Testimony Of Love Time Hermès Qixi Lovers Watch Special Recommendation

Qixi Festival, the most romantic festival in this traditional Chinese festival is coming, time is the best witness of love, it always records every bit of life, the feelings of Mood and sorrow. So choosing a couple’s watch is the best Valentine’s Day gift for each other. The watch is like a witness. It records the moments when you are in love. Whether it is laughter or tears, time is an indelible memory. Every minute is by your side.

Hermès Arceau Moon Phase Men’s Watch

Hermes Arceau Small Moon Phase Ladies Watch

 The Arceau moon phase watch is a Grande Lune large moon phase watch with a 43 mm diameter for men and a Petite Lune small moon phase watch with a 38 mm diameter for women. The bright moon on the wrists of the two sides against the sky, can be described as a full moon.

Hermes Arceau Pause Time Rose Gold Men’s Watch

Hermes Arceau Pause Time Rose Gold Diamond Women’s Watch

 Arceau Pause Time Pair is a more Hermès watch. When couples spend a beautiful Valentine’s Day, they can hide the time by pressing the button and let the time disappear from the dial. Time always stays at the sweetest moment, and enjoy romantic moments.