Fortis Group Launches A Special Edition Watch Commemorating The Fiftieth Anniversary Of Yuri Alexejewitsch Gagarin

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As the official supplier of the Russian space program, the Fortis Group has taken the day when human astronauts first entered space as an important commemoration day, because it is the man’s exploration of space A day that cannot be ignored in the journey.

 On April 12, 1961, Russian astronaut Yuri Alexejewitsch Gagarin Gagarin became the first human in space to enter space.
 On this day to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this historical event, Fortis Group launched a YURI GAGARIN GMT watch to celebrate the event. This watch will be issued in a limited number of only 300 pieces. And the portrait of YURI GAGARIN is used in the center of the case back.

 Half of this watch will be a gift to officials of the Russian Federal Space Agency because they are special friends and partners, and the other half will be sold to fanatics of space watches around the world.
Original source: Fortis

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Hublot Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Store Reopening

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Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand HUBLOT Hublot is located in Wangfujing’s first exclusive store in Beijing-Oriental Xintiandi Store. Since its establishment in 2010, after several years of rapid development, Hublot has witnessed all the way forward. Market performance and the pace of innovation it never stopped challenging. As of 2016, adhering to the hope of connecting the past and looking to the future, the newly decorated Hublot Beijing Oriental Xintiandi store opened again today.

Hublot Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Store Reopening Ceremony (from left: Louis Beaver, Ricardo Guadalupe, Lang Lang, and Jiang Lingfeng)

Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot Greater China General Manager Loic Biver, Hublot brand ambassador, international piano superstar Lang Langhe Mr. Jiang Lingfeng, the general manager of Beijing Oriental Plaza Co., Ltd., as the guest of honor, cut the ribbon for the specialty store. At the same time, the 10th anniversary of Hublot’s ‘All Black’ concept tour in China has begun with this glory. Classical works such as the Hublot All Black Watch & mdash; Big Bang series, classic fusion series and other classic interpretations ‘invisible visible ‘Dialectical philosophy, sharing the ten-year’ all-black ‘concept with watch collectors and high-end consumers and bringing a modern and stylish’ all-black ‘feast.

Hublot brand ambassador, international piano superstar Lang Lang

Hublot opens Beijing Oriental Xintiandi store
The re-opened exclusive store covers an area of ​​120 square meters. The design fully reflects the brand DNA of luxury and innovation, and also highlights Hublot’s creative ‘art of fusion.’ The interior of the shop is complemented by black lava stone, black marble floor, graphite leather furniture, glass and polished stainless steel lamps. Pop watch art paintings and pop art elements on the wall decoration make the colors perfectly blend into the palace of time in the explosion and collision, and the jumping colors add a modern and avant-garde feel to the original cold-colored shops. In addition, there are many high-tech and innovative technologies in the store, allowing Hublot’s glorious history to come through various high-tech technologies. At the same time, as the country’s latest design and the largest area of ​​the specialty store, Hublot’s full range of watches are also fully presented, which will not only bring consumers a unique appreciation experience, but also bring distinguished guests a home away from home shopping atmosphere.

Hublot opens Beijing Oriental Xintiandi store

Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe said: ‘The Hublot Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Store has witnessed our extraordinary breakthrough and sales miracle in the Beijing market. Now, with the re-opening of this store, we will continue Hublot’s The maverick and avant-garde fashion style has attracted more fashion crowds who love watches and high-end lifestyles. The tenth anniversary exhibition of the ‘all black’ concept, which showcases our ‘all black’ watches in ten years The evolution of the concept from being questioned to highly sought after has once again underscored Hublot’s unique adherence to ‘becoming the first, unique and different’. ‘

Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Hublot Brand Ambassador Lang Lang

‘Invisible is visible’, only time can prove it-Hublot’s ‘All Black’ Ideas for 10th Anniversary in China
Since Hublot launched the Big Bang all-black watch for the first time in 2006, the ‘all-black’ concept and avant-garde philosophy ‘invisible and visible’ have emerged. With the ‘invisible’ completely black appearance, the ‘visible’ timepiece structure and delicate movement are clearly presented. The dialectical philosophical relationship and design concept caused a stir and debate in the watchmaking industry at the time. Narrating the passage of time in the form of ‘invisible’, the all-black watch also ranks among the classic watches. The success of this concept has also made Hublot lead the aesthetic trend in the two fields of watch and fashion in ten years.

