Xia Zitong Wore A Fiyta Watch At The 17th Shanghai Film Festival

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The 17th Shanghai International Film Festival ended on June 22. This year, the film festival established its positioning as “Asian, Chinese, and newcomers” for the first time. The film festival organizing committee received more than a thousand films to register for the competition, and the audience met more than 100 times. most. 12 forums covering topics upstream and downstream of the industry chain, taking the pulse of the future development direction of the Chinese film industry
 The new-generation actress Xia Zitong attended the Shanghai Film Festival by starring in the role of the nine-tailed fox in ‘Big Trouble’. As the sponsor of her watch, Fiyta watched this shining moment throughout. As a newcomer, her debut acted as a heroine in a major production. Xia Zitong has already become one of the most watched stars in the movie industry. Both inside and outside the show exude charming charm.

White dress with magic candy color watch

Fiyta Photographer Series LA8366.MSSD

 In a white skirt, Xia Zitong echoed the pure white styling of the fox ‘Ruxue’ in ‘Big Sky’, releasing a soft and innocent feeling. Paired with a pink candy-colored women’s watch from the Fiyta photographer series, it is just an embellishment. The watch is beautifully interpreted with mother-of-pearl, zircon and other elements. As the light and angle change, the mother-of-pearl dial will show different light and shadow, like a dream at sea. The vintage rose gold bezel is inlaid with zircon, which is gentle and beautiful. The bottom cover of the watch dutifully reproduces the shape of the camera lens, placing the story behind the ‘time’ in a low-key collection. After a quiet afternoon, relax and think slowly, listen to your thoughts with a Fiyta photographer series watch.

The colorful summer clover

Fiyta Clover Series LA8562.PWRD

 It is still a white skirt, wearing different watches, but can show different temperament. If the candy-colored photographer series allows Xia Zitong to release the sweet side, then a brown belt rose gold four-leaf clover watch will show her splendid years and splendor. In legend, the four leaf clover of four-leaf clover respectively represent: true love, health, reputation, wealth; if you find ‘four-leaf clover’, you will have happiness. We visit in the years and believe while waiting, but instead of believing in the beauty of legends, we believe in the value of life. A cup of coffee and a piece of cake. During the festival, a warm and leisurely afternoon, the sweet taste of life, the Fiyta clover series witnessed the happy time of Xia Zitong.

Unspoken pride touching

Fiyta Heartstring Series LA8406.WWWD

Fiyta Heartstring Series LA8408.WWWD

 If we say that the white dress with the white watch, the immortality still exists, but it is slightly light. However, plain flowers and a pure white watch are an excellent way to match. Coquettish but pure, rich and elegant. In the lake and mountains in the setting sun, the Fiyta Heartstring watch is as splendid as the pearl of the night, but it has pride. On the mother-of-pearl dial, the dark feathers of the phoenix are carefully carved. The phoenix symbolizes gorgeousness and auspiciousness. It is an ancient totem, a symbol of female spirit, and an interpretation of a woman’s beauty and nobility. In a bowed head, show the woman’s confidence and connotation. Fiyta’s heartstring watch series witnesses the moving moment of Xia Zitong.

Time is the magic that calms everything

 Xia Zitong once said on Weibo that I believe time is the magic to appease everything. So as a newcomer, she can use three years to prepare a movie. In these three years, she has studied more than ten courses such as language, martial arts, music, dance, swordsmanship, etc., just to perfectly interpret the role of the nine-tailed fox. This spirit fits very well with the Fiyta brand. Since the beginning of the brand, Fiyta has always been modest and far-sighted, focusing on the “watch and clock” industry, which is doomed to continuous innovation. We believe that time can give the answer, all we need to do is take it seriously.

Fiyta, the heart is farther away
 After 26 years of hard work, Fiyta has become a leading watch brand in China, and has gradually become an international brand active in the world of watchmaking. With superb watchmaking skills, Fiyta has become a partner in China’s manned space industry. In 2011, Fiyta entered the International Brand Hall in Hall 1 of the Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, becoming the only international watch brand from China in this hall. Every Fiyta watch, in its rigorous and exquisite design, production and assembly, and in-depth events and culture, not only condenses the aesthetic value of art, comfortable wearing experience, but also bears the echo of the wearer. Inner spirit. Fiyta watches, the heart is farther away.

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