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For the enthusiasts who are keen on tourism or adventure, the meaning of travel is more to be able to appreciate the unknown and embrace the fascinating infinite reverie! These brave people who love challenges keep on walking, and the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot with flowing innovative blood has never stopped on the way to explore. It has launched the second generation of professional multi-functional Tengzhi series solar energy that meets the adventure sports Watch. The new model continues the 20 rich touch-screen functions of the Tengzhi series of watches. The function can be switched by touching the dial with your fingertips. The unique military style color shows the spirit of adventure. The dial is equipped with a solar panel, which guarantees a long-term kinetic energy reserve. It is ready for warriors who are about to explore the jungle or metropolis, and is ready to awaken the spirit of adventure in their hearts!
Awaken the spirit of adventure
   Exploring the jungle, embracing the ocean, climbing the peak, and diving back to the sea … no matter what outdoor sports, I believe that everyone who is keen on adventure cannot be separated from the watch, it is the most intimate in the journey companion. In 2017, Tissot launched the second generation of Tengzhi series solar professional watches on the classic structure of Tengzhi series watches. The two new styles of military watches are unique in color. The army models are specially designed for land challenges and use army green camouflage. The navy models use navy blue camouflage. Both watches bring a completely different look and feel.

Figure 1: Tissot Tengzhi Series Second Generation Solar Professional Edition Watch

   The Tengzhi series second-generation professional solar watch is designed for extreme enthusiasts who are keen on adventure, and has many intimate and intimate functions. The dial is equipped with a solar panel, which gives eternal power and energy to the timepiece on the wrist; the compass function is turned on to indicate the direction of outdoor adventures; the altimeter can display the altitude and is a necessary weapon for climbing peaks; the weather forecast function can pass the past 6 hours Records of changes in internal atmospheric pressure to indicate future weather trends; in addition, this watch is also equipped with a regatta countdown function, night vision function, segmented cumulative timing, simultaneous segmented timing, lap timing function, azimuth function, The logbook function, timer function, dual alarm, dual time zone, and perpetual calendar display with date and day are enough to meet the needs of any sports enthusiast. These two watches use a new luminous coating, which has higher luminous efficiency and almost no radiation; the wristband uses a new synthetic material, which is less prone to allergies, and is lighter in weight and more delicate in touch. It is a rare Functional watch.

Figure 2/3: Tissot Tengzhi Series Second Generation Solar Professional Edition Army / Navy

Adventure adventure
   Tissot watches are always the perfect choice for tourists and explorers. It is like a time traveler. It accurately records the unforgettable moments of each journey, inspiring challengers to constantly push the limits and move forward. Korean professional explorer and world record holder Park Insuk not only once wore Tengzhi series watches to venture north and south poles for exploration missions, explored the peaks of the seven continents of the world, but also accompanied it to conquer the Himalayas on the roof of the world.

Figure 4/5: Korean Explorer Park Young-Suk

   Sole walking not only tests the limits of perseverance, courage and physical fitness, but also challenges the lonely and helpless mind. Sarah Marquis from Switzerland, accompanied by only Tissot Tengzhi professional solar watch, is in control of geography and weather changes at any time, and makes adjustments to the trek plan to complete the wonderful global trekking adventure. trip. In her book WildByNature, she clearly explained to us the practicality of this watch’s function. Sarah uses her Tissot Tengzhi watch every day to set the alarm clock, ensuring that she leaves on time every day for a journey of 30 kilometers. She uses the thermometer function at any time to check the temperature while crossing the desert and to replenish herself scientifically. In addition, as she crosses high mountains, her watch can provide altitude information, and as she travels south, the watch’s compass function will point her in the direction. In addition, the watch can provide it with climate information, show the pressure on the scene and sea level pressure, so that she can adjust the walking rhythm in time to adapt to changes in terrain. During the three-year journey, the Tissot Tengzhi series professional solar watch accompanied her every step, supporting her innovative spirit and amazing perseverance.