Hublot’s 10th Anniversary of the ‘All Black’ Concept Held in Beijing

Lang Lang and Ricardo Guadalupe visit the exhibition of the tenth anniversary of the ‘All Black’ concept

Lang Lang shared on the spot: ‘I love Hublot’s strong conviction and excitement. At the same time, I also appreciate Hublot’s unremitting pursuit of artistic fusion. Time and music are both intangible but tangible. , Just like the philosophical theory of ‘invisible visibility’ contained in the ‘full black’ concept watch, and it is this unique cultural essence that makes Hublot present outstanding artistic charm. ‘

Hublot’s ‘All Black’ Concept 10th Anniversary China Tour-All Black Ferrari Sports Car

Hublot’s 10th Anniversary of the ‘All Black’ Concept in China-Berluti All Black Shoes and Apparel

Hublot’s 10th Anniversary of the ‘All Black’ Ideas China Tour-Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey

The first stop of the 10th anniversary tour of Hublot’s ‘All Black’ concept officially opened in Beijing Oriental Xintiandi. From September 6th to September 12th, 2016, the seven-day exhibition showed the public more than ten Hublot all-black concept watches, and many watches presented a natural matt from the case to the dial. The black design of texture, multi-layers and the integration of different materials are all very accurate to reflect the technical functions and aesthetics of the times. At the same time, Hublot has never stopped its all-round cross-border integration and cooperation while interpreting avant-garde philosophy and superb watchmaking skills. Hublot has successively become the world’s most famous manufacturer of racing and sports cars with Ferrari. Strategic partners and cross-border world high-end wine culture. Together with Johnny Walker®, the world’s most prestigious Scotch whisky brand, this year they also teamed up with Berluti, a centuries-old footwear family in Paris, to perform the art of fusion in high-end lifestyle ‘. In the exhibition, the cool all-black Ferrari sports car, the strong Johnnie Walker black brand whiskey and the distinguished Berluti classic black shoes also appeared together, adding more highlights to the Hublot ‘All Black’ series exhibition.

Hublot brand ambassador, international piano superstar Lang Lang

Today, Hublot’s ‘all black’ concept masterpieces will be presented one by one, and fashion whirlwinds will land in Shanghai and Chengdu one after another. The all-black concept and its hidden ‘invisible visibility’ philosophy will continue to inherit the classics and connect the future, win glory on a wider world stage, and let time witness together!
‘Invisible is visible’, only time can prove it-Hublot’s ‘All Black’ Concept 10th Anniversary Tour
September 06-12, 2016 Atrium, Zone 3, LG Floor, Oriental Xintiandi, Beijing
September 19-25, 2016, Beijing, SKP, Level 1, Area B
October 10-16, 2016 Chengdu International Finance Center 3rd Floor Atrium
October 25-31, 2016 Atrium, Level 1, Hang Lung Plaza, Shanghai

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Zhang Zhilin Becomes Franck Muller’s First Asia-pacific Brand Ambassador

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From Geneva, Switzerland, FRANCK MULLER, a world-renowned luxury watch brand with extraordinary craftsmanship, held a celebration ceremony at The Principal in Wanchai on the afternoon of September 5, 2013. Mr. is the first brand ambassador in Asia Pacific.

On the same day, Zhang Zhilin and Mr. Nicholas Rudaz, Director of FRANCK MULLER Group, Dr. Zhu Liyuehua, Chairman of FRANCK MULLER Asia Pacific, and Mr. Zhu Junhao, Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of FRANCK MULLER Asia Pacific, unveiled the new Thunderbolt tourbillon watch series. Zhang Zhilin also received a new Thunderbolt Tourbillon watch from Franck Muller on the spot. This tourbillon is hailed as the world’s fastest tourbillon with a value of HK $ 2.18 million.

In order to cooperate with the Thunderbolt Tourbillon watch known as ‘the world’s fastest tourbillon’, the conference specially arranged Zhang Zhilin to drive to the scene with a powerful road sports car. Accompanied by two elegant models, he was full of style.
The prestigious FRANCK MULLER has always been known for its unique creativity and extraordinary design. Zhang Zhilin was invited to be his brand ambassador for the Asia-Pacific region this time to appreciate his equally extraordinary temperament and taste, as well as his breakthrough and innovative character, which is the same as the brand style of FRANCK MULLER®.

Zhang Zhilin, dressed in smart clothes, quickly became the focus of the audience. Regarding FRANCK MULLER’s first Asia-Pacific brand ambassador, Zhang Zhilin said: ‘I greatly appreciate FRANCK MULLER’s traditional and exquisite watchmaking technology, and I also like to do everything myself, so I very much recognize and respect the brand’s process of developing watches. Fake hands are based on people’s insistence. ‘In addition, Zhang Zhilin, who is fond of tourbillon watches, also shared his requirements and selection experience for watches on the spot, and expressed his hope to create more peaks with the brand in the future.

