Bvlgari Bvlgari Tubogas Series Watches Show The Unique Bulgari Mark

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BVLGARI Bvlgari relies on its superb jewellery and watchmaking skills to launch the new BVLGARIBVLGARITubogas series bracelet watch. This bracelet watch continues the tradition of the BVLGARIBVLGARI series, with a bold and unique shape that shines brilliantly. The BVLGARIBVLGARITubogas series cleverly uses Tubogas technology in the bracelet links, which perfectly proves that exquisite handmade metal works can become extraordinary works of art.

  With a history of three thousand years, Rome is the birthplace of Bulgari and its source of inspiration. Bvlgari combines Roman traditional craftsmanship with modern design to create an immortal masterpiece. Tubogas is a metalworking process that requires a lot of energy to make metal flexible and gorgeous. Bvlgari mastered this subtle technique and pushed it to the limit in necklaces, bracelets and rings. The newly launched bracelet watch is an eye-catching masterpiece. In fact, Tubogas craftsmanship is inextricably linked to the early Serpenti collection watches introduced in the late 1940s. At that time, the Bvlgari Serpenti series had various styles, using various shapes of cases and dials: round, square, octagonal, pear-shaped and pillow-shaped, with diamond bezel, diamond-free bezel, everything. The dial is inlaid at the center or end of the Tubogas bracelet. The materials used are also diverse, including stainless steel, black steel, and the combination of gold and stainless steel. The most memorable of these watches is the many pieces launched between 1960 and 1970, each with a unique design in gold, rose or white Serpenti, which together with Tubogas became the company’s logo. The Tubogas process takes its name from the exhaust pipe of an Italian car from the 1920s, which has a similar shape. For decades, this process has been used in many works by Bulgari artisans.

  Today, the Tubogas chain has become an important symbol of Bulgari, fused with the BVLGARIBVLGARI series, showing unparalleled flexibility and elegance. Each watch showcases extraordinary creativity and possesses another iconic symbol of Bvlgari, the BVLGARIBVLGARI double logo, elegantly engraved on the bezel, symbolizing the perfection of enduring classics and wonderful modern design Combined.

  Beyond the perfect link, the BVLGARIBVLGARITubogas series is more like a masterpiece in women’s watches. With the perfect 18K rose gold, yellow, polished or matte steel case, the Swiss movement guarantees the precise operation of the watch. The watch features an egg-faced pink gemstone as its crown, and gorgeous jewelry complements the noble metal case, highlighting Bvlgari’s outstanding fashion creativity. Not only that, the BVLGARIBVLGARITubogas series also has bimetal interphase bracelets and golden spiral double-circle bracelet models to choose from, each of which is perfect. The black lacquered or mother-of-pearl dial exudes a soft light in the passage of time. The hour markers on the dial, the numbers at 12 and 6 o’clock, and the inlaid bright diamonds allow people to accurately read the time.
  Exquisite and unique gold and steel forged materials need careful care. The BVLGARIBVLGARITubogas series watch is placed in a gorgeous noble round case, which is opened like a shell, and the treasures are now in sight. The exquisite watch box shows the exquisite craftsmanship and extraordinary value of the inner watch with its elegance and luxury.

  BVLGARI has always been known for its bold style, and its watches have always been very recognizable, as is the case with the BVLGARIBVLGARITubogas series, which cannot be concealed. With perfect texture, smooth lines and prominent luxury charm, Bvgari BVLGARIBVLGARITubogas can be called tailor-made for the Queen.

Technical Parameters
Case, dial and bracelet
26mm or 19mm, stainless steel, 18K rose gold or 18K rose gold bezel and stainless steel case, depending on the model. 18K rose gold or steel crown with pink gemstones, depending on the model.
Black lacquered or white mother-of-pearl dial, set with ’12’ or ‘6’ digital hour markers, or marked with 12 diamonds, depending on the model.
18K rose gold Tubogas or stainless steel, single or double ring bracelet, depending on the model.

BVLGARI Calibre B046 Swiss quartz movement.

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Golf Star Danny Willett Becomes New Brand Ambassador For Audemars Piguet

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Audemars Piguet, who loves golf, continues to build the world’s best professional golf team. Controlling yourself, managing time, and pursuing precision: The golf greenery and the fine watch world connotation brand are all in the same vein, all to achieve precision, elegance and beauty in performance and attitude.
   Danny Willett, currently ranked second on the European Tour’s Race to Dubai, has become the newest brand ambassador for Audemars Piguet. Danny Willett, 27, is considered a symbol of the revival of British golf. In 2012, Danny Willett won the first European Tour trophy in his career at the BMW International Open. Later, through controlling strength and carving techniques, he continued to improve his style and improve his playing ability.
   In December 2014, Danny Willett won the South African Riley Bank Golf Challenge, demonstrating his talent and talent to the world, which also opened the door for him to enter the top 50 in the world. In April 2015, Danny Willett further raised his world ranking to third in the WGC Match Play in San Francisco.
   Danny Willett joined to include Keegan Bradley, Bard Collie, Darren Clark, Victor Dubson, Sir Nick Faldo, Mig Angell Hitch Audemars Piguet Golf including Meniz, Louis Usheren, Ian Porter, Henrik Stenson, Pete Elaine, Lee Westwood, and Bender Wesberg Brand Ambassador Dream Team ranks. The handsome boy on the green wears a Royal Oak stainless steel chronograph, enthusiastically embracing Audemars Piguet’s brand philosophy of ‘driving the routine and creating innovation’.

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