Classic Classic Rolex Date Ladies Series 116201 Watch Brief Comment

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The Rolex brand is a resounding brand in China and other countries because of its solid workmanship and creation of many innovative inventions in the history of many watches, such as the first in the world A dust- and water-resistant watch, the first perpetual calendar with automatic date conversion, and more. Rolex’s more well-known product series are: explorer type, submariner type, yacht master type, Daytona, log type and so on. Today I will introduce a watch from the Rolex Date Type, which is the Rolex Date Type 36201 116201.

 The dial is similar to the color of rose gold and the color of the bracelet. The 36 mm dial is inlaid with 10 diamonds, and the dial is decorated with Rolex English alphabet engraving.

 Rolex’s most dazzling also has to be their LOGO logo. The original Rolex watch’s logo was a five-finger palm, which indicates that the brand’s watches are entirely hand-crafted. Later it gradually evolved into a registered trademark of Crown to show its dominance in the field of watches.

 The thickness of the case is 12 millimeters, which is a slightly thicker product in a mechanical watch. This watch uses cal. 3135 movement. The thickness of this movement is 6 millimeters, which is thicker than the average movement. So the overall The case will also be thicker.

The log type uses a smooth commemorative bracelet.

Looking at the details and cuts of the bracelet from the side, it is still quite perfect, and there are no protruding or inconsistent parts.

 There is also a Rolex logo on the folding buckle, as well as information on the model number. This information can be used to identify whether it is a genuine Rolex. If you want to identify whether your watch is genuine, see our previous article ‘How about Identify fake Rolex editors to teach you ‘

The internal workmanship of the commemorative bracelet is also quite praiseful. It is also very comfortable and comfortable to wear without any discomfort.

 The diary watch uses a real-time calendar jump mechanism and a small window with an anti-radiation coating that can be magnified 2.5 times, allowing you to grasp every detail change.

 In addition to the 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions, the dial is set with 10 diamonds. Adding the element of diamonds will immediately make this watch feminine, because diamonds have always been associated with beauties, which is a high-end luxury obsessed by beauties.

 The actual magnification effect of the small bay window that can be magnified 2.5 times, we can clearly see the engraved texture on the dial. This magnification effect is still very worthy of recognition. It also uses anti-reflection coating technology to make reading more convenient and accurate.

The Rolex LOGO is ubiquitous, and people must always remember that this is a Rolex product.

 In fact, the Rolex log type is also divided into DateJust and Date small series, their main difference is DateJust diameter 36mm, Date diameter 34mm. Date comes with an Oyster strap, while DateJust uses an Oyster or Jubilee strap. DateJust is more expensive. But they use the same movement.

 The Rolex’s classic Oyster case can achieve super waterproof performance. If you want to open this isolated sealed case, you need to use more than 5 Newton meters of torque in addition to a professional equipment. In order to protect your watch from impact, pressure, sand and water.
 Summary: This watch uses the cal. 3135 movement, which is known as the king of automatic winding. One of the biggest features is the calendar function. Axis, in addition to playing the role of the king of calendar jumping accuracy can also reduce friction and effectively increase power. It can provide a power reserve of 50 hours, with 2 adjustable weights, Breguet hairspring, KIF suspension. This guarantees the precise movement and stability of this watch.
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Why The Longines Are So Popular

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Estimated price: 5800-8500 Swiss francs
Commission price included: 6,000 Swiss francs (about RMB 36966)
[Overall description]
The case diameter is 37 mm and the thickness is 12 mm. Caliber number 8621289, case number 120 5966 7, 18K rose gold three-piece solid case, polished, stepped bezel, push-back, antimagnetic function, square timing button, matte silver dial, rose gold Dart-shaped hour markers and Arabic numerals at 12 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock, 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, 1/5 second chronograph scale on the outside of the dial, blue tachometer and red rangefinder, rose gold princess hands 18K rose gold Longines buckle.
[Movement configuration]
Caliber 30 CH, rhodium-plated, 18 rubies, vertical lever escapement, gold escapement fork, single metal balance, self-compensating Breguet balance spring, suspension, trimmer, dial, case and movement Are signed.
The 1940s was the most mature period for the development of Longines movements. The 30CH chronograph movement and the basic 22L of this watch are the most distinctive representatives. As far as 30CH is concerned, it has reached the requirements of high-end watches in terms of roads, sanding and even overall design. This point can be seen from its ‘configuration’: double-layer blue steel hairspring, temperature-resistant alloy balance wheel, 4 fine-adjusting screws, gold pallet fork, columnar wheel design … But, unfortunately, Since the 1970s, Longines has started to use the self-winding Valjoux 72 movement, and Longines’ manual hand-winding 30CH movement has left the stage of history. However, this is why antique Longines (especially chronographs) are so popular today.

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