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Carl F. Bucherer Pays Tribute To The King Of The Sea, The Black Devil Fish. The New Plavi Dive Watch Series Is Indispensable When Diving

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Carl F. Bucherer launched in 2019 the latest member of the Plavi’s deep dive watch series ‘Black Devil’s Fish Special Edition’, as the name implies, a tribute to the king of the sea-Black Devil’s Fish. The new work not only has a unique personality, but also continues the mission of Bucherer (for many years with the ‘Devil Fish Foundation’), and part of the sales of watches will be donated to fund research projects of the foundation.

This new timepiece is certified by the Swiss official observatory. The titanium case is very light and equipped with an automatic helium exhaust valve. It is waterproof to 500 meters.

Bucherer has always been concerned about the sustainable development of the ecology. Therefore, it has partnered with the British charity ‘Devil Fish Foundation’. The second watch crafted for the foundation. Guy Stevens, CEO of the Foundation, said: ‘With the strong support of Bao Qilai, this year we can start a research project in the waters of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to understand the migration and behavioral patterns of manta rays. Effective conservation programs. ‘

The black face plate is decorated with horizontal stripes and the outline of the two devil fishes, and the hour markers and hands are treated with luminous materials to ensure that the face plate is clear and easy to read.

The watch is a new attempt in this series made of lightweight titanium. The case is treated with a black diamond-like carbon coating. The dark black tone contrasts with the bronze hue that symbolizes ancient diving equipment. The center of the black dial is decorated with two devil fish pattern outlines. The hour markers and hands are treated with Super-LumiNova, and the unidirectional rotating bezel of titanium and ceramic allows the wearer to set the underwater diving time.

The back is also treated with a black diamond-like carbon coating, and is decorated with a delicate black devil fish pattern.

The features of the Black Devil’s Special Edition complement the cross-generation conservation ecological concept symbolized by the watch. The innovative strap specially developed for Bucherer is mainly made of recycled PET plastic material, with a contrasting bronze stitching. The watch is equipped with a CFB 1950.1 self-winding movement, with a power reserve of 38 hours and a water resistance of 500 meters, ensuring that the watch operates accurately under the water and on land.

Plavich Dive Watch ‘Black Devil Fish Special Edition’

Diamond-like carbon coating titanium material / CFB 1950.1 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 500 meters / table diameter 44.6mm / reference price: 56,000 RMB —- ** *

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Winter Rhyme From Ru Valley: Audemars Piguet Winter Collection

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The winter beauty of Vallée de Joux is coming, time and nature seem to slow down, but they are always moving. The Ru Valley, known as ‘Little Siberia’, has gone through the seasons for hundreds of years, and the unparalleled beauty of the winter is as usual: the vast snow-covered pine forests, the streams flowing over the moss and ice-covered rocks are just such wonderful natural scenery Breed unlimited treasures of time. Since its founding in 1875, Swiss fine watchmaking brand Audemars Piguet has been writing legends of traditional craftsmanship and extraordinary creativity in the field of fine watchmaking. It adheres to and inherits its unique insights and aesthetics, watchmaking craftsmanship and hand retouching. Perfect interpretation. Each Audemars Piguet watch perfectly embodies a unique design aesthetic that is both internal and external. It contains the unique value of hand-assembled and detailed retouching. It celebrates Christmas and winter and hopes for extraordinary scenery.
Lonely Scenery
Snow and ice world under the hollow dial

  The stepped diamonds of the Royal Oak Concept Series floating tourbillon watch are made of concealed inlay technology, and the white gold dial is decorated with an “ice cone” inlaid with multi-faceted gemstones and white lacquer decoration, reminiscent of Ru Valley in winter. This watch is the first women’s watch launched by the Royal Oak Concept Series since its introduction in 2002. It also uses a floating tourbillon for the first time, creating a suspended visual effect with the hollow dial structure.
  Royal Oak concept series automatic winding skeleton tourbillon chronograph is the first automatic winding tourbillon model in this series. Calibre 2949 self-winding self-produced movement is independently developed and produced by Audemars Piguet. It adopts edge-type automatic winding mechanism. The oscillating weight is made of 950 platinum with an integrated column wheel timing device. The 44 mm diameter case is made of titanium, and the bridge bridge is also made of titanium, which is in harmony with the case.
Warm sun in winter
Exquisite craftsmanship creates unique style


  The unique oval-shaped millennial watch was born in 1995. It uses a horizontal oval case with an eccentric dial to create a refreshing and unique design, echoing the modern and independent female lifestyle, and interpreting the wearer’s breakthrough in routine and eclectic. Unique personality: eccentric hour and minute dial combined with mother-of-pearl material, with beautifully crafted Polish-style braided strap. The structure of the Polish woven strap is very complex. It alternately winds in two directions to present a soft mesh effect, which fits the wrist perfectly and is as comfortable as the second layer of skin.
Fearless Storm
Original design for adventure

