Hublot Launches Big Bang One Click Calavera Catrina Watch

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Hublot launched three BigBangOneClickCalaveraCatrina watches at the 11th International Haute Horlogerie Show (SIAR) in Mexico to pay tribute to Life and the Dead. The festival is an Aztec tradition, dating back more than three centuries, and has been included in the World Intangible Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO in 2008.

 BigBang is ready to celebrate the event, transforming its iconic design into a party-style, carefree, elegant and fancy timepiece with striking pink, purple, green, turquoise and blue decorations to shape the A tiny pop art face towards you.
 The new watch is available in three styles: a stainless steel case with a white lacquered and white leather and rubber strap (limited to 100 pieces), a ceramic case (limited to 100 pieces) and a king gold case (limited to 50 pieces). With black lacquered and black leather strap.
 The OneClick quick-change strap system allows BigBangOneClickCalaveraCatrina watches to instantly change shape with a blue or pink leather strap. The new watch has a built-in HUB1710 self-winding movement that provides a 50-hour power reserve.
 Hublot Hublot BigBangOneClickCalaveraCatrina is reminiscent of delicious desserts and colorful petals, like an anthem of life. The black or white lacquered dials are each embellished with lacquer patterns, bringing the traditional facial painting of ‘Calavera’ and the sophisticated and sophisticated makeup of ‘Catrina’ to life. The bezel is inlaid with 42 rainbow sapphires, and the strap is stitched with colorful skull motifs, conveying colorful colors and elegant posture. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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The Mechanical Sound Of Girard Perregaux 1966 Series Minute Repeater

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Girard-Perregaux GP 1966 Minute Repeater
Girard-Perregaux 1966 series minute repeater watch combines elegant style and top technology, complex and exquisite mechanical timekeeping structure knocks out crisp and moving sound, the timekeeping sound effect and simple temperament continue the brand’s traditional watchmaking craftsmanship of 220 years and excellence, It is another masterpiece of Girard-Perregaux that goes beyond the traditional complicated function technology.
Looking around the watch altar, timepieces that have both top-notch mechanical technology and pleasant time-sounding sounds are rare. The Girard-Perregaux 1966 minute repeater is the latest example. It is a tribute to the tradition of high-end watchmaking. The pure and simple design, luxurious materials and The fascinating mechanical function has both a watch and a masterpiece of contemporary watchmaking technology.
Classic and elegant case, with built-in minute repeater function, one of the most watchmaking craftsmanships; the electric light has not been released before, and the minute repeater watch can read the time in the dark environment at night; The minute watch is one of the most highly regarded mechanical functions of watch connoisseurs.
Girard-Perregaux 1966 minute repeater watch is produced in accordance with the tradition. The small circular hammer strikes the two circular gongs inside the case. The sound of the time signal should be crisp and pleasing. The precision production and inlay of the time signal system are the key to perfect the sound wave vibration. Resonance effect, but this part is also the most tested, it is also the GP Girard Perregaux watch is not neglect, carefully crafted link.
Girard-Perregaux GP 1966 Minute Repeater
The design of this model takes into consideration the requirements of sound quality. The manufacture of the case contains three technical key points, including the precise calculation of the ratio of the movement diameter and the inner diameter of the case, to ensure the most ideal resonance effect. In addition, the curved watch The back can increase the space between the movement and the case, and improve the sound transmission effect. The third point is that the bottom of the back is polished by diamond polishing to make the surface smoother and reduce sound interference.
All the details inside and out are hand-made by the craftsman, making the minute repeater watch more precious: the white enamel dial is subtle and timeless, the blue leaf-shaped hands and hand-applied hour markers, and the elegant appearance is the first Girard-Perregaux watch; The millimeter rose gold case, equipped with a manual winding movement, provides a power reserve of more than 4 days.
Although this minute repeater is deeply concise and subtle in aesthetics, the details of the round movement are meticulous and meticulous. Everywhere you see it: the watchmaker uses the classic golden bridge shape to make the arrow-shaped balance plate. Pay special attention to the watchmaker. Take the time to file and polish the central part of the balance wheel splint into a semi-cylindrical shape. To create a smooth finishing effect, the craftsman needs to use polishing stones, polishing wheels, wooden signatures, diamond powder, etc. to carefully polish; The decoration and treatment effect of the components are also quite equal, which makes the perfect combination of function and design to achieve this outstanding minute repeater movement.

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Labor’ Fan Yuan Yongyi: I Want All

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When it comes to Yuan Yongyi, everyone may think first-she loves to buy bags. Secondly, her husband Zhang Zhilin is very handsome. But what everyone doesn’t know is that besides buying bags, she also loves to buy watches! As a veritable ‘cousin’, what kind of watch does Yuan Yongyi have?

