Seiko Astron ‘hitabe Kintaro Special Limited Edition’ Watch Is Launched Globally.

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As early as 1969, SEIKO (Seiko) launched the world’s first quartz watch ‘Quartz Astron’ to start the quartz revolution with ‘year-to-second’ accuracy. Today, the new Seiko Astron is launched as the world’s first GPS satellite positioning solar power watch, which has once again increased its accuracy by 100,000 times, with an error of only 1 second every 100,000 years. The ‘Real World Time Watch’ driven by the first light source in history, capable of connecting 4 or more satellites flying above 20,000 kilometers at the same time, and adjusting itself to local time in 39 time zones around the world.

 This year marks the 100th anniversary of Seiko’s watchmaking heritage. To commemorate the founder of the brand, Mr. Kintaro Hattori and his vision, ‘Always be one step ahead of the times’, the Astron series launches a special limited edition of Hattori Kintaro The watches, which were officially released on September 20, 2013 in the world, are limited to 5,000 pieces. Each watch has an exclusive serial number, a limited edition special case and a certificate, which are distinguished in the collection.

 Hattori Kintaro’s name and motto are engraved on the back of the watch, which is arranged around the brand’s earliest ‘S’ trademark;
 The crown is decorated with agate and gold “TYO” on the bezel, which is the exclusive design of this special limited edition watch.

 Limited to 60 pieces in China, the suggested retail price is RMB 21,700. The first 19 watches introduced into China

Specification: Model SAST100G

● Movement 7X52
 GPS control time, time zone adjustment
 Hour, minute and second hands
 Calendar display
 Perpetual calendar accurate to February 2100
 Signal reception result display
 World time function (39 time zones)
 Daylight saving time adjustment function
 Power saving function
● case
 Diameter: 47.0 mm, thickness: 17.4 mm
 Black anti-wear carbon film with high-strength titanium and ceramic bezel
 Water resistance: 10 bar, magnetic resistance: 4800A / m
● strap
 Alligator leather strap with black abrasion resistant carbon treatment for high strength
 Titanium replacement strap, tri-fold push button switch clasp
● Table mirror
 Ultra-clear coating on sapphire crystal
Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds / month (not receiving time signal, temperature between 5 ℃-35 ℃)

 Limited edition of 5,000 pieces worldwide. Suggested retail price in China: RMB 21,700. Available September 20, 2013.

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Breitling Bentley Barnato Chronograph And Barnato Speed ​​chronograph

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Named after the famous ‘Bentley Boy’ member Barnato, full of racing elements design style, certified by the Swiss official observatory COSC, and equipped with an exclusive ’30-second chronograph hand’. Two champion stars that symbolize Bentley’s glorious racing history: the new Breitling Bentley Banato Chronograph and the Barnato Racing Chronograph are now poised to meet the challenge at the starting point of the track!
Magnificent and extraordinary

  Bentley Motorsport has a deep relationship with the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. In 1923, Bentley Racing participated in the first Le Mans race. The following year, a Bentley with a 3.0-liter engine won the Le Mans Championship for the first time, which made Bentley famous. In the following 1927-1930, Bentley won the event four times. The Bentley Boys, the ‘Bentley Boys’ who wrote this legendary racing legend at high speed, have also become famous all over the world. These ‘Bentley Boys’ have sports talents, are extremely passionate about racing, and fully enjoy the fun of fighting for honor. Among them, the most famous ‘Bentley Boy’ is Woolf Barnato, who has won the Le Mans championship three times in a row. He is willing to challenge and keep achieving excellent results. In 2003, Bentley Motorsport returned to its former glory, winning the first and second place in the Le Mans 24 Hours. The spirit of the ‘Bentley Boys’ was passed on.

  To pay tribute to Wolf-Banato, the legendary ‘Bentley Boy’, the Breitling Bentley Collection Beritling for Bentley has launched two new champion models-the Breitling Banaly Chronograph and the Barnato Race Chronograph. With their outstanding performance and wonderful design, these two watches show their unparalleled momentum in the competition.

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Why Are You Crazy About Rolex’s New Watch?