  Offshore, offshore, open up a world without established rules and limits. The Royal Oak offshore model opens Audemars Piguet’s application of various new materials-the integration of titanium, ceramics and other materials not only highlights the vitality of innovation, but also explains the brand’s insistence on advanced watchmaking technology. Born for the spirit of adventure, the Royal Oak Offshore watch is based on creativity, combining hand-crafted finishing of high-end watchmaking with the control of innovative materials and pioneering design that breaks the boundaries, creating a new brand of luxury sports watches. legend. Royal Oak offshore chronograph with multiple material options, 18K rose gold with gray ruthenium ‘Méga Tapisserie’ oversized check dial, stainless steel with black ceramic bezel and red chronograph hands, Calibre 3126/3840 The self-winding self-produced movement has a 50-hour power reserve, with timing and date functions.
Polar rhythm
Tourbillon highlights eternal rhythm

  The Royal Oak series ultra-thin tourbillon watch adopts the new ‘Tapisserie Evolutive’ radial checkered dial. The smoky blue presents a unique gradient hue under the light. It perfectly matches the gradient step-cut sapphire inlaid on the bezel. It is equipped with a platinum 950 shell. Calibre 2924 hand-wound self-produced movement is only 4.46 mm thick, with a power reserve of 70 hours, and a power reserve indicator on the bottom of the watch.
  Royal Oak series skeleton tourbillon chronograph is made of black ceramic, Calibre 2936 skeleton tourbillon chronograph movement is rhodium-plated, and it has a uniform tone style with a black sub-dial. The visible clockwork design at the 12 o’clock position of the dial, The 6 o’clock position is a tourbillon device, and the 30-minute time display is at the 3 o’clock position.
Crystal ice
The bright light of winter night


  The combination of brilliant-cut diamonds and precious metals makes the legendary Royal Oak series Jumbo self-winding ultra-thin watch and self-winding watch shine brightly. The 39mm diameter Jumbo self-winding ultra-thin watch is designed to inherit the essence of the first Royal Oak watch in 1972. It is equipped with Calibre 2121 ultra-thin movement, which is full of diamonds to create a luxurious style.
  The 37 mm diameter Royal Oak automatic winding watch is paired with 18K rose gold and diamonds to create a rare high jewelry model for women. The case and strap are set with a total of 860 brilliant-cut diamonds (18.84 carats total). The 18K rose gold dial is set with 275 diamonds, with step-cut diamond hour markers and Royal Oak rose gold hands, equipped with Calibre 3120 automatic Self-winding movement.
Yuehua Shuangjin
Capturing the winter sun

  The Royal Oak series frosted gold watch is compatible with the tradition of high-end jewellery. It is perfectly applied to the complex Royal Oak case and bracelet with the ancient gold-plating technology (also known as the Florentine process). . Without adding one point or one drop, the diamond-like light shines, adding legendary masterpieces to modern fashion style. The watch dial is decorated with Audemars Piguet’s ‘Grande Tapisserie’ large checkered pattern. This dial decoration is Audemars Piguet’s exclusive craftsmanship, created from the inside by an ancient machine, and cut into squares while embossing a grid pattern.

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Sotheby’s New York Prestige Watch Auction For The First Time In June Reveals An Important Extraordinary Patek Philippe Watch Private Treasure

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From left to right: 5001T Sky Moon Tourbillon (estimate: USD 1 million to USD 1.5 million / USD 7.8 million to HKD 11.7 million);

1923 Officier (estimate: USD 800,000 to 1.2 million / HKD 6.24 million to 9.36 million)

 Sotheby’s New York will hold a precious watch auction on June 30, 2014, presenting ‘an important private collection of extraordinary Patek Philippe watches’, bringing together a series of five custom-made titanium complex watches never seen before. , Is bound to attract worldwide attention. One of the biggest highlights is the Patek Philippe high-end model Sky Moon Tourbillon, a private custom titanium special edition that has never been seen in the literature-the 5001T model Sky Moon Tourbillon (estimate: $ 1 million to $ 1.5 million / $ 7.8 million to HK $ 11.7 million *), and the brand’s first chronograph chronograph watch, the legendary 1923 Officier (estimate: US $ 800,000 to 1.2 million / HK $ 6.24 million to HK $ 9.63 million).

 This collection contains 12 watches, valued at more than US $ 3 million / 23.4 million, including rare models that collectors have never heard of, and unique models made of special design and other rare metals in addition to titanium. The 12 watches in the collection will be on display in Geneva (May) and the Sotheby’s office in New York (from June 6).

