Silk Silky Tasting Chanel J12 ∙ Xs Black Ceramic Watch

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In 2000, Jacques Helleu, Chanel’s then artistic director, took inspiration from the streamlined shape of rowing in the nautical world and designed the classic look of the J12 watch. At the same time, advanced technology was used to develop a unique ceramic material-a natural mineral powder composed of zirconium dioxide and yttrium, mixed with pigments and binders, roasted at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees Celsius, and then passed through several precise and strict procedures. After many times of machine polishing, this high-tech precision ceramic material can be obtained.

 It is constant, strong, noble, and exudes a deep black luster. This is the high-tech fine ceramic used by Chanel J12.

 At this year’s Baselworld, Chanel launched the new J12 ∙ XS watch (model: H5235), which uses 30mm black high-tech precision ceramic with a stainless steel case, a black dial, and a ring of diamonds on the dial. The 30 mm case and black ceramic bracelet are worn on the wrist like a gorgeous accessory.

 Screw-down ceramic steel crown, stainless steel for foreign aid, black ceramic inside, black ceramic crown for protection.

 The smooth side of the case is polished, and the ceramic material makes it easy to wear and rest, and it can avoid the pain of scratches.

 The black ceramic bracelet is also polished and smooth, with a stainless steel butterfly clasp completely hidden under the bracelet.

 Stainless steel bezel, black lacquered dial, after repeated painting and heating processes. The 32 brilliant-cut diamonds on the periphery of the dial weigh approximately 0.27 carats. The cross silver line in the center of the dial divides the dial into four, making it easy for the wearer to read the time.

 The dense bottom design is equipped with a high-precision quartz movement. For women, they can choose what to wear on the wrist according to their moods, which can avoid the tediousness of long time without adjustment time.

Summary: This J12 ∙ XS watch is held in the hand. Because it uses black high-tech ceramics, it has a silky and soft texture, calm and deep. The black and cold charm is very suitable for today’s independent women. The price of this watch: 46,100 yuan.

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Yi Huiyi Natural Aesthetics Tiansuo Huiyi Series Gorgeous Listing

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In 1911, Tissot created its first women’s watch within one year after the launch of the brand’s first men’s watch, to express the brand’s respect and praise for women to the world, and opened The profound impact on women’s watches in the world. Today, Tissot has never stopped exploring and innovating the world of women’s watches and clocks. The new Tissot Huiyi series is a legendary testimony. Inspired by the roses in the Tissot shield badge, this series interprets the aesthetic propositions of women and nature, softness and resilience with blooming flowers. Whether it is the simple color without applying pink daisies, the distinctive sun light decoration in the center of the dial, or the rose pattern engraved on the automatic hammer, all of Tissot’s popular expression of feminine beauty from different angles-harmony, independence and nature. At the same time, the Mechanical Power 80 movement (Powermatic 80) has injected a precise soul into this extraordinary design of the watch, ensuring that the watch travels up to 80 hours, making it easier for women to control time. Between the rise and fall of nature, the Tissot Huiyi automatic mechanical watch is like a woman’s best friend of the time, accompanying her to record every special moment worth remembering.

 Tissot Huiyi series mechanical models

Natural aesthetics outlines the beauty of femininity

 Tissot Huiyi series mechanical watches integrate the beauty of nature into the design concept. The simple and smooth watch lines are like a feminine and charming body; the tooth-shaped design of the bezel resembles a blooming flower, and also adds a mechanical charm to the watch, which is far from the mechanical power of its 80 movement. Hollow petal shape The hands move between the radiant patterns of the sun’s rays, making the simple dial full of natural vitality; the Roman numerals are used at 12 o’clock on the dial, and the rest is simplified into bars. The details are quite appropriate. From the reverse, you can see the exquisite flower-shaped decoration engraved on the watch’s automatic hammer. Its design is derived from the roses in the Tissot family shield badge. It seems to be an extension of the outline of the other parts of the movement, which outlines the entire movement as a blooming rose. Through the transparent case back, you can quietly watch the precise operation of the mechanical power 80 movement, and you can also play the vitality of the abstract rose pattern and the specific movement parts together. Tissot designers give all mechanical components the vitality of nature, and outline the natural beauty of women during the alternation of nature’s rising and sunset times.

 Tissot Huiyi Series White Dial All Steel Mechanical Watch-Front View

Revolutionary timepieces praise modern independent women

 As one of the first Swiss traditional watchmaking brands to manufacture women’s watches, Tissot has been adhering to the brand concept of ‘innovation and tradition’ for more than 160 years and has never stopped exploring and researching women’s watches. This time, Tissot will develop the latest revolutionary mechanical power 80 movement co-developed with ETA, which is used in the new fashion women’s watch Huiyi series, precisely to give fashion women’s watches more technical connotation while design innovation. The mechanical movement improves the traditional movement’s mainspring structure and reduces the wear between various mechanical parts, thereby improving the power reserve time of the mechanical movement and also enhancing the anti-wear performance of the mechanical movement. A long-lasting and accurate 80-hour mechanical power reserve allows women to control their time more freely, and also adds beauty to the brand’s fashion collection.