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About half a month before the Basel Watch Fair, someone kept asking, Sister Rabbit predicted the new Rolex watch. The direction is nothing more than a new movement update, outer ring color, material changes, etc., but I refused, especially when I saw some ugly color combinations appearing on the Internet, I felt that it was a provocation to Rolex’s aesthetics. However, there are not many brands that make people happy to predict. Rolex counts them as one (because it is hot, and because it is easy to produce explosive models, the product line is very clear, the range is not large, and some brands have round ovals. Is enough for you to guess). Especially when Rolex released a video revealing a five-bead chain (officially called the five-grid commemorative bracelet), I felt that everyone was inspired and seemed to be getting closer to the truth. Through this strap, many people guessed that it might be GMT (Greenwich Type II), but at first the so-called river and lake spy photos were red and black circles, which was slightly misleading, and everyone seemed to be more inclined to come out of platinum, afraid Steel models hit the market. In the end, Rolex revealed the GMT in red and blue, with a five-bead chain and a steel model. Feeling the dust settled, looking at everyone’s relief, the rabbit couldn’t help but want to fight-always staring at the explosion, can you buy it? By the way, is this watch unexpected? No, because Wuzhu Chain is not the first time it has been used on GMT in history. Let me show you a historical map. It is a red and blue circle GMT in 1978, and it is also a steel model. The new watch is priced at 8,800 Swiss francs, and some people shouted that it was another explosion, and even seeing a pre-sale price of 120,000 yuan on a domestic e-commerce platform was fierce enough, which directly increased the price. However, this watch is still controversial, and some people say that this chain is strangely equipped with GMT. Some people even thought about changing the straps themselves after they bought them, but unfortunately, Rolex has responded to this unrealistic idea-the new GMT steel models cannot change the straps (and there are speculations to protect customers who buy platinum models, there are The difference is, otherwise, you can buy steel watches and pretend to be posing as gold models. Therefore, according to the guess of the rabbit, this watch will be chased by many people, but it should be too hot for the black and white ceramic circle Daytona. It is estimated that it is difficult to shake the current status of the green water ghost for the time being. And domestic stores are not yet able to accept formal reservations, so everything remains to be seen. In addition, GMT also has a platinum red and blue circle at the same time, the disk surface is blue. In fact, the rabbit personally feels that it is not as good-looking as the old version with black face, and the price is estimated to be more than 300,000 in China. In fact, aside from the speculation of explosive models and the general pursuit of Rolex steel watch fans, I personally think that this year’s eternal rose gold version is very beautiful, black and brown, which is probably the least obvious double-circle watch at present. If the economy Strength allows, there is really no need to have fun with steel watch consumers, the gold model is 13,400 Swiss francs, and there is also the full gold model, 35,000 Swiss francs. Next, let’s raise the budget directly to the top and look at this year’s Rainbow Circle Daytona. A few years ago I would think how to wear such a magnificent watch, now I feel that more diamonds are good-looking, older, and people are more and more superficial, hey. This piece is currently positioned at more than 90,000 Swiss francs. It is estimated that the public price in China is between 700,000 and 800,000 yuan. Rabbit probed the dealer’s tone, it is said that many people have already queued up, because the small amount of visual inspection also depends on snatching, but this is the thing for rich people … As for the main role of Rolex’s cash flow, it is still DD weekly calendar DJ log type, these two are always the value of the supremacy, only two issues are considered: 1, enough money. 2, good or bad. Rabbit predicts that this 36mm gold log type will sell well, no matter the size or the combination of gold is very pleasing in the market. This green log-type 31 mm, although not the best in many models in DJ history, is good for those who have no chance or interest in finding a second watch. In fact, this year’s Rolex has also done some details. As always, the official style, say nothing, rely on your own observation. We see that some models use the new movement, such as the steel GMT 3285, DJ 36mm gold and deep blue deepsea diving, all use the 3235 movement. Then Rolex quietly added a small crown between the two words ‘SwissMade’ on the dial of the new movement. Regarding why this change was made, Rolex did not mention it, but our predictions are for new models with new movements, and it may be easier to identify. One point seems to prove our guess: Everyone carefully observes the red and blue circle GMT of the platinum and blue plate, there is no small crown, because it uses an old movement, which is essentially an old model with a new plate color. In fact, Rolex has always given me a feeling of not caring about the outside world. For example, traffic stars are so hot. They are unmoved and more traditional in terms of communication. However, various signs also show that Rolex is actually careful, This time I posted a new trailer and deleted the official website. I felt very thorough and knew exactly what you wanted. Of course, the more important reason is that because of the popularity, everyone is happy to guess all kinds of details (some brands may not be noticed if they make big moves). In the end, some rabbit fans asked if the new steel GMT would be the next explosion, or if you want to buy it, the rabbit just wanted to say: Do you really like it, or just because it feels red? In the long run, anything beyond the fair price will always return to the original. Everyone still remembers the story of green glass. From price increases to drops, many watch dealers have been pitted. It’s better to find the one you love the most. As for how hot it is in others’ eyes, you will find that it doesn’t matter. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