 Daryn Schnipper, Chairman of Sotheby’s International Watch Division, said: ‘When we first heard about this collection, it was almost impossible to imagine that Patek Philippe still has so many such important but unknown works. These five titanium works are amazing A major discovery, rare titanium makes every watch the best work of its kind, and the lightness of the material makes them easier to wear-the feeling of lightness when the watch is used is incredible. These The watch fully reflects the importance of the collector’s status, and the low-key but key changes everywhere reveal its extraordinary insight. We are extremely honored to present these treasures in the June auction. ‘

Modern watch models that have never been documented

 The famous Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch was sold at Sotheby’s in 1999 for a price of $ 11 million. This record has been maintained to this day. The classic Patek Philippe 5002P model ‘Sky Moon Tourbillon’ is inspired by it. It is equipped with a dual dial design and has an annual output of only about 10 pieces. It has always been the ultimate treasure for collectors; prospective buyers must pass an in-person interview with Patek Philippe’s honorary president. To qualify for a purchase.

 The magnificent and unique titanium dual dial watch featured in this auction features 12 complex functions: tourbillon, perpetual calendar, retrograde date, astral sky, moon phases and moon track, stellar time display and three questions The Cathedral Bell, year 2002, is a special titanium titanium special edition for Sky Moon Tourbillon. The model is set to be a different ‘5001T Sky Moon Tourbillon’. It is also unknown to watch experts and collectors outside the Patek Philippe brand (estimate : US $ 1 million to 1.5 million / HK $ 7.8 million to 11.7 million).

As we all know, the Patek Philippe 5002 model has always produced only gold, pink, white and platinum models, and the particularly lightweight and easy-to-wear titanium model Sky Moon Tourbillon has not been published in the literature. The bezel and dial of this special edition watch are decorated with a basket weave pattern, replacing the Calatrava cross logo originally designed by Sky Moon Tourbillon, and the direction coordinates on the sky map are replaced by the full abbreviation in English. Outstanding extraordinary.

The exquisite and unique 5103P platinum self-winding minute repeater skeletonized perpetual calendar watch,

Display of retrograde date, moon phase profit and loss and leap year display, year 2004

This collection also contains another important model-a special customized version of the 5104 model: 5103P. This watch, like the 5001T mentioned above, has been given a special model different from the same watch, and has never been seen in the public literature. This exquisite and unique 5103P model platinum self-winding three questions and half skeleton perpetual calendar watch with retrograde date, moon phase profit and loss and leap year display, year 2004 (estimate: US $ 500,000 to 700,000 / 3.9 million to 5.46 million Hong Kong dollars). The 5104 model is mainly produced in pink and platinum. This 5103P model is an all-platinum version. It has a unique pattern engraved on the bottom plate of the movement that has never been seen before, and a water-drop pattern on the side of the watch. It is unique.

Classic early watch classics

Rare and important single push-button chronograph watch in yellow gold

The only early watch in the collection is one of Patek Philippe’s most important pieces: the legendary ‘1923 Officier’. This rare and important single push-button chronograph watch in gold (estimate: USD 800,000 to 1.2 million / HKD 6.24 million to 9.36 million) was first sold on October 13, 1923, making it the brand’s first chronograph wrist In addition to setting a new world auction record for any watch at the time of its debut in 1999, since its date of release was earlier than any Patek Philippe chronograph watch known at the time, it changed the entire watch industry’s history of Patek Philippe watchmaking. Cognition. This watch is Patek Philippe’s only chronograph with a white enamel dial, elegant and unique.

Unique and custom-made titanium complex watch

Although titanium material is extremely resistant to corrosion, its color is polished after polishing, and it will not rust at room temperature, but this excellent metal has not been used in Patek Philippe models. Today, only four Patek Philippe titanium watches are known, and the five titanium watches that will be exposed for the first time at this auction have an earlier release date than the known four. Metaphor.

5033T titanium automatic winding minute repeater watch, year 2003

In addition to the above-mentioned 5001T model, this collection of Patek Philippe titanium watches, which have never been listed in the public literature, includes an important and unique 5033T model titanium automatic winding minute repeater watch, year 2003 (estimate: (400,000 to 600,000 US dollars / 3.12 million to 4.68 million Hong Kong dollars), and an important and unique 5102T model ‘Celestial’ titanium self-winding astronomical watch with star movement, moon phase profit and loss, Sirius and moon mid-sky track display Year 2003 (estimate: US $ 200,000 to 300,000 / HK $ 1.56 to 2.34 million). Neither model has a titanium model recorded in public records.

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Flight Instrument On The Wrist Bell & Ross Aviation Watch Br 01 Climb

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Vertical speed indicator (Verticalspeedindicator) is a navigation instrument used by pilots to understand how fast the aircraft changes in altitude. Pilots not only need to grasp the magnitude of the lift speed when maneuvering, but also observe the lift when flying Does the speedometer pointer deviate from 0 to maintain level flight. Today’s Watch House brings you a watch designed by Bell & Ross based on the flat shape of the vertical rate table. The reference model is: BR01CLIMB.

