The New Tissot Lichi 516 Series Grand Debut

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The Tissot Rüchi 516 series is a legend in the watch industry. When the original version of the watch was first launched in 1965, it attracted widespread attention both inside and outside the track. Racing spirit. At that time, the watch’s advertising image was also very innovative-a rider wearing a racing glove was wearing the watch, reminding him not only of its origins in motorsport. The ad has won many awards. Today, the Tissot Lucci 516 series will open a new chapter for this watch deeply rooted in motorsport with cutting-edge Swiss mechanical technology and rich retro nostalgia. The wearer can enjoy the precision experience brought by the latest watchmaking technology, and indulge in the past feelings inadvertently.
Winner of the 1965 Tissot PR516 Series
Leader of the racing spirit
    In 2005, Tissot launched a reprinted version of the PR516-the Lichi 516 series. The hole-shaped strap design and pin-shaped chronograph dial resembles a retro racing steering wheel, which immediately aroused strong response from the industry and consumers. Five years later, the continuously pursuing excellence of the Tissot designer series has introduced more modern and fashionable elements into this series of watches, and the new Lichi 516 ‘reloaded into battle’!
   The new Rush 516 series still adheres to the spirit of racing and sports. In its English name ‘PRS516’, P stands for Particularly, R stands for Robust and S stands for Sporty-this is the Rush 516 series Of DNA. In the new watch, many racing details are still eye-catching, such as the mechanical vintage racing steering wheel back cover, which makes the racing totem jump to your wrist. The belt model and some steel belt models still retain the hole-type strap design of the 60s prototype, which was inspired by the small holes in the racing steering wheel designed at the time to reduce the weight and holes in the racing gloves. The chronograph button of the watch uses a piston design. When the chronograph button is pressed, it is reminiscent of the driving force of the piston in the racing engine.
Aura of contemporary design

    Compared with the original Lucci 516, the new watch incorporates many contemporary fashion design elements. The diameter of the dial of the three-hand mechanical model and the quartz chronograph model has been expanded to 42 mm, and the watt storage movement has reached 45 mm, which is in line with the trend of today’s large dials. The chronograph’s chronograph dial has also been changed from the original square to a round, echoing the round hole design on the case and strap. The new waterproof is also increased to 100 meters, which is more than enough for daily waterproofing.
    The new Lüchi 516 series features a modern or high-tech silver or black dial, and there is also a sporty dark blue to choose from. The mechanical model uses a leather or stainless steel strap, and the quartz chronograph has a black tape style. The material of the strap is exactly like the texture of a racing tire, showing the racing pedigree of the Lichi 516.

Multiple movements Burst racing engine power
    The new Lucci 516 series has three different movements to meet the timing and use needs of different wearers. In order to highlight the mechanical pedigree of this watch, two different mechanical automatic models are introduced-the watt movement mechanical automatic chronograph and the three-hand mechanical models, both of which can appreciate the rhythmic beauty of the movement through the transparent back cover. The watt-storage mechanical automatic chronograph model uses the high-performance ETA 7750 watt-storage mechanical automatic chronograph movement, 25 gems, a vibration frequency of 28,800 times / hour, and an Inka 100 shock absorber with temperature compensation. The power reserve reaches 46 hours, with a daily error of ± 5 seconds. Coupled with a chronograph dial that resembles a car dashboard, it has a sense of speed. The simple three-pointer mechanical model is a more gentleman’s style. It uses ETA 2836-2 movement, 25 stones, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour, and a power reserve of 42 hours. The Arabic numeral 60 scale is specially set on the circle, the reading is more direct and clearer. In addition, the series also has a quartz chronograph to choose from. No matter which model of the Lichi 516, they are the aura choice to inject the spirit of racing, the engine power of the car is on the wrist.

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Lin Zhiling Appeared In Nanchang To Unveil Timepieces With Longines

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On the afternoon of November 16th, at the 180th anniversary of the brand, Longines held a grand opening ceremony for two specialty stores in Nanchang Fortune Plaza and Shengli Street. The brand ambassador Ms. Lin Zhiling also came to the scene to show Nanchang citizens a new Longines watch—the Soymia Saint-Imier series, dancing a long and beautiful journey of time.

Longines Global Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling interviewed by the media

The open-air stage, as always, is dominated by classic elegant Longines blue. With moving music, model beauties are slowly appearing on the blue velvet carpet wearing new series watches. vision.

