familiar with, because it is made by his company.

‘Wolf Warrior 2’ Official Custom Watch

   This watch is actually a peripheral product of the ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ movie, which is specially made for movie fans. It is only available in a small range. Wu Jing also participated in the design of the watch. Although it is around the movie, its appearance is still “photogenic”. The black volcano luminous dial has specially added the War Wolf logo, and the red second hand also has the War Wolf logo. The watch is equipped with a Swiss Ronda quartz movement. The black PVD steel case and rubber strap also keep it in Man Man’s posture. Watches are not expensive, but they should make sense for movie fans.

Frank Griello wears Casio G-SHOCK in ‘Wolf Warrior 2’

   The other villain actor in the film, Frank Griro, also played hard in the fight. And his huge Casio G-SHOCK is also very recognizable. G-SHOCK makes sense here as a watch of choice among military men and Hollywood action movies. Like the ‘Mission Impossible’ series, with Tom Cruise’s role, you must see the shadow of G-SHOCK.

Zhang Hanyu starred in Operation Mekong

Zhang Hanyu wears INAG ADVENTURE CH328 Sherpa II

   In the ‘Mekong Operation’ which was released last year, Zhang Hanyu, one of the starring actors, played an anti-drug policeman in the play. No matter in or out of the play, Zhang Hanyu is a real man, so in my opinion, he actually acts in the show. The watch worn by Zhang Hanyu in the play is the Innag ADVENTURE CH328 Sherpa Sports II watch. This notorious brand was originally a Swiss watch, but was later acquired by Hong Kong Huaming Bank, and the Swiss Watch Association removed it. The appearance of this watch is very stiff. On the 43mm diameter watch, the bezel and strap are decorated with mesh patterns, and the black and white strap is full of a strong sense of movement. Zhang Hanyu was almost from start to finish in the play, and he was filming in the hot and humid conditions in Southeast Asia. The ability to choose an Ingena watch in poor conditions also proves that this watch can indeed withstand the test of harsh environments.

Peng Yuyan starred in Operation Mekong

Peng Yuyan wore a Longines Concas diving watch in and out of the show

   Peng Yuyan performed undercover of China’s anti-drug intelligence in Operation Mekong. His performance in this play can be described as ‘very desperate’. It is also a Southeast Asian forest where the shooting conditions are harsh. The choice on Peng Yuyan’s wrist is a Longines Concas diving watch. The watch is equipped with a Longines exclusive self-winding column-wheel mechanical movement, equipped with a spiral crown, a black unidirectional spiral bezel, and guards on the side of the crown. Needless to say, professional diving performance. However, Longines has a more elegant appearance, but it is a little different from the undercover undercover played by Peng Yuyan. In contrast, when Peng Yuyan wears it outside the play, I think his magnificent image is actually more suitable.

Donnie Yen starred in ‘Special Identity’

Donnie Don Roger Dubuis Adventurer Watch

   In the 2013 action film ‘Special Identity’, Donnie Yen plays an undercover man who has been in the underworld for many years. In more than 90 minutes of the film, Donnie Yen contributed 40 minutes of melee. The watch on his hand is a rose gold Roger Dubuis adventurer. With a skeletonized dial, this watch with a skeleton design reveals the exquisite decoration of the RD680’s exclusive chronograph movement. If you want to dent the image of the underworld, this watch that looks expensive and has a strong sense of mechanics is indeed a good choice.

Donnie Don Roger Dubuis Adventurer Watch

   In fact, tough guys in foreign action movies have also shaped many stories with their watches, such as Paul Walker’s Deep Sea Chronograph in “Speed ​​and Passion”; James Bond’s Omega in “007”; The Stellan Panerai Luminor 1950 … The watches in these classic films have already been interpreted, so I won’t repeat them here. However, after watching the watches worn by tough guys in domestic films, everyone must have more or less their own contrast.

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How Is Tudor Fabric Strap Made?

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Leather and metal are the materials of choice for straps, but fabric straps are also unique. Unlike the ‘traditional and old-fashioned’ brother Rolex, Tudor openly welcomes the joining of fabric straps. The fabric strap not only gives the wearer an unparalleled comfort experience, but also embodies the distinctive characteristics of Tudor watchmaking, becoming one of the brand’s signature features.
   Tudor fabric straps originate from eastern France and are carefully crafted by a local workshop with a century-old arts and craftsmanship. ‘Jacquard’ came out in 1801. The term is not limited to some specific weaving machines, but refers to an additional automatic pattern control mechanism. In this article, we will go deep into the weaving workshop to show how the colorful and various Tudor fabric straps are made in the form of pictures. Believe me, it must be far more romantic than boring technology.

Tudor heritage chronograph

   The buckle of this strap is made of high-quality metal, and the appearance is based on the upper part of the Tudor logo, adding a more distinctive brand element.

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