Within 20,000 Three Radar Meter Recommendations

Since its establishment, Radar has been constantly innovating, bringing groundbreaking innovative designs to watch lovers around the world again and again. Radar watch is famous all over the world for its unique high-tech ceramic material. Today, the Watch House recommends three watches within 30,000 yuan for everyone, I hope everyone likes it.

Radar CENTRIX R30941702

Watch Series: Crystal Collection
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: 16100
Watch details: Series R27351702

Watch Series: True Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Plasma high-tech ceramics
Strap material: Plasma high-tech ceramics
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 16100
Watch details :. The watch features an all-black dial design with 4 diamond hour markers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. Inside the watch is a fully automatic movement.

Summary: The work of the radar watch is exquisite and delicate, the joints are tight and flexible, the corners are smooth and no corners, the plating is even and bright, and the text on the surface and back is clear. It has become one of the most important watch manufacturers in Switzerland. The three watches recommended for everyone today are priced at less than 20,000, and they are still a good choice among high-end watches.

Omega’s New Bullhead Watch Is Here!

In order to meet the long-standing expectations of hippocampal Bullhead watch enthusiasts, OMEGA will launch a limited edition of this representative chronograph. The new version is equipped with a unique symmetrical case and bezel, and retains all the charm of the original work, and some of these improvements make the new Bullhead watch more dazzling personality.
The 1969 original Seahorse Bullhead watch that inspired this watch, with a case and dial different from any other OMEGA watch, is the rarest, most collectible, and most recognizable chronograph in history. !! The new Bullhead watch gives watch enthusiasts the opportunity to have this launch destined to become a classic new masterpiece.

OMEGA Haima 2014 New Bullhead Chronograph

The adorned and polished Shield-shaped case of the Bullhead watch, the rotating bezel on the inside, and the distinctive stopwatch buttons and crown position remain the original style; the sides of the winding crown at 12 o’clock are The stopwatch button, and the Bullhead nickname of this watch, comes from this unique configuration; at 6 o’clock, there is another crown that controls the inner rotating bezel.
The stopwatch button of the new version of the hippocampus Bullhead watch is, of course, still located at the top of the watch, but the arc button of the original model will be replaced with a more smooth smooth button. The most significant change in the entire watch is in the movement-unlike the manual winding 930 movement of the old Bullhead watch, the new version adopts OMEGA’s exclusive ‘automatic winding coaxial escapement 3113 movement’. As a driving device, the movement is also equipped with a column wheel chronograph device.

OMEGA Haima 2014 New Bullhead Chronograph

The dial design of the new Bullhead watch has a unique inner bezel and a sub-dial at 12 and 6 o’clock, highlighting the advantages of the original model, and like the original Bullhead watch, a date window at 3 o’clock.
Through the double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, we can clearly see the elegant white dial. Its screw-in caseback is printed with a familiar polished hippocampal pattern, while the white bi-directional rotating inner bezel has a 24-hour scale, and its white digital day and night indicators form a perfect contrast with the blue and black background.

OMEGA Haima 2014 New Bullhead Chronograph

This stunning classic replica watch is paired with an elegant brown leather strap. The new hippocampus Bullhead watch is limited to 669 pieces worldwide, with a water resistance of 15 bar (150 meters / 500 feet), and excellent performance, allowing OMEGA to provide a full three-year warranty.

Citizen: Public Welfare Walking Starts

Recently, at the 41st World Environmental Protection Day, Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. led many volunteers to the Pinggu International Walking Avenue to carry out the sixth ‘Going Healthy and Going Environmental Protection’ public welfare walking activity . For many years, Citizen has insisted on holding environmental protection public welfare actions, hoping to pass on the simplest and most convenient way of “walking” to convey healthy living attitudes and green environmental protection concepts to the public, and called on everyone to establish a low-carbon environmental awareness and work with Citizen to Towards health and environmental protection. ‘
If each person walks 5km per day instead of driving, a total of 1,825km in 365 days a year can reduce carbon emissions by about 400kg. At this environmentally friendly walking event, Citizen specially invited Wen Yi, a best-selling author who insists on walking on a daily basis, and Lu Jiansheng, a sports benchmarker who loves sports.

Glasuti Watch Museum Opens In Germany

To quickly learn about a place’s culture, a skill, or a complete review of past history, then starting from a museum visit is the best way. In Switzerland, a country with a strong watch industry, in recent years, many brands have spared no expense to build a museum of watches and clocks. On the one hand, they can preserve precious historical records; on the other hand, they can promote the value and spirit of their own brands through the visit process. . Therefore, in Germany, which is also actively deployed in the watch industry, naturally, it also began to strive to preserve German watchmaking history and traditions. Therefore, ‘German Watch Museum Glashütte – Nicolas G. Hayek’ With the efforts of the Swatch Group, the Glashütte Watch Museum, which fully condenses the history of German watchmaking, was officially opened on May 22, 2008. Led by Glashütte Original (GO), a German watch brand owned by the Swatch Group, after years of planning and construction, and with the full assistance of the local government and citizens, this building features hundreds of The Glashütte Clock and Watch Museum, which has been around for a long time, finally officially opened to the public on the afternoon of May 23, 2008. Media reporters from 24 countries, as well as people in the political, business, art and cultural fields from all over the world, coupled with the active participation of representatives of the Swatch Group and the GO brand and related staff, make the peaceful and quiet Glashütte small The town was so lively and joyful that this enthusiasm and vitality made the local residents involuntarily join the celebrations and jointly wish for this very meaningful event! In the museum’s first and second floors, an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters, more than 400 pieces of watches and clocks are displayed. Through the multimedia display in the pavilion, visitors can see works of Glashütte pocket watches, watches, pendulum clocks, etc., as well as maritime precision timepieces and various escapement structures, historical certificates and patent documents. The theme exhibition of the museum takes ‘historical review’ and ‘corridor of time’ as the two exhibition themes. These two themes perfectly present the prelude and epilogue of the entire event in separate exhibition spaces. The international press conference for the opening of the Glashütte Clock and Watch Museum was co-chaired by Dr. Hanspeter Rentsch (middle), representative of Swatch Group, Dr. Frank Mul ler (first from the right), and Marcus Dressler (first from left), acting mayor of Glashütte . The museum adopts thematic exhibitions. Visitors can watch the works of Glashütte pocket watches, watches, pendulum clocks, maritime precision timepieces, various escapement structures, historical certificates and patent documents, and display astronomical timepieces. , And more artistic installation of metronome. Visitors can watch the works of Glashütte pocket watches, watches, pendulum clocks, maritime precision timepieces and various escapement structures, historical certificates and patent documents from various periods. Art installation rendering. The Glashütte Watch Museum showcases important works from all periods of German watchmaking history. The Glashütte Watch Museum showcases important works from all periods of German watchmaking history. The Glashütte Watch Museum showcases important works from all periods of German watchmaking history.