Girard Perregaux Launches Three Perregaux 1966 Series Enamel Dial-limited Watches

Each enamel dial is hand-painted by experienced craftsmen, each one is so exquisite and unique.

   The traditional technique of enamel painting has been passed down from generation to generation, but its own requirements, formulas and know-how have not changed. This technique includes the deployment of enamel powder and maintaining a delicate balance during the sintering process, so that the color of the enamel will not be affected by the hurry of time and external factors, so as to freeze the beautiful look and let time pass.

   Girard-Perregaux launched three limited edition enamel watches mainly using two classic craftsmanship, showing clever ideas and superb skills.

   Painting enamel: The substrate is painted pure white. For accuracy, the craftsmen will carefully draw the decorative dial with the help of a microscope, from the most flexible color to the most delicate color. After the dial is fired, it is covered with transparent enamel. Glaze, the whole process is considered complete.

   Filament enamel: Before painting the enamel, first use exquisite gold wire to shape the outline of the pattern, and then fill the enamel with professional brushes. The next step is sintering at a fixed temperature of 800 ° C. After cooling down, the excess enamel was carefully polished with hard stone and water, then polished with a diamond file in the hand. After the final Dorure session, the delicate and magnificent enamel bloomed charmingly.

Girard Perregaux 1966 ‘Pur Sang’ enamel watch

    This unpretentious Girard Perregaux 1966 collection limited edition watch is specially created to pay tribute to the Arabian horse ‘pur sang’. Its distinctive shape and elegant temperament show wild charm. As the oldest and mysterious horse breed in the world, its beauty is deeply fascinating. Now its elegant figure is artistically fixed on the dial, lifelike and moving.

   Drawing the world map on the dial is a classic tradition in the history of fine watchmaking. The patterns on the dials of these two watches vividly show the charm of the technique of filigree enamel. The fine gold wire perfectly outlines the contours of Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. The appropriate color of the enamel makes the pattern more charming, and the vast blue ocean on the dial seems to be sending us an invitation to sail for dreams.

Girard Perregaux 1966 ‘The Map’ and ‘The World’ filigree enamel watch

    All three limited edition enamel watches are paired with the elegant Perregaux 1966 round case and equipped with GP03300 movement to demonstrate Girard Perregaux’s exquisite craftsmanship. The rich and exquisite decoration on the movement components can be watched through the blue crystal transparent case back.

Gp Girard Perregaux And The Asian Association Pay Tribute To Nba’s Great Center Yao Ming

Los Angeles, USA (February 20, 2013)-Swiss watchmaker GP Girard Perregaux and Asian Association Southern California Chapter (ASSC) joined hands last night at the Millennium Hotel in Los Angeles in 2013 At the annual meeting, pay tribute to the legendary basketball player Yao Ming.

 Yao Ming has won NBA ‘All-Stars’ eight times. He played for the Houston Rockets and played for the Olympic Games three times on behalf of China. He is the deserved ambassador of Chinese sports. In 2011, Yao Ming founded the Yao Family Wines, which mainly deals in top Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wines. At the same time, he actively participated in philanthropy, established his own foundation, supported the special Olympic Games, and cooperated with the American Wildlife Rescue Association, dedicated to protecting sharks and African elephants in public welfare activities. Yao Ming will be awarded the Asian Society’s ‘Foresight Person of the Year’ award. Girard Perregaux also gave Yao Ming a special limited edition watch called ‘Yao Ming’ Chrono Hawk during the dinner. The watch is equipped with a self-winding chronograph movement manufactured by the watch factory, with a 44 mm stainless steel case. This unique model has Yao Ming’s unique logo embossed and painted in vibrant red on the rubber strap and the sapphire crystal back. Girard-Perregaux watches are limited to the production of only two of these watches: one for Yao Ming and the other for charity auction at the annual dinner.

 ‘We are very proud to pay tribute to NBA stars like Yao Ming,’ said Jean-Marc Bories, Global Sales Director of Girard-Perregaux. ‘He not only represents the leader in basketball, but also through special Olympics and wild rescue The important cooperation of the association fully reveals his charity. ‘
 “Yao Ming” Chrono Hawk Special Limited Edition
   In addition to the above, GP Girard Perregaux presented a Girard Perregaux 1966 full-calendar watch to another NBA star, Steve Nash, for his great contribution to charity through the Steve Nash Foundation . The foundation focuses on providing health and education assistance to needy children.
  In addition, ASSC also awarded the 2013 ‘Asian American Leader of the Year’ award to California’s Auditor General, John Chiang, for his extraordinary leadership and management skills in supporting the California government. As the Chief Financial Officer of California, Mr. John Chiang has extensive professional experience and demonstrated strong leadership in financial management. Mr. Chiang was first elected to the California Tax Survey Commission in 1998 and has been re-elected for two terms, including a three-year committee chair. After that, he successively served as the tax commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and the acting lawyer of the California Audit Office. As a second-generation immigrant, Chiang graduated with honors from the University of South Florida with a degree in finance. He then obtained a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center. He and his wife Terry Chi currently live in Torrance, California.

 The watch is equipped with a factory-made self-winding chronograph movement with a 44 mm steel case. This unique model has Yao Ming’s unique logo embossed and painted in vibrant red on the rubber strap and the sapphire crystal back. GP Girard-Perregaux watches are limited to the production of two of these watches: one for Yao Ming and the other for charity auction at the annual dinner.