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Iwc Appoints 2 Outstanding Rider Image Ambassadors

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IWC proudly announces the appointment of two well-known image ambassadors: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg from Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula OneTM Team. The Swiss fine watchmaker has officially become an official engineering partner of the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula OneTM Team at the beginning of this year.
IWC and Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance brand AMG signed a special agreement as early as 2004 to work together on the expansion of the mechanical and high-tech fields. Both companies affirmed this segment in terms of precision engineering. Long and fruitful cooperation. This year, IWC Schaffhausen has become the official engineering partner of Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team, which proves that the two are closer. Now, Hamilton and Rosberg join the IWC brand friends, making this fine watchmaker and the team’s partnership deeper.

IWC proudly announces the appointment of two well-known ambassadors: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg from Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

Keep improving and perfect
Regarding the brand’s two newly appointed ambassadors—the first batch of well-known race car friends—Georges Kern, chief executive of IWC, proudly said, “Lewis and Nico are very charismatic. Improving my ability and performance even if it is just a little bit. The two of them have presented the best of IWC in their own unique way. Now I am allowed to call them brand friends, and I am very excited about this. ‘Except for themselves In addition to the pursuit of the championship and Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team’s pursuit, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg insist on perfection-also the common pursuit of IWC designers, technicians and watchmakers. Lewis Hamilton is a loyal fan of superb watchmaking. He also knows that men who specialize in the arts and watch masterpieces produced by IWC have in common: ‘I love watches. In my opinion, IWC There are a lot in common between the watches produced and the Formula One drivers: they are unique, highly skilled, and belong to the best in their respective fields. Needless to say, I really look forward to working with this company . ‘
Not only that, IWC’s masterpieces of watches are not only complex in function and technological innovation: they also incorporate passion and affection. Each series of the six watch families has its own legend, each describing the long history of this company . The relationship between Nico Rosberg and this watch factory from Schaffhausen goes back many years, when his grandfather gave him a IWC watch. ‘I’ve been fascinated since then, especially for IWC products: the design is truly unbeatable. Not only the design, the case also uses the most advanced technology and excellent performance. Being a brand friend is like being old It’s just as good to have friends reunite. I still remember my first watch—the watch that my father gave me. ”

Champion style
The two drivers of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team participate in up to 20 competitions each year. The high frequency becomes the focus of attention. As the Formula One race goes from one track to another, it has a global footprint. Behind the scenes is the hard work of the team’s engineers and technicians to ensure that every detail on the day of the race is as accurate and reliable as a watch movement. As IWC Chief Executive Georges Kern said, ‘There is a sense of pride immersed in superb craftsmanship, innovation and pioneering spirit. This pride is also integrated into everything we strive for. Our products are obtained in global markets Recognition is proof of our success. Just like Mercedes-AMG Petronas and Hamilton, the belief in trying to win the world championship drives us to keep making progress. ‘

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Chopard L.U.C1937 Subtle Series Watch Introduction

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In 2010, at the time of celebrating the 150th anniversary of Chopin, the brand launched a limited edition L.U.C 1937 watch to pay tribute to the long tradition of watchmaking. Today, Chopin has launched two new stainless steel L.U.C 1937 watches, one with a white Tang porcelain dial; the other with a silver fine-grain dial. Both watches are equipped with the new L.U.C 1.010 caliber with outstanding performance, showing Chopin’s excellent watchmaking technology.
 Chopin has experienced many decisive moments since its foundation in 1860. And 1937 is the key era for Chopin to lay the foundation of the brand today. The founder of the brand (Paul-Andr & eacute; Chopard) Paul ˙ Andrey ˙ Chopin decided to leave Louise-Ulysse-Chopard Louis ˙Ulis˙ Chopin founded the workshop in the Jura mountain area and relocated to Geneva to expand its brand business. Today Chopin’s achievements and thriving are all laid down in the move to Geneva that year. In commemoration of this important history, Chopin launched the first L.U.C 1937 watch in 2010. Under its simple lines, it carries a new and improved movement developed in 1937, condensing the essence of Chopin’s watchmaking heritage.