Bell & Ross adheres to the aerospace genes of the AVIATION series of watches. On this watch, the lifting speed table in the cockpit of the aircraft is restored. The font and dial layout are modeled on the original design of the vertical rate table. It has a unique technical aesthetics, and The dial is very clear and easy to read.

Functional illustration

The 46mm square large diameter is the hallmark of Bell & Ross AVIATION series. The locking screw design used on the four corners of the case is a distinctive classic design of Bell & Ross, adding a bit of tough industrial design to the watch.

The screw-down crown enhances the water resistance of this watch. The top of the crown is printed with the ‘&’ logo, symbolizing its brand identity. The simple design continues the simple and elegant design style of Bell & Ross.

This watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, and the case back has a dense bottom design. The label on the bottom of the table indicates that its waterproof depth is 100 meters, which can meet most daily waterproofing needs in life such as car washing and showering.

The black rubber strap is soft and smooth and very close to the hand, which adds a touch of fashion to the watch and is completely waterproof for sports.

This watch has a slightly thick shape, which feels very good for men. The sand-blasted black carbon-coated stainless steel case has a subtle and lustrous luster, but it is low-key without losing texture.

The buckle uses a matte black PVD steel pin buckle, which is easy to use, with sharp edges and corners, and simple and generous.

This watch uses an anti-glare sapphire crystal. The black dial is equipped with white scales and numbers. The hour hand is inconspicuous black, which only highlights the white minute hand. The numbers also use the same font as the lifting speed meter, which improves the reduction of the vertical rate table from the details. The 3 o’clock position is a calendar window, and the 9 o’clock position is equipped with a power reserve display function, which allows you to observe the remaining power of the watch at all times.

Summary: This watch inherits the brand design concept of Bell & Ross AVIATION series inspiration from aerospace dashboard. While adhering to the reduction of high-tech instruments, scientific improvements have been made to make the display perfectly fit the watch. The powerful functions and clear dial show the brand’s pursuit of legibility in readability. It is a good choice for aviation enthusiasts and watch collectors who love military watches. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 45,500 yuan, and the global limit is 999. (Photo / Wen Watch House Xiao Sen)

More watch details: bellross / 33178 /

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Crossing A Century, You Go Straight Ahead, I Love You Ruchu