 Tissot Shield

 The back cover of the Tissot Huiyi automatic mechanical watch is engraved with a rose

Multiple choices to portray different feminine styles

 There are 13 different styles of the Tissot Huiyi series. In addition to the self-winding model equipped with mechanical power 80 movement, there are also quartz movement styles to choose from to meet different taste needs. In design, the Huiyi series aims to create differences in the details of material selection and color matching, and strives to portray the beauty of different women. In addition to the all-steel model, the series also introduced rose gold PVD inter-gold models. Rose gold PVD is added to its bezel and bracelet links, adding a subtle luxury to the watch. In addition, the mother-of-pearl dial of the Huiyi series is also unique. In addition to using white or black to show the feminine or pure or deep charm, some styles are designed in black and white, and the inner and outer rings are in contrast. A rare design approach brings a distinctive sense of fashion and shows the wearer’s unique personality. The quartz dial is more concise. The design of the central concentric circle makes the watch more dynamic and makes the readings more clear.

 Tissot Huiyi Series Quartz

Technical Parameters:

-Swiss-made mechanical power 80 self-winding mechanical movement

-Swiss-made quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)

-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, mechanical self-winding with transparent carved back

-316L stainless steel case

-Water resistance to 5 bar equivalent

-316L stainless steel strap with push-button butterfly clasp

-PVD coating on some gold models

Suggested retail price:

-Automatic winding mechanical model: RMB 5,300-7,950

-Quartz: RMB 3,350-4,050

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Longines Longines Beijing Wangfujing Shuang Store Opened, Lin Zhiling Became The Day Manager, Selected Spring And Summer Watches Recommended

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[April 24, 2017, Beijing, China] In the early summer season, the ancient capital of Beijing bloomed with elegance and new ideas. The famous Swiss watch manufacturer Longines welcomes its two stores in Wangfujing, Beijing, opening the flagship store of Longines Watch Store in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store and Longines Watch Store in Beijing, 168 Wangfujing Street. On the day of the event, Longines’ elegant ambassador Lin Zhiling turned into a day-long store manager and selected spring and summer wristwatches for the guests. This year coincides with the 185th anniversary of Longines watches. Longines Boya series watches lead many boutique models under the brand to land in Beijing, explaining to the watch enthusiasts of Beijing Longines’ adherence to and inheritance of Swiss watchmaking technology.

The two newly opened Longines stores in Beijing are located on Wangfujing Street in Beijing, adding beautiful scenery to the place where trends gather. Longines invites consumers to come to this bustling business mecca to experience the elegance and charm of timepieces on the wrist. The new store presents a simple and bright main body style with Longines’ iconic dark blue tone, and carefully interprets the brand concept of ‘elegant attitude, true personality’. The store has a wide range of watches for consumers in Beijing to buy, including the brand’s elegant, watchmaking tradition, sports, equestrian, classic replica and other styles of masterpieces. The elaborate VIP exclusive service area brings intimate service and shopping experience to customers.

Mr. Xie Qi, Longines China Sales Director, said: ‘This year coincides with the 185th anniversary of Longines. From the brand-new pioneer series of cutting-edge technology to the classic replica watches that pay tribute to a long history, we will continue to be Chinese watches. Enthusiasts present masterpieces of wrists with both performance and design. With the opening of two new stores, we hope to bring better products and services to Beijing consumers, and continue to talk about Longines’ Swiss watchmaking technology since 185.

On the opening day of the new store, Long Chin’s elegant image ambassador Lin Zhiling chose to wear a Boya series watch to attend the scene and took the place of ‘day shop manager’ to select spring and summer watch recommendations for customers who came here. ‘Just like Longines has a rich and complete range of watches, and elegant expressions are also diverse. Now it is the spring and summer season, I hope to recommend watches with a comfortable feel like the Boya series, and also rose gold Adding the necessary embellishment to the wrist with diamond elements. Hope my recommendation will allow customers to find their own elegant style. ‘

The Longines Boya series is the embodiment of the brand’s elegant spirit, and has been highly sought after since its birth. Adhering to the classic, simple and smooth design, this series of watches are available in stainless steel or stainless steel rose gold, and some models are set with diamonds. In keeping with the Swiss watchmaking tradition of Longines since 185, Boya watches are equipped with automatic mechanical movements. The delicate links of the bracelet create an elegant and light visual effect, which complements the overall style of the watch.

Longines Boya series stainless steel rose gold diamond women’s watch watch number: L4.309.5.88.7 suggested retail price: RMB 32,000

Longines Elegant Collection watches are the perfect embodiment of classic design and fluent lines, highlighting the typical characteristics of Longines. The steel rose gold case with a diameter of 25.50 mm is set with 52 diamonds, the white mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with diamond hour markers, and it is equipped with the L595 automatic mechanical movement.

Longines Boya series stainless steel diamond female watch watch number: L4.309.0.87.6 suggested retail price: RMB 28,800

Longines Elegant Collection watches are the perfect embodiment of classic design and fluent lines, highlighting the typical characteristics of Longines. The 25.50 mm diameter stainless steel case is set with 52 diamonds, the white mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with diamond hour markers, and it is equipped with the L595 automatic mechanical movement.

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