Elegant watch, timeless
 This year, Chopin has again launched two new classic L.U.C 1937 watches. One of them has a white tang porcelain dial with black transfer Roman numeral time scales. Another silver-tone dial with silvered rhodium-plated Roman numerals and minute markers. Both models are equipped with Crown Prince-style hands unique to the L.U.C series, and either with rhodium-plated hands or black hands to match their overall design. The 42mm diameter stainless steel case has a very modern appearance and lines. With the contrast of the silver wire grain on the side frame and the polished finish of the lugs, the watch is more timeless. The screw-down crown at 3 o’clock makes the watch with a sapphire crystal back case still waterproof to 50 meters.

L.U.C 1.010 movement: excellent precision when traveling v
 The new L.U.C 1937 watch is equipped with the new L.U.C 1.010 self-winding movement, which is certified by the COSC Swiss Official Observatory, with a vibration frequency of 28,800 revolutions per hour and a power reserve of 60 hours. In addition to the central hand display of hours, minutes, and seconds, the six o’clock direction is also equipped with a date display to meet the needs of daily life. In addition, this movement also has a stop-second function for precise time adjustment. The precise and reliable performance of the L.U.C 1.010 movement has become another important benchmark in the history of the L.U.C movement.
The new LUC 1937 watch shows the beauty of masculinity, but also exudes elegance and elegance. It uses a hand-stitched double-sided crocodile leather strap, the surface of the black crocodile leather with brown crocodile leather inside and stainless steel buckle. In addition to its beautiful appearance, its durability is enhanced.

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Simple Function And Equally Attractive Three Recommended Ladies Watches

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The complicated functions of watches show people the powerful mechanical charm, while simple-function watches are also attractive. They are either simple in style or exquisite in design, showing themselves with different styles of charm. Today’s Watch House brings you three simple and beautifully designed ladies’ watches.
Chopard HAPPY DIAMONDS series 278509-3001 watch

Watch model: 278509-3001
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 30 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 38,500
Watch details: DIAMONDS series, white watch body is clean and simple, black strap is classic and elegant. The watch’s small and exquisite case is 30 mm in diameter and is made of stainless steel. The case is equipped with a quartz movement. The white dial uses stainless steel hands and hour markers. At the same time, five brilliant diamonds are placed on the sapphire crystal. The watch is fitted with a soft and tough black alligator strap with a pin buckle. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters.

Watch model:
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18k rose gold-stainless steel
Strap Material: 18k Rose Gold-Stainless Steel
Case diameter: 27 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 36,800
Watch details: LU33BSPGSPGD watch


Watch model: 102192 LU33BSPGSPGD
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel / 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Stainless Steel / 18k Rose Gold
Case diameter: 33 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 35,800
Watch details: bvlgari / 37178 /

Watch comments: This beautifully shaped, golden design is more stylish and elegant. The small and exquisite watch case is 33 mm in diameter and is made of stainless steel and 18k rose gold. The round case is elegant and exquisite, with a round and fashionable appearance. A fine crown with ruby ​​is installed on the right side. The case is equipped with a precise and automatic mechanical movement. The black dial has red and gold stripes arranged radially, using rose gold bars and Roman numerals. The central sword-shaped hands are also made of red gold. There is a date display window at three o’clock. The watch strap is a Bvlgari brand’s unique snake-shaped strap. The strap links are interlocking, and the shape is exquisite and beautiful.
Summary: Although these three women’s watches are simple in function, they are all exquisitely designed to show their different brand cultures. The three watches are uniquely artistically displayed on the small watch body, showing different designs between square inches, creating exquisite and fashionable models, worn on women’s wrists, beautiful.

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A New Look And A New Look Omega ‘nato’ Nato Military Watch Strap

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In the hot summer, your dress must have been switched to cool mode, why not change your watch to a refreshing ‘dress’? Omega ‘NATO’ NATO military strap, you can easily create a modern and stylish summer look without buying a separate watch.

Omega “NATO” NATO military strap

What is the Omega ‘NATO’ NATO Military Strap?

The Omega ‘NATO’ NATO military strap evolved from the leather and canvas straps used by British pilots, pilots and the military during World War II. For safety reasons, the watch does not use a detachable spring lever to fix the strap. Instead, the watch is welded with a fixed lever, which is stronger than the spring lever, so the strap is not easy to fall off in complex cases.

Omega “NATO” NATO military strap

Eight ‘NATO’ NATO military straps

Omega ‘NATO’ NATO military straps are available in a variety of styles: 5-striped nylon straps in three different colors with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clips, black with gray, orange and red color trim Nylon strap, brown Novonappa leather strap, and black coated nylon strap with black fixed strap clip and polished buckle.

