Panerai Discovery: Radiomir 3 Days Gmt Oro Rosso Watch

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The new Radiomir 3 Days GMT Oro Rosso watch is equipped with Officine Panerai’s homemade P.3001 manual winding movement, and its Radiomir red gold case exudes classic elegance. The 47mm diameter large case is made of warm-toned 5NPt red gold. This special alloy contains a very high proportion of copper, which makes the color look particularly bright. It also contains a certain amount of platinum to help prevent oxidation of the metal. The warm tone of the red gold case is set off by the deep brown dial of the sandwich sandwich structure unique to the anarai Panerai watch, forming a magnificent temperament never seen before. The oversized hour markers also show the unique luminous effect of Super-LumiNova®. The small seconds dial at 9 o’clock and the date window are also covered with the same luminous materials, making the dial more depth and easier to read.
     Through the large sapphire crystal case back on the Radiomir 3 Days GMT Oro Rosso case back, you can see the three-day power reserve display of the P.3001 movement entirely made by Officine Panerai. P.3001 manual-winding mechanical movement with date, second time zone display, and zero seconds reset function. Its hour-jump mechanism allows the hour hand to jump by one hour without affecting the minute hand and the watch. Operation. The Radiomir 3 Days GMT Oro Rosso watch is equipped with a brown alligator strap and the watch number is PAM00421.

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Tuofei Watch Lecture Hall —- Analysis Of The Structural Features Of Big Calendar Watches (Part 1)

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With the development of the watch industry, a single chronograph function watch has been unable to meet people’s needs. Therefore, various watch manufacturers have introduced more complex and more beautiful watches. In terms of practical functions, There are timing, perpetual calendar, large calendar and other functions. Today, I will introduce the specific operation of the large calendar function, and how this function is implemented.
Structure types and characteristics of large calendars
The types of institutions displayed on the large calendar can be divided into the following four categories by the setting method of the ten digits and single digits of the calendar: ring disk stacked type, double disk parallel type, double disk coaxial type and double ring combined type. These four types can basically cover all the major brand calendar display agencies that can be seen on the market, then there are actually commonalities between them, that is, their common institutional characteristics:
1. The power source of the large calendar display mechanism comes from the time wheel which rotates once every 12 hours in the movement;
2. Driven by the time wheel, the day-changing wheel is rotated once every 24 hours, especially the date-changing dial set coaxially with the date-changing wheel will also be synchronized;
3. The reason why the single digits and ten digits of the large calendar can be used to change the calendar in an orderly manner depends on the core of the day change program wheel component. This component requires the structural designer to calculate through strict wheel trains in order to divide the components into individual ones. Position driving wheel, ten position driving wheel and driven calendar wheel;
4. The large calendar contains the single-digit display group–the single-digit dial and the single-digit wheel, and the ten-digit display group–the ten-digit dial and the ten-digit wheel. This part is the most important design core of the large calendar mechanism. Because the concept of a big calendar is a ‘big’ calendar, how to make the calendar font the largest in a limited space is a structural designer must consider. It is in this context that designers of various brands spend great efforts to innovate. There are a variety of novel and large calendar institutions to meet the actual needs of watches. This part needs to be remembered by friends who know the large calendar institutions, so that they can better understand the brand large calendar institutions that I will analyze for you later.
TIPS: When the large calendar organization needs to switch from the 31st of the current month to the 01st of the next month, if there is no special conversion mechanism to identify it, it is likely that abnormal calendar displays such as 32-39 will appear, and the identification mechanism among them will also Become the key to the innovation of every brand big calendar institution.
Ring disk laminated-Langer large calendar
 When it comes to large calendar watches, the first reaction of many people is Lange. In fact, Lange is not the first brand to develop large calendars, but this brand has made this technology to achieve the iconic watch function is not ordinary, I think it is Lang Grid has turned the big calendar, a feature that was not particularly compelling, into a trend. The technical advantage of the Lange Large Calendar is that it makes the large calendar mechanism quite compact as a whole, so that it can be placed in a smaller movement, and the date display number can be made larger and more visible through a more reasonable calendar conversion system. . (I have seen relevant information. The font size of the Lange Large Calendar is the largest among similar large calendar models. Although there is no conclusive data as a basis, this is enough to illustrate the design skills of the Lange Large Calendar.)