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There is such a watch. It was the time-honored watch that my father had worked so hard for a year, and was willing to start. It was a red velvet gift box that was used by the mother when she was married Well, the most precious gift to her with tears; grandma winds her every night, rubs it brightly every time, and wraps it with layers of handkerchief, puts it in a box and puts it on a chest of drawers That watch; until now Grandma still often took it out and gently rubbed it, as if through the stopped pointer, you can return to the era of scarce but memorable times; it was passed from grandpa to dad, and dad again It was passed to me, and it is still intact so far. It is a watch that I treasure as a ‘heirloom’ ~ I believe many people have guessed it, it is-TITONI, it is in the sixties and seventies of the last century, One of the most extravagant ‘Big Four’. At that time, whoever wore a Torx watch imported from Switzerland, everyone in a unit would know that it was amazing. After the meal, everyone would say, whoever bought a Torx watch ~ In the present words, it is an absolute ‘install X artifact’ !! Maybe because it appeared prematurely in the eyes of the Chinese people, and many people still misunderstand that Plum Watch is a Chinese brand, NO! NO! NO! Xiaoha is going to give these people a science today: plum watch is a watch brand with absolute ‘pure Swiss descent’, and this year 2019 is the 100th birthday of plum watch ~ ever since joining the ‘century club’! Three names VS three men have three names in this century-long history of plum blossoms, and have passed through three generations of the Schluep family. FELCO Fritz Schluep was born in 1919 in the town of Grenchen at the foot of the Swiss Jura. The founder Fritz Schluep brought it to this world and named it ‘Felco’. It’s just a small factory with 15 employees. A hand-wound watch from 1925 FELCA Bruno Schluep Later, Fritz Schluep renamed the company ‘Felca’. In 1938, Fritz Schluep’s son, Bruno Schluep, officially joined the family business and became the second-generation heir to Plum Blossom. Bruno Schluep is definitely a brave adventurer. In 1944, he took the lead in cooperating with Gu Meiyou, a Chinese-Singaporean businessman, to explore the Southeast Asian market. In 1952, he established a brand new brand for the Asian market. Named ‘Plum Blossom TITONI’ with Chinese characteristics ~ By the end of the 1950s, the Ministry of Light Industry of China was looking for Swiss fine watch suppliers at the best prices. At that time, many Swiss watch factories had sent letters, but due to various reasons, large Some watch factories did not reply, but Bruno Schluep warmly invited the Chinese delegation to Switzerland and arranged a trip for them to visit the watch factory. Thus, in 1959, the Chinese delegation placed its first national order with Plum Watch, and since then Plum Watch has become one of the first Swiss watch brands to enter China. TITONI Daniel Schluep By 1981, Bruno Schluep’s son, Daniel Schluep, took over the company as the third generation of the family, and has continued to write the story of the Shlopp family and the plum blossom watch … For over 100 years, ‘Plum Blossom’ has The small town thrived, experienced the difficulties of the Second World War, survived the crisis of the quartz revolution, and has become one of the only Swiss watch brands remaining in the hands of the founder’s family. Is very rare. Family heritage has always been the most proud concept of Torx watches, not only the brand itself, but also the cooperation between the Shrop family and Gu family has continued to this day, from agents to dealers, even customers who use Torx watches. They are passed down from generation to generation … T10 + 1919 series = centenary ‘birthday gift’ As the saying goes, the waves of the Yangtze River are pushing forward and the waves are stronger than the waves! The three generations of the Shrop family are exactly the same. They are stronger than one generation, and bolder and more innovative than one generation. In order to celebrate the 100th birthday of Plum Watch, the brand silently prepared a ‘birthday gift’ for itself since 2013! It took 6 years, and for the first time, Plum Blossom introduced the T10, an automatic movement that was developed in-house and produced by the original factory. Mr. Slop said: ‘This movement was created by the headquarters’ R & D team for 6 years, overcoming numerous difficulties and consolidating countless efforts. It is not only a pioneering tribute to the century-old history, but also represents a step forward for plum blossom watches An important step. ‘This new movement has a power reserve of about three days and has a battery life that exceeds any previous movement used by Torque. The Meihua R & D team has also simplified the mechanical structure of the T10 as much as possible, reducing the number of parts, using 32 rubies, thereby reducing wear and letting the movement last longer. The T10 movement has a diameter of 29.3 mm and a thickness of 4.1 mm, which is thinner than the commonly used movements of plum blossoms. At the same time, the calendar part is also increased by 10%, which makes the dial more diversified. When designing the movement, Torx specifically took into consideration the design that will be used in future watches (more forward-looking), so that everyone can appreciate the gold-plated automatic tourbillon engraved with the Torx logo and more The smooth operation of this delicate structure blooms the beauty of Swiss craftsmanship. At the same time, the Torx watch is also equipped with the independently developed T10 movement in the new 1919 series of watches. The name of the 1919 series pays tribute to the century-old history of the brand. There are a total of six new works, including a 100th anniversary model, limited to 50 pieces worldwide, confirming this important moment! Still elegant dial, simple big three-pin, classic design with transparent bottom cover, buy one for dad, or wear it for your son, and leave it to your son. This one is very collectable and memorable The plum blossom watch has been passed down as a ‘heirloom’ ~ Plum blossom watch has always been a very low-key brand that is close to the people. Strict requirements for high quality, reasonable prices and continuous improvement of after-sales service are the plum blossom watches that can have loyal consumption from generation to generation. Of the person. Daniel Schluep once said: Plum Blossom watches focus on creating mechanical watches, classic traditional watches for middle-income people. In the future, we will still adhere to this principle, so we will neither become a fashion brand nor become A luxury brand. The century-old famous factory + self-produced movement has already brought the plum watch to a whole new level. The birth of a movement from the development of a movement requires a lot of capital and energy investment. Among the independent watch brands in Switzerland, few have the courage to independently develop a movement and successfully put it into production. Slightly more expensive watches are rarely equipped with a self-made movement. After a century of ups and downs, spanning more than half a century of China, plum blossoms have become synonymous with people’s family trust in their hearts and the mission of inheritance, engraved in the memory of generations like a brand! As the plum blossom watch enters a new era, it will also become a classic that will never fade in the eyes of a new generation of young people! Everyone is welcome to share your time story with Plum Blossoms at the message room. END —Editor: Serena | Visual and drawing: Serena Picture: From the brand (partially from the Internet) Flowe Hip-Hop was initiated by the watch giants to 8090 Watch and Jewelry Culture Guide for Young People

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Swiss Mido Perfection Series 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch

