Big And Simple To Touch Really Rado Swiss Radar Isa Series High-tech Ceramic Touch Watch Glory Listed In Southwest China

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Rado, a pioneering watch brand of high-tech materials and design in the Swiss watch industry, announced on May 21 at the Chengdu Hendry flagship store that the Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches are in the southwest region. Glory listed. Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of Swiss Rado China and Ms. Qin Lan, a famous actress, attended the press conference and felt the time passing with the guests, touching the beauty of Jane.
 At the press conference, Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of Rado China, said: ‘Since ancient times, Sichuan and Chongqing have been a battleground for military strategists. In today’s Chinese watch market, Chengdu has also occupied an important position that cannot be underestimated. In the past, we are very pleased to see that in this vibrant and thriving city of Chengdu, there are more and more watch enthusiasts pursuing quality of life and advocating individual consumption. We choose Chengdu as the high-tech ceramic touch of Isa series. The watch’s starting station in the southwest region, I believe that in the coming days, more and more consumers will pay attention to and love Swiss radars. I also hope that Swiss radars will continue to break through and the spirit of innovation can infect everyone. . ‘

 Invited guests at the conference were famous actress Miss Qin Lan, who perfectly interpreted the new Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches with her beautiful, elegant and intellectual image. At the event, Ms. Qin Lan was very happy to say: ‘I personally like the Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches. The complexity and simplicity she has shown has always been the true meaning of my life. And high-tech ceramic touch technology Application, so that this watch can adjust the time even without a crown. Whenever I touch the case, it seems that this watch has become an extension of the soul, and I can feel that time is controllable, everything is controlled by me . At the same time, high-tech ceramics are not easy to wear, light and comfortable, suitable for any occasion. ‘

 The Rado Essar series of high-tech ceramic touch watches has become a focus of much attention since its stunning appearance at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show in 2013. This watch is an excellent watch for women made by Swiss Rado. It has shocked the industry with its complicated design and high-tech ceramic touch technology. The high-tech ceramic oval case with a touch of warmth and jade has a simple and smooth shape, which is natural, showing the extraordinary temperament of women every moment. Behind its perfect shape is a unique craftsmanship technology-high-tech ceramic touch technology. This technology makes the dream of adjusting the watch without a crown a reality, and perfectly interprets the Swiss radar ‘If you can Imagination can create. If you can create, you can achieve ‘brand philosophy.

 RADO is the first Swiss watch brand to enter Chengdu. At that time, it cooperated with Chengdu Hendry to create the brand’s first store in Rongcheng. The Chengdu Hendry flagship store has a modern and simple design style and is rich in variety. The product portfolio and intimate professional quality service are the perfect performance of Swiss Rado’s pursuit of excellence. In the past nineteen years, both parties have not only witnessed the prosperity and development of the Chengdu watch market, but also transformed the spirit of pioneering and fearless hardship into a driving force for continuous development. Today, Swiss radar brought the Isa series of high-tech ceramic watches to southwest China. Not only the grand launch ceremony was held at the Chengdu Hendry flagship store, but also a special southwest region was arranged in a unique boutique hotel. The first exclusive dinner, shared the brand’s latest masterpiece in the field of high-tech ceramics with partners who have always trusted and supported Swiss Rado. It is believed that the grand debut of the Swiss Radar Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches in Chengdu Hengdeli will definitely inject new vitality into the entire Southwest watch market.

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Minute Repeater Tourbillon Chronograph Three Question Tourbillon Chronograph Tradition Tradition