Figure 6: Swiss hiker Sara Marquis

   In 2011, lighting artist Gerry Hofstetter climbed to the summit of Jungfrau above 3,380 meters above sea level. Under the severe environment of minus 25 degrees Celsius, he took the portrait of Swiss Cross, Jungfrau Railway Train, Jungfrau Railway founder AdolfGuyer-Zeller, and the Tissot watch brand. The LOGO is projected on the north peak of Jungfrau to unveil the 100th anniversary of Switzerland’s leading mountain railway-Jungfrau Railway. The Jungfrau Railway is the only way to reach the extreme beauty of the Jungfraujoch. Its engineering difficulty is comparable to that of precision timing equipment. Like the legend of the Jungfrau Railway, the booming Tissot watch is also a legend. To this end, the Tissot Tengzhi series has launched a special Jungfrau section to express its blessings to the Swiss Jungfrau Railway.

Figure 7: Jungfrau Light Show 2011
Figure 8/9: Tissot Tengzhi Series Solar Jungfrau Special Men’s Watch
   In 2015, the Tissot watch cooperated with the Tengzhi series and held a challenging cliff walking activity on the famous Swiss rooftop Jungfrau in its hometown of Switzerland, in order to highlight the highly adventurous spirit of the Tissot series. . Stunning cliff walking through a 40-meter-long single rope suspension bridge, walking on the peak of the mountain trail itself is the perfect experience, and the end of the cliff walking is above the 45-meter observation platform, from which you can admire the shocking Beautiful views of the mountain. At the same time, you can also watch the Tissot watch counter located at the highest peak in Europe. Challengers wear Tissot Tengzhi series solar Jungfrau special watch, try to enable the touch screen function on the cliff, click 12 o’clock direction to predict the next 8 hours of weather, touch the 2 o’clock direction to measure the altitude with an altimeter, use The compass at the o’clock direction indicates the direction … showing the excitement of the Tengzhi series, and this journey of time is about to start.

Figure 10/11: Tissot Jungfrau cliff walk

   For adventure enthusiasts, if you want to find a place to enjoy the stunning views of the Alps Jungfrau, Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Eiger and Monk Peak, Les Diablerets is Preferred. This adventurer’s paradise is reached by a 3-hour train ride from Jungfrau. From here, you can take a cable car with a capacity of 125 people to the 3,000 glacier mountains and enjoy the Alps peaks. To the surprise of tourists, Tissot watches on the top of the snow-capped mountains created the world’s first suspension bridge ‘Tissot watches-peak cable bridge’ connecting the tops of two peaks. At the end of the cable bridge, the new Tissot watch was presented. The clock is embedded in the rock of the peak. It is a time signal for mountaineer lovers at an altitude of 2971 meters. With its outstanding quality, it has undergone the tests of the most severe climate and environment, perfectly presenting Tissot’s ‘innovation, originating from tradition’. Brand Concept.

Figure 12/13/14: Tissot Peak Cable Bridge and Tissot Tengzhi Series Clock in Les Diablerets

   Tissot’s professional solar watch is a must-have for adventure or travel, covering all the functions you will need outdoors. Each watch has its advantages, providing consumers with more choices. This also fully demonstrates Tissot’s superb and excellent craftsmanship, persistence in excellence, and continuous innovation and exploration from the beginning to the end.
Technical Parameters

Tissot Tengzhi Series 2nd Generation Professional Solar Watch RMB7,700

   Swiss-made quartz movement with battery charging display, antimagnetic titanium case, black PVD coating, touch screen sapphire glass, anti-glare coating, waterproof performance can withstand pressure equivalent to 10 bar, rubber watch Belt, with button-type folding buckle, size: 45mm * 45mm

Tissot Tengzhi Series Second Generation Professional Solar Watch RMB 8,100

   Swiss-made quartz movement, with battery charging display, antimagnetic titanium case, black PVD coating, touchscreen scratch-resistant sapphire glass, anti-glare coating, waterproof performance can withstand pressure equivalent to 10 bar, Rubber strap with push-button folding clasp, size: 45mm * 45mm

Tissot Tengzhi Series Solar Jungfrau Special Men’s Watch RMB8,100

   Swiss-made, quartz movement, low battery indicator (EOL), sapphire glass with touch-screen damage, anti-glare coating, anti-magnetic titanium case, black PVD coating, waterproof performance can withstand 10 equivalent Bar pressure, rubber strap with push-button folding clasp, size: 45mm * 45mm

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