This Is What I Want To Be Different. A Brief Comment On The Mido Helmsman Series Long Kinetic Observatory Certified Full Automatic Mechanical Watch

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Trends are changing rapidly. What do I use to express my unruly temperament? In the freedom and adventure brought by leather jackets and motorcycles, I try to pursue an unconstrained, self-truthful interpretation for a moment, and I am unique. Watches, record the past of time, embellish the expression of true style, in 2018 Mido launched a new helmsman series long kinetic energy observatory certification fully automatic mechanical watches, generous and cool design style, such as the night knight, release a moving tide Cool personality.

   In 1934, Mido launched the helmsman series for the first time. With a highly recognizable design and distinctive features, it established the style tradition of more than 80 years. The helmsman series is inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, an architectural monument that can be recorded in the history of the bridge. Mido introduced the bridge’s highly tensional design concept into the watch, bringing an impressive visual impact. This year, Mido has added a new model to the Helmsman series. The black appearance is as bright as it was then.

   The watch has a 42 mm case, as it does not use a wider bezel like the Pilot series, which provides more space for the dial and enhances the overall wide visual sense. At the same time, compared with the previous helmsman series watches, the new watch has a neat and orderly unified time scale, which greatly simplifies the dial, thereby bringing simplicity and comfort in terms of style and time reading. sense.

   Of course, the most eye-catching is still the stainless steel case with PVD black coating, the surface of mercerized sanding has a matte color, low-key but very handsome.

   The Geneva stripe on the dial can quickly capture people’s eyeballs. Its light flows like a sparkling wave on the lake surface, and it also reflects a dazzling sense of technology and is very open-minded.

   The strap naturally extends from the case, and the elegant curve conveys the aesthetic concept of beautiful watchmaking.

   From the side, we can clearly feel the intention of the black case in retouching. The mercerized sanding texture provides a good touch and still has a clear gloss. The classic-shaped crown is also treated with PVD black plating, and has three gears: winding, adjusting the day of the week and adjusting the time.

   The overall thickness of the watch is 11.79 mm, but it is obviously not as thick as it appears in the data. In actual wear, it is of a moderate size and very convenient.

   Continuing the cool and handsome style of the case, Mido is paired with a black rubber strap on a black fabric surface and stitched with beige stitching. The striking contrasting color is just like the distinctive design style given by the watch, which is fashionable and impactful.

   Looking over the watch, we can see the Mido Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement inside the transparent caseback. This is the top configuration movement in the current Mido three-hand watch. It not only has the Geneva ripple polishing. Other decorative decoration, also has a silicon spring with impact resistance, anti-magnetic performance, and 80 hours of power reserve, the entire movement has also been certified by the Swiss official observatory to ensure its accurate time.

In summary: there are many black watches, some of them are cool, some are low-key, and some are futuristic. The Mido Helmsman series long kinetic automatic watches are not only unique in appearance, but also extremely extreme in movement With a sense of science and technology, it is indeed a very special watch this year, from the face value to the inside, it is impressive.

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Return To Cool Colors, A Versatile Watch For Autumn And Winter Fashion

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The most charming autumn has arrived, and the sun and temperature are just right … The fashion-conscious people have come to show their ‘talent’, chase the popular elements of the season, and be the most touching fashionable girl. Cold tones are the most popular colors in autumn. Soot, dark coffee, black and white, and so on, seem dull. In fact, these tones greatly enhance personal temperament and taste. If I pair it with a charming watch, I do n’t know if I should give it to myself. How many points are added to the charm.
Bvlgari Divas’Dream 102434 watch

Basic Information
Watch model: 102434
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap material: dark blue alligator leather
Case diameter: 30 mm
Reference price: 136,000
Watch details: The Dream series is very sexy and romantic. The watch captures the beautiful shapes of complex watches and uses precious characteristics, including the dial with pavé diamonds and the mother-of-pearl dial with novel design. , With both jumping time and retrograde minute display function. The most striking thing about this watch is the iconic acetate dial. Acetate is an excellent material for precious jewelry watches. This material is a combination of natural cotton and wood fiber. After solidification, they are carved into detailed lines. After the surface is carefully polished and treated, these lines create a dazzling dial that sparkles with unique light, which perfectly matches the taupe strap.
Chopard Happy Diamonds 204368-1001

Basic Information
Basic Information
Watch model: 204368-1001
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Black Flannel
Case diameter: 37.85 mm
Reference Price: No
Watch details: Diamonds women’s watches follow the pillow shape, pearly, exudes retro charm, while maintaining the modern sense. Claw-set diamonds embellish the bezel, creating a soft curve. The new swirling diamonds dance freely on the bottom of the white mother-of-pearl. The swirling diamonds freely leap around the dial, which is the first beautiful design presented on the Happy Diamonds watch. The number of diamonds is larger than the previous one, the volume is larger, and different cutting shapes are used to highlight the beauty and grace of the diamond’s flexible swirling dance. A small sub-dial on the surface is also set with diamonds and hands.
Bucherer Arrival 00.10706.02.99.11 watch

Basic Information
Watch model: 00.10706.02.99.11
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Alligator Leather
Case diameter: 31.35 mm
Reference Price: No
Watch details: Diva Gothic’s case, crown and diamonds are also set with 169 diamonds. The fifty-four rubies on the bezel are carefully polished into rectangles or rhombuses and oblongs, with the upper surface facing down and the round uncut parts facing up. This special and unique treatment makes the watch have a A personal taste.
In summary: the above watches can be described as unmissable scenery on the wrist. The Bvlgari Divas’ Dream watch exudes a classic beauty. The Chopard Happy Diamonds reveals the retro charm, while the Bucherer Alija watch It is a typical representative of luxury. Jewelry and diamonds have a natural fit for women. The watches introduced in this article range from simple decoration to complex inlays, including all women’s love. If you like it, don’t miss it.