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The highly skilled artisans uphold the passion for watchmaking, so that Audemars Piguet, which is still under the control of the founder’s family, has always maintained the fine tradition at the beginning of its creation, making experienced watch collectors and Watch enthusiasts appreciate endless complications.
   This year, in order to highlight its tradition of pursuing top-notch watchmaking skills, the Audemars Piguet watch factory in Brassus finds inspiration from a ‘cushion-shaped’ pocket watch that is now displayed in the brand museum and produced in the 1920s. A watch with complex functions.
   As a result, the traditional series of three minute tourbillon chronographs came into being, made of two different exquisite materials: rose gold / platinum and titanium, each limited to 10 pieces.
   The rose gold / platinum case is crafted from rose gold with a white gold bezel, with a smoked dial, rose gold hour markers and hands. The original design gives the watch its timeless character.
   Titanium alloy with titanium alloy bezel and platinum bezel, to give the wearer the best minute repeater sound quality. Little known is that the quality of a watch’s tone transmission depends to a large extent on the metal used and the size of its case. The larger the case, the lighter and stronger the material used, and the longer the sound waves it emits. Therefore, this watch is equipped with a titanium alloy case with a diameter of 47 mm, which maximizes the volume of the minute repeater and brings the most pleasant listening pleasure to watch lovers.

   This unique timepiece not only has an original design, but also carries a high-performance movement that combines the popular complications-tourbillon and minute repeater-with the addition of a chronograph function To make it better and more precious.
   Traditional series three minute tourbillon chronograph with a beautifully curved case, equipped with a hand-wound movement of 13¼ centimeters (ie 29.90 mm). Its thickness is 7.65 mm and it consists of 504 components. It is transparent through the watch The bottom cover provides a glimpse of some mechanical parts and components. It is worth mentioning that through the hollow dial, the tourbillon composed of 85 parts can perform an elegant round dance with its balance wheel (21,600 vibrations / hour), one designed to improve the accuracy of the watch The governor, which weighs only 0.45 grams, rotates during operation, allowing the wearer to appreciate the magical charm of this dream timepiece.
   This extraordinary watch is hand-crafted according to the strictest standards in the fine watchmaking industry at present. It adheres to the traditional spirit, strives for excellence, and carefully builds all parts.

   The result of hundreds of hours of patient work done by a professional watchmaker can be seen through the transparent case back. Chamfering, drilling, tapered holes, spiral patterns and other delicate processes require meticulous long-term fine operation, the cost required is equivalent to about one-third of the total cost of the movement. Among these dazzling movements, the chamfering process is undoubtedly the most praised and the most demanding manual technique for manual operation. This technique requires a craftsman with years of rich experience, using a file to smooth the edges and corners of the parts, and using polishing wheels to throw fine lines, highlighting the refracting effect of light. In fact, these post-processing processes from ancient times to today have the practical function of preventing dust and moisture from entering the movement. Only in the hands of the watchmaker’s perfect mastery, these finishing and decorative treatments can make the icy metal installations glorious. Audemars Piguet’s master watchmakers have mastered these craftsmanship and have applied them to branded products freely. In this piece, each component is carefully and carefully processed. Some parts, such as the minute repeater hammer visible through the case back cover, use two advanced and sophisticated post-processing treatments: the first is mirror polishing, and the component is polished to be smooth and nearly ‘blowable’ Then, the chamfering process is performed, including the chamfering of the inner and outer corners, so as to reflect the artist’s superb skills. These special chamfers, which are easy to identify in the components, are like a secretive mark of an artisan, because no machine can create this delicate effect.
   The traditional series of three minute tourbillon chronograph with its unique case design, highlights the magnificent style, equipped with Calibre 2874 manual winding movement, visible components through the case back operation, power reserve for 48 hours. This watch is available in rose gold and titanium / platinum, rose gold with a crocodile leather strap and rose gold folding buckle, and titanium / platinum with a platinum folding buckle.
Titanium case (47mm diameter), anti-glare sapphire crystal and case back, 18K white gold bezel,
Crown with buttons.
Frosted silver dial, rose gold applied Arabic numerals and hands.
Tourbillon, chronograph, dual-reed minute repeater, hour, minute, small seconds display.
• Movement with three complex functions
• Column wheel timing device
• 30-minute chronograph
• Manual

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Hublot Launches The Classic Fusion Series Bailey Special Watch

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On February 5th, the famous Swiss watch brand Hublot opened a boutique in Rio de Janeiro, Latin America. The Hublot countdown clock is the official countdown clock for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The Hublot countdown clock standing in Rio de Janeiro is one of three countdown clocks that show the charm of Brazil. They not only represent the host country’s eager hope for the game, but also represent the world’s great enthusiasm for returning to Brazil after the World Cup in 64 years. On the day of the event, Hublot President Ricardo Guadalupe, Legendary Ball King and Gustavo Kuertene cut the ribbon for the new store on the spot.

