Chopard L.U.C Xp Esprit De Fleurier Peony Watch Exquisite Craftsmanship Makes Zhuo Ju Chronograph More Artistic Peak

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This is a precious annual covenant, which has almost become a customary sacred ceremony. Every year, Chopard regularly launches a unique watch titled Peony. This flower is colorful, fragrant, and symbolic, and has been loved by people since ancient times. It is now on the LUCXP series 35 mm wrist. Find the space on the table where you can bloom. In addition to using the fleurisanne engraving process to wear beautiful and delicate carvings for the watch, the Chopard watchmaking workshop has added a similarly delicate and subtle craftsmanship to the new style this year-paper cutting. Although they are two different crafts, they have the same goal, that is, the peony flowers that show the vigor of vigor, grace, luxury, and fleetingness.

   The L.U.C.EspritdeFleurierPeony watch continues the master craftsmanship flower watch launched in the L.U.C.EspritdeFleurier series since 2015. It re-applies the characteristic elements of the series, using light and smooth lines, while retaining its eternal spirituality. This year, Chopard boldly combined two different techniques to create a refreshing work of art.

Fleeting beauty

   The peony flower is a kind of rich and fragrant flower that will fade away in an instant. The flowering period of peony only lasts for a short period of two weeks, and as long as it is blown by wind and rain, the time for people to appreciate its beautiful flowers is even shorter. Chopard chose to use paper-cutting techniques to show the king of this delicate and noble flower. The art of paper-cutting originates from the East and has developed a lot in civilizations of all ages since ancient times. Chinese paper-cut art, which has been included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, as well as ‘Kirie’ in Japan and ‘Sanjih’ in India are all related to the ‘Pays-d’Enhaut’ Folk paper-cut art ‘Scherenschnitt’ has the same effect. Switzerland’s paper-cutting technology can be divided into two groups. One of them is the traditional paper-cutting art that expresses rural scenery, and the other is a contemporary-style, abstract pattern-paper-cutting art. However, no matter what type of pattern is expressed, what artistic intention is used or what kind of tool is used to cut the engraving, each pattern paper cutting is a pleasing little miracle. Chopard ingeniously blends Eastern and Western art, showing the stylized peony on the new L.U.C.XPEspritdeFleurierPeony watch, and uses the art of ‘virtual and real’ contrast. The peony flowers cut from black paper and the white dial refined from the big fire enamel perfectly show the grace and luxury of the flowers. The watch bezel, lugs, and the middle edge of the case are inlaid with brilliant diamonds, which not only set off the thick and elegant silhouette on the dial, but the diamond itself is also precious and eye-catching, which complements the peony.

Reveal the symbolic significance of peony with fleurisanne carving crafts

   Elegant peony blooms not only on the dial, but also on the movement of the watch, perfectly interpreting the peony flower language and its symbolic meaning. In Asia, peony represents prosperity and wealth, and symbolizes a happy and happy marriage. It also implies physical well-being because of its medicinal value. Spring is blooming, and peony is also used as a metaphor for the beauty of women. Chopard’s watchmaking workshop craftsmanship craftsmanship meticulously carved peony on the 18K rose gold movement splint to show these symbolic meanings. The technique used by the master craftsman is the fleurisanne carving process, which has contributed significantly to the reputation of the timepieces made in the Fleurier region. These timepieces were exported to China in the 19th century and became famous overseas. The craft is almost lost. Chopard is aware of the risk of losing the traditional carving process, so it is committed to in-house training of experts in the art to continue it.
   In order to give the L.U.C.XPEspritdeFleurierPeony a lifelike peony pattern and imagery, it would take two weeks of work to sculpt the movement alone. The unique feature of this embossing technique is to remove the material around the pattern, leaving only the pattern that you want to present. On the surviving surface, the shape of the petals and leaves of the swirling peony is carved, and then carved one by one in the surrounding recesses to create a grainy appearance. After the engraving process is completed, the movement is then rhodium-plated to create a rare and rare two-color movement.

Chopard’s Watchmaking Workshop

   Conceive an extraordinary and coveted timepiece, and then make the dream come true no matter how difficult or challenging it may be, and face obstacles that seem insurmountable … this is what Chopard watchmaking workshops give them every day . Chopard, which has always been independent and vertically integrated, has always insisted on creating the necessary conditions for itself to meet all challenges. Whether it is creating an ingenious aesthetic style or creating a movement that meets the standards of fine watchmaking, Chopard is fully committed. Therefore, Chopard The precision and complexity of the manufactured movement can reflect the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation. In 1996, the visionary Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, with the willingness to integrate production internally, created a specialized production facility in Fleurier, Jura, Switzerland. Watchmaking workshop with precision certified movement. Within 20 years, Chopard has successfully established itself in a true fine watchmaking workshop. Fleurier is the ideal place to create the Chopard L.U.C. collection (named after Louis-UlysseChopard).

   Each manufacturing step of the L.U.C. series is completely done in the watchmaking workshops of Geneva and Fleurier. From movement development, finished product design, cast gold, case stamping and finishing, movement components, metal bracelets, polishing, assembly, diamond setting, adjustment to quality control, Chopard can complete all watchmaking in-house. Procedure. The new L.U.C.XPEspritdeFleurierPeony watch enjoys all the processes so exclusively manufactured. The watch is equipped with an excellent L.U.C.96.23-L movement, which uses Twin’s patented technology, which is equipped with a stacked dual coaxial barrel, which enables a power reserve of up to 65 hours. Putting such a self-winding mechanical movement in an ultra-thin case with a thickness of only 7.70 mm is a veritable technological innovation, and this is entirely thanks to the smart construction of the micro-rotor. This miniature oscillating weight can be seen through the transparent case back. This fascinating flower watch is limited to eight 18K rose gold models.

Technical Parameters

Chopard L.U.CXPEspritdeFleurierPeony Watch
Limited edition of 8 pieces in 18K rose gold

18K Rose Gold
35 mm overall diameter
Thickness 7.70 mm
Water resistance: 30 meters
18K Rose Gold Crown with L.U.C Logo 5.00mm
Anti-glare and UV-resistant glass
Bezel, side edges, lugs, and middle case are set with diamonds
Polished see-through case back with anti-glare sapphire crystal case back
Hand-engraved case back

Automatic mechanical movement L.U.C96.23-L
Winding with 22K gold miniature rotor
Number of parts 168
Diameter 27.40 mm
Thickness 3.50 mm
Number of gems: 29 rubies
Vibration frequency: 28’800 times per hour (4Hz)
Power reserve about 65 hours
Two-color movement: 18K rose gold, rhodium-plated after engraving
Hand-refined Fleurisannes Craft Carving-Peony Decorative Pattern
Double barrel with patented Twin® technology
Flat coil spring

Dial and hands:
Gold dial with black peony pattern in big fire enamel, made with the most characteristic paper-cutting technology in Paysd’Enhaut, Switzerland
Gold-plated rocket sword-shaped hour and minute hands

Function and display:
Central hours and minutes display

Strap and buckle:
Black brushed textured canvas strap
18K Rose Gold Pin Buckle with Diamond Polishing

Model: 131944-5003-18K rose gold
Limited edition of 8 pieces-exclusively available at Chopard stores

For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

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