Lin Zhiling cuts ribbon for the opening of a new Longines store in Shengli Road, Nanchang
   Along with the elegant ballet dancer, Miss Lin Zhiling stepped slowly into the center of the stage against the dark blue background, instantly attracting everyone’s attention. When the host asked Ms. Lin Zhiling how she felt today, she really showed her love for Nanchang, an ancient and modern city in the Central Plains area. Nanchang, with a history of more than 2,000 years, is now the premier modern metropolis in the central region. This urban temperament, which combines tradition and fashion, simplicity and modernity, coincides with the classic meaning promoted by Longines. . In the end, Ms. Lin Zhiling raised a toast with guests including Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, and opened a new timeline for Longines in Nanchang.

Lin Zhiling, Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, and other guests toasted at the opening of Hengji Nanchang Fortune Plaza

   Later, Miss Lin Zhiling went to another Longines watch store located on Shengli Road Pedestrian Street from Nanchang to show people the elegance and heritage of Longines again.

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Lei Menwei Classic Masters Open The ‘core’ To Write A Wonderful Love Movement

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Love is like a lingering movement, the beautiful and gentle notes along the way and the melody that touches the heart string seem to whisper every minute of his and her journey. As one of the few family-run independent watchmaking brands in Switzerland, Raymond Weil loves to show you the classic master watch balance watch with a “core-to-core print”. The unique hollow design clearly displays the automatic through a circular window The winding mechanical movement is designed to open up the ‘core core’. With superb craftsmanship and poetic lines, you can see the secret of love hidden in it.

Send a ‘table’ to her, elegant and delicate

 This classic Maestro Lady has a 30 mm stainless steel case and a mother-of-pearl dial set with 7 brilliant diamonds, echoing the traditional black Roman numerals. At 12 o’clock on the dial, there is a circular window, through which you can see the beautiful posture of the movement. All the details are the perfect combination of technology and beauty. This classic master watch showcases women’s elegance and exquisite style with a proprietary watchmaking process. It also offers a full leather strap or a 7-link stainless steel bracelet in different colors. She is a great choice for showing love.

Make love with ‘core’ and give it to him who is calm and low-key

 This classic Maestro watch is equipped with a round case with a diameter of 39.5mm. The silver dial also has a circular window at 12 o’clock to see the mechanical movement that gives the watch its soul. Black Roman numerals and the Paris studded pattern in the center of the dial add elegance to the watch. This watch is redesigned based on the elegant and exquisite style of the classic master series. The silver dial, Paris-embossed relief design, stainless steel bezel and black leather strap embellishment will undoubtedly enhance the exquisite style of the watch in all aspects. It is your ‘core’ to express love and pour out the eternal love witness.

Raymond Weil’s Greater China spokesperson-Jiang Wen and Zhou Yun’s classic interpretation

 ‘Maestro’ means ‘master’ and refers to a person with high skill. In the field of music, the term master usually refers to a well-respected and distinguished person, such as a composer or conductor. As one of the few family-run independent watch brands in Switzerland, Raymond Welt replaces the enthusiasm and outstanding craftsmanship of watchmaking that has been passed down from generation to generation, creating many extraordinary timepieces. The launch of the classic master series is a perfect demonstration of the superb craftsmanship and mastery of this watchmaker, who knows well the tradition and innovation.

 Raymond Weil Greater China’s image spokespersons Jiang Wen and Zhou Yun also performed this classic master series. On the stage of the Victorian-style concert hall, the exemplary couple Mr. Jiang Wen and Miss Zhou Yun turned into pilgrims immersed in the music world, carefully Listen to the joy and sentiment brought by the notes. The two looked at each other side by side, Jiang Wen’s calm low-key and Zhou Yun’s gentle elegance perfectly interpreted the classic, timeless, outstanding and extraordinary of Raymond Weil.

Raymond Weil Classic Master Ladies Watch Technical Parameters:

Movement Automatic winding mechanism and visual balance wheel
Power reserve 38 hours
Case Round, stainless steel
 Diameter 30 mm
Thickness 8.65 mm
Case back Gland, sapphire crystal back
Crown engraved with RW logo
Table mirror Sapphire mirror with anti-glare treatment
Dial Mother of Pearl, Roman embossed numerals, diamonds
Strap Alligator Leather
Water resistant to 50 meters
Price RMB 19300

Raymond Weil Classic Master Men’s Watch Technical Parameters:

Movement Automatic winding mechanism and visual balance wheel
Power reserve 38 hours
Case Round, stainless steel
 Diameter 39.5 mm
Thickness 9.13 mm
Case back Gland, sapphire crystal back
Crown engraved with RW logo
Table mirror Sapphire mirror with anti-glare treatment
Dial Silver, Roman numerals in time zone
Strap leather
Water resistant to 50 meters
Price RMB 14800

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