Lange Large Calendar Structure
Structure of the Lange Large Calendar

Based on the structure of the Lange Large Calendar, combined with the iconic characteristics of the large calendar mechanism mentioned above, let’s interpret the basic composition of this large calendar mechanism:

1. Although the time wheel is not shown in the figure, we should reflect its existence in our minds, because it is the power source of the mechanism. The date change wheel is connected to it, and it drives the rotation of the date change dial. Everyone Note that the shape of the day-changing dial is determined according to the actual situation of the design, and this dial is a pin;

2. The date-changing program wheel assembly of this large calendar mechanism is composed of three layers of gears-a driven calendar wheel, a single-position drive wheel and a ten-position drive wheel, and a support wheel shaft directly dialed by the date-change dial. The single-digit drive wheel has a calculated number of teeth. Special attention is given to the fact that several teeth have been removed. The purpose is to use the conversion from the 31st of the month to the 1st of the next month. The ten-digit drive wheel has four single teeth. It is used when the ten digits of the calendar are changed, such as 09 to 10;

3. The ten-digit display group responsible for the large calendar display is a ten-digit plate printed with three numbers 1, 2, and 3 (the blank space is regarded as 0). One place plate of digital inner ring gear.
The calendar conversion principle of the Lange Large Calendar

The basic idea of ​​the big calendar is to first treat each month as 31 days (explain here that the ordinary big calendar is different from an annual calendar that can identify big and small months or a perpetual calendar that can identify leap years and leap months). We calculate as a group every 10 days, that is, 3 groups plus 1 day (1-10, 11-20, 20-30, 31) can be equal to 31 days. The unit dial has 10 digits 0-9. It is responsible for displaying the calendar units 1-9, which means that the combination with the ten-digit plate should be 01-09,11-19,21-29. The setting of the number 0 on the single-bit ring is specifically for the conversion of these three groups of numbers, that is, the interval between them is 10,20,30. In addition, the ten-digit disk will also convert its number synchronously, from 0 to 1, 2, 3. According to this rule, the unit ring will also cooperate with the unit drive wheel that drives it, so that the calendar will be divided into three groups from 01-09, 11-19, 21-29; The driving wheel is divided into three times to convert the three days of 10, 20, and 30.
 So how does Lange’s big calendar handle the date change at the end of the month? When the date is changed to 30, we should think of a date as 31. The ten-digit number should not change, but the single-digit number changes from 0 to 1. That is to say, the ten-digit drive wheel and the single-digit drive wheel are in this linkage. In the process, the former has no work and rest (the ten driving wheels have no driving teeth in this position), and the latter works to change 0 to 1; when the next step 31 becomes 01, everyone should be conscious, ten The action of the single-bit drive wheel and the single-bit drive wheel is reversed from the previous one. The former worked to make the tens digits become 0, and the latter did not work for a day and rested. A meticulous friend can take a closer look at the attached Langer large calendar structure.
 Next, I will introduce several Lange big calendar watches for you, each of which has the big calendar function of Lange’s patented technology. I hope everyone will like it.
Lange Lange 1 Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Moon Phase Watch

 The white dial inherits the consistent configuration style of Lange Lang 1. Just looking at the dial layout that is well-formed and easy to read, you can know the complexity of the development of this watch and the innovative spirit of watchmakers. As the tenth member of the famous Lange watch series, it perfectly embodies the essence of the new mechanical watch design.
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 This watch has unparalleled superb technology and high-level perfect handicrafts of German watch, and beautiful and individual design style. It is one of the essential luxury goods for men who like to pursue personality and quality. Around RMB 370,000, the large calendar and eccentric design are worthy of respect.
For more evaluations of this watch, see: Lange launched the new DATOGRAPH Up / Down platinum watch at the SIHH 2012 in Geneva, with the code: 405.035, to pay tribute to the ‘Blue Miracle’ bridge and designers. As everyone knows, the Lange DATOGRAPH watch has always been a classic of chronographs in people’s minds. It not only has outstanding technological innovations, but also has a well-balanced dial design. It is a complex large calendar watch.
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