Continuously Expanding The Field Of Timepieces Swiss Mido Basel New Products Summary

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The quietness of time always makes people forget its steps. When they find it by accident, they feel that they have lost a lot of beautiful moments. The spirit of Mido’s brand is “inspiration confirms eternity”, so that ephemeral inspiration brings people a lasting impression. This time, Basel’s new products are coming. The models are impressive. Design is telling the culture and history of the brand.

  First of all, we focus on Mido ladies watches. Swiss Mido DONNA ladies watches are specially designed for women. They have been very popular since their introduction. Now Mido has once again broken through the technological limit, equipped this elegant female timepiece with the powerful Caliber80 automatic movement, which has created Mido’s first female watch with ultra-long power reserve function-DONAACaliber80 ultra-long power reserve ladies watch.

  For more details of the watch, please click: Mido ladies watches are stylish and beautiful in appearance, with elegant and noble colors, showing a unique and elegant temperament, and interpreting low-key gorgeousness around the wrist. The simple and unique central lugs and the strap smoothly connect to create a unified visual beauty. Demonstrate the ultimate feminine charm, showing feminine beauty.

  For more watch details, please click: The helmsman series has always been the representative of Swiss Mido watchmaking expertise. This year, this legendary series welcomes a new member-the helmsman series observatory-certified ultra-long power reserve watch. This new work combines classic aesthetics with modern technology. Its appearance adopts the classic design of the early Helmsman series watches, and it is equipped with the new Caliber80 powerful movement. The unprecedented combination makes it the first watch with the Caliber80 movement in the Mido Helmsman series. paragraph.
  For more watch details, please click: The new perfect series limited edition men’s watch combines the advantages of the Mido brand: timeless, modern design, precise movement, strong materials. The perfect series of limited edition men’s watches, the dial draws inspiration from the eternal design of the Colosseum in Rome. The distinctive sub-black atmosphere steadily reflects the texture, and the brand’s orange smart jump is cleverly embellished for dynamic charm. Take control.
  For more watch details, please click: The new Mido Commander series multi-function chronograph perfectly interprets the superb watchmaking process of Mido. Combining timeless design and precision technology, this tough and sporty watch combines the multifunctional chronograph with a long power reserve to let you fully release the fascination of men.
  For more watch details, please click: The Mido Commander series, born in 1959, has been in continuous production since its inception, and has a long history of success. For more than 50 years, the Commander watch has always maintained high-end quality and reputation. Just like the Eiffel Tower, it has become a symbol that truly embodies Swiss watchmaking tradition and craftsmanship.

  For more watch details, please click: In this 2015 Baselworld, the brand once again proved its superb watchmaking craftsmanship and watchmaking philosophy with facts. Let’s walk into the chronograph field of Mido together and feel the charm of making new watches. The two small dials staggered on this dial make the design of the watch more distinctive and show a gentlemanly style.
  For more watch details, please click: Chronographs will always occupy a place in the watch industry, and the competition and passion of time seems to never stop. The grey dial and orange chronograph hands, the overall design highlights the geometric lines and aesthetics, the chronograph scale is clear and undoubted, can it ignite the momentum at this moment?
  For more watch details, please click: Basel 2015:

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