   At the opening ceremony, Hublot launched a new classic fusion series Bailey special watch to praise Bailey’s legendary experience in the history of world football.

   This brand new watch is available in a limited edition of 500 models with a diameter of 45 mm, a water resistance of 100 meters, and a polished ceramic case. The watch is equipped with a 1155 Hublot self-produced movement with a chronograph function. It consists of 207 parts and provides a 42-hour power reserve. For more brand news, stay tuned for Watch House. (House of watches / text Ruan Ruan)

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Jaeger-lecoultre Celebrates The Opening Of The New Cannes Boutique

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Jaeger-LeCoultre, one of the important manufacturers of exquisite watches in Switzerland, held the opening ceremony of the new store in Cannes. At the celebration, he presented a new product series and demonstrated extraordinary professional capabilities.
The Cannes store thus became the third Jaeger-LeCoultre store in France. The other two were previously opened, the Place Vendôme store in Paris and the Lyon store, and the 28th store worldwide.

At the 62nd Cannes International Film Festival, many films compete for various important awards every day, including the famous Golden Palm Award. At the same time as the red carpet, a new Jaeger-LeCoultre ambassador also Meet the public for the first time.

The official opening ceremony was co-hosted by the elegant Jaeger-LeCoultre Jaeger-LeCoultre ambassador Diane Kruger, Cannes Deputy Mayor Bernard Brochard, and Jaeger-LeCoultre CEO Jerome Lambert.

Source: Jaeger-LeCoultre

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How Far Can You Swim In One Breath? Oris Ambassador Carlos Coste Sets World Record For Ocean Snorkeling

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On September 9, 2016, Carlos Coste, the global ambassador for Oris, set a new record for the distance of the airless ocean snorkeling. In 3 minutes and 05 seconds, he dived 177 meters in one breath, breaking the Guinness World Record of 150 meters he set in 2010.

Carlos Coste breaks record for snorkeling ocean diving distance with 177 meters

   Carlos joined free diving in 1996 and has broken the world record 11 times. He is the world’s first free-diving FIM (no propulsion, relies on pulling ropes to descend; -101 meters, Venezuela 2003) and CWT (constant weight, dives only by limb strength to go up, wear flippers; -102 meters (Cyprus, 2004) for people who exceeded 100 meters in depth.
   In 2010, he had achieved the feat of 150 meters without breathing in the underwater cave in Dos Ojos, Mexico, setting a record for the distance of ocean snorkeling at that time. Oris specially introduced the Carlos Coste limited edition diving watch for this purpose.

This is the 12th time Carlos Coste has broken the world record. The previous record for this project was held by him for 150 years at 150 meters

   The new record was set at the second Bonaire Deep Sea Challenge. This event is organized by the Carlos Freediving School and is part of the International Freediving Association (AIDA) and the Dutch Freediving Association. Bonaire is located in the Dutch Caribbean, less than 100 miles from Carlos’s hometown, Venezuela.
   During the event, Carlos also set a new freediving CNF project (constant weight, dives only by limb strength, no fins) in South America. It took 3 minutes and 33 seconds to dive to a depth of 69 meters, 4 meters beyond the original record.

At the same time, Carlos Coste set a new South American record for the free diving CNF project – 69 meters deep

   At the same time, Russian athlete Marina Kazankova also set a record of 154 meters of women’s breathless ocean snorkeling distance; the 23-year-old Dutch player Jeanine Grasmeijer broke the women’s world of the free diving FIM project with a depth of 92 meters Record. Oris has awarded two new world record holders to the Aquis dive watch.

   To celebrate the birth of a new record, Carlos hosted a unique underwater party after the game. ‘It’s incredible to be able to set a new record,’ said Carlos, who is reputed as a ‘natural born superman’ in his hometown of Venezuela. ‘Thank you very much for my team and sponsors, especially Oris, for their strong support over the past six years. An important guarantee for my success. ‘

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