Black coated nylon strap with black fixed strap clip and polished buckle

Black coated nylon strap with black fixed strap clip and polished buckle

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch with Black Coated Nylon Strap

Black and orange 5-striped nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Black and orange 5-striped nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Omega Constellation Zunba Watch with Black and Orange 5 Stripe Nylon Strap

Black and gray 5-striped nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Black and gray 5-striped nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch with Black and Gray 5 Stripe Nylon Strap

Black and red 5-striped nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Black and red 5-striped nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch with Black and Red 5 Stripe Nylon Strap

Orange-trimmed black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Orange-trimmed black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch with Orange Trim Black Nylon Strap

Grey trim black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Grey trim black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Omega Constellation Zumba watch with grey trim and black nylon strap

Red trim black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Red trim black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle and fixed strap clip

Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch with Red Trim Black Nylon Strap

Brown Novonappa leather strap with fixed strap clip and polished buckle

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch with Brown Novonappa Leather Strap

Visit Omega’s official website

Visit the official website of Omega, you can experience the function of online virtual strap change, appreciate the watch with different ‘NATO’ NATO military strap renewed style. You don’t need a strap change tool, you can try different combinations, get unlimited surprises, and discover your own personalized watch. You can also go to the Omega Store and experience the different feelings of wearing a ‘NATO’ NATO military strap on your wrist.

Perfect fit and easy matching

The Omega ‘NATO’ NATO military strap is just like the inspirational prototype strap, which can be easily adjusted in length. Regardless of whether the wearer is a man or a woman, the ‘NATO’ NATO military strap fits perfectly on their wrist.

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Hippie-style Jaeger-lecoultre Watches

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Jaeger-LeCoultre handed over the answers to 4 new movements this year, which are really satisfactory. Among them, the movement 381 is my favorite. This movement is divided into two parts, with a barrel on each side, like a pair of wings. When a team is working, the clearer the division of labor, the higher the efficiency. These two barrels are like two departments, one for the escapement and one for the additional functions. So far, this movement can reach the peak of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s unprecedented accuracy in travel time, which is a great achievement. Do it! Jaeger-LeCoultre also consolidated its dominant position.
I haven’t paid special attention to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s moon phases, maybe Aiwu and Wu. For Duom & egrave; tre & agrave; Quanti & egrave; me Lunaire moon phase calendar watch with movement 381, I also researched this time. It turned out that I didn’t know it. It was startling. I did not expect that Jaeger-LeCoultre, which has always adhered to the tradition, has designed a noodle dish with a hippie meaning. No matter how bad your mood is, you can not help feeling happy when you see this watch. Not to mention the biplane movement inside the case, I just want to put it in the pocket just by designing it with the faceplate. Jaeger-LeCoultre must also be very proud of himself. When you look at the moon phase, you all smile and bend your eyes.

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This Is What I Want To Be Different. A Brief Comment On The Mido Helmsman Series Long Kinetic Observatory Certified Full Automatic Mechanical Watch

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Trends are changing rapidly. What do I use to express my unruly temperament? In the freedom and adventure brought by leather jackets and motorcycles, I try to pursue an unconstrained, self-truthful interpretation for a moment, and I am unique. Watches, record the past of time, embellish the expression of true style, in 2018 Mido launched a new helmsman series long kinetic energy observatory certification fully automatic mechanical watches, generous and cool design style, such as the night knight, release a moving tide Cool personality.

   In 1934, Mido launched the helmsman series for the first time. With a highly recognizable design and distinctive features, it established the style tradition of more than 80 years. The helmsman series is inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, an architectural monument that can be recorded in the history of the bridge. Mido introduced the bridge’s highly tensional design concept into the watch, bringing an impressive visual impact. This year, Mido has added a new model to the Helmsman series. The black appearance is as bright as it was then.

   The watch has a 42 mm case, as it does not use a wider bezel like the Pilot series, which provides more space for the dial and enhances the overall wide visual sense. At the same time, compared with the previous helmsman series watches, the new watch has a neat and orderly unified time scale, which greatly simplifies the dial, thereby bringing simplicity and comfort in terms of style and time reading. sense.

   Of course, the most eye-catching is still the stainless steel case with PVD black coating, the surface of mercerized sanding has a matte color, low-key but very handsome.