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Classic buildings have been baptized by time, but it is precisely because of ‘creativity’ that they leave a dazzling light in the history of human civilization, as is the case in the ancient Roman arena. In 2002, when the designer of Mido watch set foot in the Roman arena and hovered on the dappled stone steps, the immortal building coincided with Mido’s “inspiration to create eternity” watchmaking concept, an inspiration The arena-designed wristwatch was born. This is the perfect series of Mido. In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the birth of the perfect series, Mido launched a limited edition of 1,000 perfect series watches. This watch draws inspiration from classic architecture and pays homage to the immortal Rome; the Swiss Observatory certified movement guarantees its accurate travel time, the chassis is engraved with the embossed pattern of the arena. Perfectly presented on the wrist, the infinite time legend is interpreted with a limited number of watches.
 With a flick of a finger, ten years have passed. The immortal inspiration drawn in the Colosseum ten years ago has made the perfect series of Swiss Mido a classic in people’s minds. The legend created by the perfect series in ten years continues to write a new chapter on the tenth anniversary. The perfect series of Swiss Mido inherits the original original concept with unparalleled design methods, making the limited edition watch for the immortal dream architecture. Accurate interpretation of what is coming out.
 The Perfection 10th Anniversary Limited Edition is equipped with an automatic movement certified by the Observatory for precise timing. So whether it is an admirer of watchmaking, or a person who appreciates Swiss tradition and know-how, this watch can meet their wishes. This limited edition model is uniquely engraved with the embossed pattern of the Colosseum at the back.
 The perfect series 10th anniversary limited edition watch has a case diameter of 42 mm. The shape of the case is reminiscent of the extraordinary ideas of the arena architects. The bezel edge is narrowed to maximize the use of visible space and make readings very convenient. . The anthracite gray dial is decorated with satin-finished sunlight rays; the undulating and grandstand and box design on the dial mimics the internal structure of the Roman Arena. The Roman numerals and hands are decorated with the attractive beauty of orange, and the Super LumiNova® luminous treatment makes it easier to read at night. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror makes the readings very clear. The use of the screw-type handlebar strengthens the waterproof function, making it waterproof to 100 meters.
 The satin-finished and polished stainless steel strap is integrated with the watch body, perfectly presenting the classics of the Roman era on the wrist, creating an immortal art legend between the wrists.

Technical Information
Caliber ETA 2836-2 Observatory-certified automatic mechanical movement, 11½ ” ‘, Ø25.60 mm, thickness 5.05mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, NIVAFLEX NM mainspring , ANACHRON hairspring, GLUCYDUR balance. The carefully crafted movement is decorated with blue screws, and the automatic oscillating weight carefully sculpts the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo. Hour, minute, second, date, week. Five different location tests confirm its accuracy. More than 38 hours power reserve.
Case 316L stainless steel, two parts, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire mirror, screw-type handle and bottom cover, back engraved with embossed Roman Colosseum pattern and limited product number. 100 meters waterproof
Strap Stainless steel 316L strap with stainless steel folding clasp.
Dial Anthracite-gray satin-finished dial with sunlight rays, unique scales and logo decoration. The orange scale is treated with Super LumiNova®, with elaborately colored Roman numerals, and the date and day window are at three o’clock.
Hands Diamond polished with orange hands treated with Super LumiNova® to ensure clear readings at night.

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Golden Autumn Nomos Launches Orion Neomatik 41 Date Watch In Olive Gold And Midnight Blue

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The Orion watch in olive gold and midnight blue has joined the NOMOSUpdate series, creating a new opportunity for the movement with the calendar display function to shine.

Colours of autumn and even seasons: Orion neomatik 41 date is available in olive gold and midnight blue.
 Just this spring, NOMOS equipped the brand’s classic watches Tangente, Ludwig and Orion with a new automatic movement equipped with a calendar display function, and the Update series was born. As an upgraded version of the classic watch, Orionneomatik41date is ready to usher in two new masterpieces: elegant midnight blue and olive gold models, the latter blending a touch of warm gold with subtle green.

 As one of the brand’s oldest watches, as early as 1992 when NOMOS launched its first watch series, Orion was among them, a well-deserved classic timepiece. For a long time, most of these models were equipped with manual winding movements, because their elegant curved stainless steel case can only accommodate an extremely thin movement. With the introduction of the Update series equipped with the new neomatikdate automatic movement (DUW6101), Orion was able to increase the case diameter to 41 mm while maintaining the original slim size. The DUW6101 has excellent winding performance. Even the smallest wrist movements can be wound on the movement, thereby realizing the automatic display of the date and time.

 Orionneomatik41date watch is equipped with ultra-thin neomatikdate movement with convenient two-way calendar quick adjustment function. The calendar window created for this model completes the timeless design. The curved sapphire crystal and the transparent case back add invisible power to this elaborate NOMOS watch, and the tailor-made lugs fit perfectly on the wrist.

 Today, the brand’s signature timepiece is complemented by olive gold and midnight blue, bringing two new highlights to the Update collection. However, neither color nor size can conceal the greatest value of this timepiece, namely precision and timeless elegance. Whether silver white, midnight blue or olive gold, Orion watches are always a low-key companion, bringing subtle elegance to the wearer and his wrist.

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