Yuan Yongyi and Zhang Zhilin

 Some time ago, an article mentioned that Yuan Yongyi had the potential to become a ‘cousin’, but the article only revolved around this Rolex Greenwich II series 126710BLRO-0001 watch (Pepsi Circle) worn by Yuan Yongyi. This Pepsi circle is a new product launched by Rolex at this year’s Baselworld. Although the domestic public price is less than 100,000, the market has been premium for a long time and there is still huge demand. Yuan Yongyi also really likes this watch, and has worn it on many occasions.

Eating ice cream with her husband Zhang Zhilin

This Rolex Greenwich II series 126710BLRO-0001 watch (Pepsi Circle) I also wore when I met my friends

 We know that once ‘labour’ enters the sea, Yuan Yongyi cannot have only one Rolex. But I do n’t know, she was frightened at first sight, not only did she have fun with the new style, but she also collected antique labor and explosive labor labor …

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN-78590 white dial watch (Panda Di)

 When I first came into contact with the watch, I vaguely wrote an ‘Rolex that can be bought around 100,000’, and this Panda Di appeared in it. But I’m young. I don’t know that in the market, Panda Di also has a high price in the market … The phenomenon of premium is not uncommon for Rolex.

Yuan Yongyi wears a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona m116508-0014 watch

  In the photo with Tan Yonglin, Yuan Yongyi wore a ‘Golden’ cosmograph Daytona series m116508-0014 watch. Yuan Yongyi is not a petite body style, and it is effortless to control a large-diameter men’s watch.

Yuan Yongyi wears an antique Rolex Daytona watch (pictured right shows a similar Paul Newman)

 I found that the stars in Hong Kong really like antique labor. The male is Yu Wenle and the female is Yuan Yongyi. Yu Wenle used antique labor with sneakers, and Yuan Yongyi used antique labor with bags. In addition to Rolex, ‘Cousin’ Yuan Yongyi also received Patek Philippe, Cartier, Richard Mill …

Yuan Yongyi wears Patek Philippe Sports Series 5711 / 1R-001 watch (nautilus)

 This gold Nautilus sells for about RMB 380,000. Yuan Yongyi wears a sport watch of this gold material and completely holds it.


Yuan Yongyi wears Patek Philippe Sports Series 5711 / 1R-001 watch (nautilus)
 Not only do you wear nautilus yourself, if you meet a friend who likes nautilus, you must take a sun bath together. In a photo taken with his friend Wu Zhenyu, Wu Zhenyu was wearing a nautilus.

Wu Zhenyu wears Patek Philippe Sports Series 5712 / 1A-001 watch (nautilus)

Yuan Yongyi drying bag

Yuan Yongyi wears a Cartier crash watch (the picture on the right is similar)


  The iconic irregular dial design of the Cartier crash watch has always been one of the reasons attracting many people. Because of its uniqueness, some friends also bluntly said that this design made them ‘unintelligible’, but the crash series performed very well in the auction market and had collectible value.

Yuan Yongyi wears Richard Mille Collection RM 07-01 WHITE CERAMIC DIAMONDS (similar)

Yuan Yongyi wears the Hermes CAPE COD series CC_TGM_Wristband_Black watch

 We all know that Yuan Yongyi likes bags, so did this Hermès watch drop in when buying a bag? On other occasions we also saw this Hermes figure.

Yuan Yongyi wears the Hermes CAPE COD series CC_TGM_Wristband_Black watch

 The wide leather strap and square case are the biggest impression on this Hermès watch. But such a wide strap design makes it difficult for girls with fine wrists to control.

 Yuan Yongyi and Zhang Zhilin walked hand in hand for a long time, but you see that even after they have been married for many years, they still have to hold hands while sitting in the car. Favorite watch all in, loved ones accompany him, Yuan Yongyi’s life is really free and easy.

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Gold And Diamonds-radar Rado’s Grand Slam Combination

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This glamorous Glam Slam mini series is always looking forward to the pursuit of the latest technology and fashion, because here Radar Rado combines the high-tech materials that make it famous with several of the world’s most precious Substances: diamonds and gold.
 May I ask where this new model and the hot spots of supermodels and superstars are more suitable to release these new models than Miami? The home of the famous tennis ‘Grand Slam’, hot weather and glorious nights, this is the perfect place to release the latest monochrome magic watch from Radar, each with extremely precious new elements.
 Broad vision, bold ideas, and brilliant talents are the things that radar designers think of when they create these new watches.

  Rado Radar HyperChrome Glam Slam Mini Series-650.0589.3.069
 For men, the sparkling black high-tech ceramic complements pure 18K yellow gold. These two materials blend perfectly to create an unquestionably distinguished style. This individually numbered limited edition watch only produces 333 gold and 333 rose gold versions. Although it has been lost by many collectors, it has also made watch fans who are fashion pioneers no matter whether they are on tennis courts or swimming pools. Equally brilliant.