   The Geneva stripe on the dial can quickly capture people’s eyeballs. Its light flows like a sparkling wave on the lake surface, and it also reflects a dazzling sense of technology and is very open-minded.

   The strap naturally extends from the case, and the elegant curve conveys the aesthetic concept of beautiful watchmaking.

   From the side, we can clearly feel the intention of the black case in retouching. The mercerized sanding texture provides a good touch and still has a clear gloss. The classic-shaped crown is also treated with PVD black plating, and has three gears: winding, adjusting the day of the week and adjusting the time.

   The overall thickness of the watch is 11.79 mm, but it is obviously not as thick as it appears in the data. In actual wear, it is of a moderate size and very convenient.

   Continuing the cool and handsome style of the case, Mido is paired with a black rubber strap on a black fabric surface and stitched with beige stitching. The striking contrasting color is just like the distinctive design style given by the watch, which is fashionable and impactful.

   Looking over the watch, we can see the Mido Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement inside the transparent caseback. This is the top configuration movement in the current Mido three-hand watch. It not only has the Geneva ripple polishing. Other decorative decoration, also has a silicon spring with impact resistance, anti-magnetic performance, and 80 hours of power reserve, the entire movement has also been certified by the Swiss official observatory to ensure its accurate time.

In summary: there are many black watches, some of them are cool, some are low-key, and some are futuristic. The Mido Helmsman series long kinetic automatic watches are not only unique in appearance, but also extremely extreme in movement With a sense of science and technology, it is indeed a very special watch this year, from the face value to the inside, it is impressive.

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Return To Cool Colors, A Versatile Watch For Autumn And Winter Fashion

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The most charming autumn has arrived, and the sun and temperature are just right … The fashion-conscious people have come to show their ‘talent’, chase the popular elements of the season, and be the most touching fashionable girl. Cold tones are the most popular colors in autumn. Soot, dark coffee, black and white, and so on, seem dull. In fact, these tones greatly enhance personal temperament and taste. If I pair it with a charming watch, I do n’t know if I should give it to myself. How many points are added to the charm.
Bvlgari Divas’Dream 102434 watch

Basic Information
Watch model: 102434
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap material: dark blue alligator leather
Case diameter: 30 mm
Reference price: 136,000
Watch details: The Dream series is very sexy and romantic. The watch captures the beautiful shapes of complex watches and uses precious characteristics, including the dial with pavé diamonds and the mother-of-pearl dial with novel design. , With both jumping time and retrograde minute display function. The most striking thing about this watch is the iconic acetate dial. Acetate is an excellent material for precious jewelry watches. This material is a combination of natural cotton and wood fiber. After solidification, they are carved into detailed lines. After the surface is carefully polished and treated, these lines create a dazzling dial that sparkles with unique light, which perfectly matches the taupe strap.
Chopard Happy Diamonds 204368-1001

Basic Information
Basic Information
Watch model: 204368-1001
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Black Flannel
Case diameter: 37.85 mm
Reference Price: No
Watch details: Diamonds women’s watches follow the pillow shape, pearly, exudes retro charm, while maintaining the modern sense. Claw-set diamonds embellish the bezel, creating a soft curve. The new swirling diamonds dance freely on the bottom of the white mother-of-pearl. The swirling diamonds freely leap around the dial, which is the first beautiful design presented on the Happy Diamonds watch. The number of diamonds is larger than the previous one, the volume is larger, and different cutting shapes are used to highlight the beauty and grace of the diamond’s flexible swirling dance. A small sub-dial on the surface is also set with diamonds and hands.
Bucherer Arrival 00.10706.02.99.11 watch

Basic Information
Watch model: 00.10706.02.99.11
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Alligator Leather
Case diameter: 31.35 mm
Reference Price: No
Watch details: Diva Gothic’s case, crown and diamonds are also set with 169 diamonds. The fifty-four rubies on the bezel are carefully polished into rectangles or rhombuses and oblongs, with the upper surface facing down and the round uncut parts facing up. This special and unique treatment makes the watch have a A personal taste.
In summary: the above watches can be described as unmissable scenery on the wrist. The Bvlgari Divas’ Dream watch exudes a classic beauty. The Chopard Happy Diamonds reveals the retro charm, while the Bucherer Alija watch It is a typical representative of luxury. Jewelry and diamonds have a natural fit for women. The watches introduced in this article range from simple decoration to complex inlays, including all women’s love. If you like it, don’t miss it.

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