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Extraordinary Achievements Of ‘passion Collision’ Tasting Richard Mille Rm53-01 Tourbillon Watch

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As we all know, collisions and vibrations are ‘natural enemies’ that cannot be ignored in mechanical timepieces. The light ones affect the overall appearance, and the heavy ones return to the factory for overhaul, which takes time and effort. Not to mention the tourbillon, one of the three major complication functions, a little carelessness will ‘damage the muscles and bones’ and become waste. But the innate RICHARD MILLE Richard Mille did not believe in this evil. At the annual Geneva Haute Horlogerie, he worked with Pablo Mac Donough, one of the best polo players recognized in the world, to create a team called ‘RM 53-01 PABLO MAC DONOUGH ‘tourbillon watch, this watch not only has a sporty and dynamic appearance, but also equipped with a sturdy TPT® carbon fiber case, unparalleled laminated sapphire crystal and fixed movement The suspended steel cable effectively reduces the impact of huge impacts and accidental collisions on the watch, which is one of the most “resistant” luxury sports watches in the world. Watch enthusiasts who came to watch at the watch exhibition were deeply impressed. Let’s take a closer look: (watch model: RM 53-01)

A luxury watch to wear in polo

   As one of the greatest polo champions, Pablo’s image of wearing a wristwatch all the way to the battle is deeply rooted. However, in his career, incidents plagued by the damage and fragmentation of the watch occurred from time to time, so he also urgently needed a device that can withstand the shocks of the polo game, while making the movement of the inner movement clear Visible excellence watch. How to deal with the fierce impact during the competition has been the subject of many years of research and exploration in the fine watchmaking industry. As a pioneer brand specializing in technological innovation, RICHARD MILLE will focus on R & D this time. Through unremitting exploration and experimentation, this section has finally created this RM that is as rugged as a protective gear and can also show the subtle RM 53-01 watch.
Three highlights

Double-layer mirror:

   Taking inspiration from the current practice in the automotive field, a laminated sapphire crystal material is manufactured, which contains two layers of sapphire crystal material, separated by a thin layer of polyethylene film in the middle. The newly developed watch glass has a strong hardness. Even if it is severely impacted, the mirror surface of the watch will only crack, and the internal movement and the wearer will not be injured by chipping and splashing. In addition, the watch is also equipped with anti-glare and UV-resistant UV coatings to protect the movement from the external environment. It is an exclusive patented technology of the brand.

TPT® carbon fiber case

   Like many of the brand’s classic timepieces, the new watch is in addition to a recognizable barrel shape. It also incorporates TPT® carbon fiber, an extremely sturdy material that is recognized worldwide as a superior composite. In addition, the TPT® carbon fiber material has a wavy luster and unique lines, which guarantees the watch’s hardness while adding watch appreciation. The watch has a diameter of 44.50 x 49.94 mm and a thickness of 16.15 mm.
Suspension cable movement


   The design of this watch is not familiar to friends who are familiar with RICHARD MILLE. There are precedents for classic watches in the past. The movement consists of two parts, the outer ring is fixed by steel cables and pulleys, and the inside is a tourbillon movement. It is achieved by 10 pulleys and 4 tensioning wheels attached to the edge floor and the sides of the main bridge. The tension of these cables. After tensioning, the pulley on the outer ring is evenly stressed to ensure the balance of the movement inside the watch, which can prevent the movement from being damaged by accidental collision to the maximum extent, and effectively protect the safety of the internal tourbillon.
Watch real shot display:


   The case is fixed with 20 grade 5 titanium alloy spline screws and 316L stainless steel washers. In addition, the torque-limiting crown can prevent excessive winding, causing damage to the winding stem or excessive pressure on the mainspring of the barrel, showing full security.

   The upper hollow plate is made of titanium alloy, with blue fluorescent marks on the surrounding hour markers, which contrast with the blue fluorescent marks on the hour and minute hands in the middle. It is convenient to observe the time even in a dark environment.

   The back cover can be seen through the craftsmanship. It is equipped with RM53-01 manual winding movement and has a 70-hour power reserve. Withstands shocks up to 5,000g.

   It is equipped with a sky blue rubber strap with blue stitching, which is very sporty and has a superior texture.

Summary: Remember that last year, RICHARD MILLE in SIHH launched the world’s lightest McLaren watch. This year, the brand adheres to the avant-garde watchmaking concept and brings us another truly rugged RM53-01 PABLO MAC DONOUGH Tourbillon watches are marveling at the infinite possibilities of mechanical timepieces. This watch is limited to 30 pieces worldwide. If you like it, you may go to the official website for more details.

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