 Radar HyperChrome Glam Slam Mini Series-580.0483.3.001
 For radar, ladies are just as important as men. There are two watches in this mini collection that are tailor-made for ladies, each set with diamonds. In the VIP box of the Tennis League, in the club on the Promenade, or at a cocktail party on the beach at sunset, the bezel and side set with 181 diamonds will undoubtedly set off waves in the crowd, causing a lot of waves Envious eyes.
 Radar is proud to recommend this watch with infinite charm. Its practical and dazzling high-tech ceramic case is built with an integrated structure, ensuring that the watch has the lightness and excellent protection of this advanced material. Scraping.
 Glorious, glamorous, and Miami-inspired, the Glam Slam watch has made Radar, a master of materials, a master of fashion at the same time.

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Streets Don ‘t Lie – Discover Football Talents

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French football legend Djibril Cissé visited the streets of Europe to discover genius footballs unknown to the world, and get their once-in-a-lifetime life chances. Paris, London, Berlin. Every city has talented players to discover.

Gibril Cisse wears the TAG Heuer Connected Modular smart watch (45 mm) and displays its Carrere Calibre 5 dial.

Djibril Cisse picks young players at the Red Bull Stadium in Leipzig.
   Former French national team member and Liverpool player Gibriel Cisse visited the streets and tried to find a local star in each of the three cities. The three players selected by Gibril Cisse will have the opportunity to conduct a week-long professional evaluation at the Red Bull Leipzig Soccer Academy in Leipzig, Salzburg, Austria or the New York Red Bull Soccer Academy.

Djibril Cisse visited three major cities in London, Paris and Berlin to launch Streets Do n’t Lie activities.

Each city will have a local player and will have the opportunity to participate in a week of professional evaluation.
   Due to various reasons, many young talents are buried in the streets, and Streets Do n’t Lie is to make them the focus of the game. As you learn more about them and their stories, you will learn how profound this experience will be for their lives. Witness these DontCrackUnderPressure stories in the Red Bull TV app.

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2016 Baselworld Breguet Tradition 7038 Ladies Watch

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Breguet’s Tradition series has been added to the new collection-Tradition 7038 self-winding ladies watch. This watch combines elegant style and superb technology in an ultra-modern graphic structure design. The precision movement elements on both sides of the main plate are almost unobstructed. For women who love high-end watchmaking technology and desire a classic timepiece, In any case, it is undoubtedly a favorite choice.

    The watch is equipped with a central barrel, a small dial at 12 o’clock, the hands transmit power directly from the barrel, and the balance wheel and intermediate wheel are arranged in a beautiful arc at 4 to 8 o’clock. The bridge equipped with the escapement is equipped with a parachute suspension device that has been manually chamfered. This device is a major invention of Breguet and is mainly used to protect the balance system and reduce impact.
    In appearance, the dial of the Tradition 7038 ladies watch is made of Tahiti mother-of-pearl, decorated with delicate engraved flowers, showing the hours and minutes clearly. At 10 o’clock, a small retrograde second hand is engraved on the movement. Another feature of this watch is that the movement decoration is specially created for women. Tradition series models usually use matt NAC processing, the movement appears gray, anthracite or rose gold; but this time, Breguet uses a white frosted movement, and 18K white gold case shines out. The bezel is inlaid with brilliant brilliant-cut diamonds, and the gemstone decoration at the crown is ingenious, which makes the legendary Series Tradition 7038 ladies watch more bright and elegant.
Breguet Heritage Collection TRADITION 7038
Watch description
Number: 7038BB / 1T / 9V6 D00D

The case is made of 18K white gold with a coin motif on the outer edge. The bezel is set with 68 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.895 carats). The crown is set with precious stones. Sapphire crystal case back. 37 mm in diameter. Welded lugs are secured with bolts. Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 meters).
Dial is Tahiti mother-of-pearl, engraved with engraving and eccentric dial at 12 o’clock. Engraved with a unique number and an invisible Breguet signature. The scale ring uses Roman numerals. Breguet classic needlepoint skeletonized blue-steel hands.
Self-winding movement with engraved independent number and invisible Breguet signature. The retrograde seconds hand is engraved on the movement. Caliber model 505SR. 14½ cents. 38 gems. 50-hour power reserve. Inverted linear lever escapement with silicon pallet. Breguet of silicon Breguet. The vibration frequency is 3 Hz. 6 party adjustment.
The strap is made of genuine leather.

   For more news about Baselworld 2016, please lock the watch home Baselworld :.

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