Roger Dubuis At The Shangri-la Tokyo Night Series

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In order to celebrate the many new products launched by Roger Dubuis’ King Series this year, the brand held a grand banquet event at the Shangri-La Hotel in Tokyo on the evening of October 2nd. Many famous people were also invited to attend.

 According to the Watch House, the 180 home-changers who arrived on the day gathered here to join this beautiful and unforgettable night with the brand, and the CEO of Roger Dubuis also came to the scene in person to watch the latest of the King series with everyone Promo video.

 Many people have said that the design of the entire promotional video is very bold and innovative. The incredible watch design can actually be presented in this form. The CEO of DUBUIS, the Roger Dubuis brand, also expressed his appreciation to all the guests present. The warmest welcome and the most sincere thanks.

 Many guests discussed the brand’s new works between wine and meals. At the same time, the brand carefully designed a series of performance links, including wonderful magic, which won applause from everyone.

 Finally, there is an exciting sweepstakes. All the lucky draw guests have the opportunity to enjoy one night’s accommodation and exquisite food for free in this five-star hotel in Tokyo, which is a very big surprise.

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Casio Baby-g Qixi Sweet Sweet One Summer

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Valentine’s Day is always the best time for lovers to confess. Whether it is St. Valentine’s Day on February 14th, White Valentine’s Day on March 14th, or the Chinese Valentine’s Day with the early summer sun and breeze, despite the different times and different cultures, it cannot prevent the sweetness between couples. ‘I love you’. What kind of gift can express your deepest love? Love is like, but also understanding and tolerance of each other. Only when you know someone, can you love someone better. In this early summer surrounded by sweetness, Casio’s fashion women’s watch Baby-G brings brand-new products, including pink gold series, whether it is Tough, Cute, or Cool, there is always a style that matches her personality.

Tough girl-brave and powerful heart

 Who wrote the definition of ‘weakness’ for girls? Tough girl also has an adventurous personality. They are not tomboys or pretending to be neutral. What is important is that they have an adventurer in their hearts. They are brave, tough, and powerful. In facing every difficulty, they use courage instead of tears to face it. Tough’s heart could not help the boy thumbs up. BG-6902, BG-5606, and BLX5600 follow G-SHOCK’s most classic shapes, adding girls’ favorite elements, so that the spirit of Toughness is also perfectly displayed on girls.


 The Baby-G, which inherits the unique ‘Tough’ spirit of G-SHOCK, also brings this classic improvement-the BG-6902 series. Based on the 6900 classic three-eye shape, with the popular ice cream forest color this summer, it shows youthful vitality and extraordinary personality.
Main parameters: shockproof, 200 meters waterproof, electronic fluorescent lighting, world time (48 cities), stopwatch (1/100 second), countdown, 12 / 24-hour clock, key tone switch

 BG-5606 / BLX-5600

 The new BG-5606 series continues to pay tribute to the classic G-SHOCK originator, the 5600 series, continuing the design of the square digital dial and the addition of backlight, making the watch more vibrant. The new BG-5606 series, in addition to the timeless all-black and all-white color, also added a new color scheme with ivory white and pink gold. In 2013, the new surf watch BLX-5600 series uses different stitching colors of the watch body and strap to create a more eye-catching summer fashion.

 Main parameters: shockproof, 100 meters waterproof, electronic fluorescent lighting, world time (48 cities), stopwatch (1/100 second), countdown, 12 / 24-hour timekeeping, key tone switch

 They are the most beautiful scenery in summer, and the most beloved sweetheart baby. There is always a smile as bright and warm as the sun on her face. The time with her is always surrounded by sweetness, and the gift to be given to her should naturally be full of lovely and fresh. The neon series, which has been well received in cute style, is undoubtedly the best gift for Cute girl. From the original neon BGA130 to BGA170, each neon exudes a bright and dazzling cute girly style.

 The first-generation neon series BGA-130, which has a playful ‘girly heart’, was officially released in June 2011 and was immediately loved and sought after by many trendy women. At 2 o’clock, the loving shape and the 3D digital scale scattered on the dial, as well as the bright neon backlight, reflect the sweet girl’s feelings.
Main parameters: shockproof, 100m waterproof, neon lighting, world time (27 cities), stopwatch (1/100 second), countdown, 12 / 24-hour clock


 This summer, the fourth-generation neon series BGA-170 will upgrade Tough, Cute, and Cool again! For the first time, the design on the bezel was added, and the dynamic numbers were added to add the layered and dynamic sense of the watch, which was full of vitality.
Main parameters: shockproof, 100m waterproof, neon lighting, world time (27 cities), stopwatch (1/100 second), countdown, 12 / 24-hour timekeeping

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2014 Baselworld Baselworld Watch Preview-tag Heuer Tag Heuer Passion Mclaren

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TAG Heuer TAGHeuer launched the latest Carrera 1000 Carrera limited edition MP4-12C chronograph, paying tribute to its partner F1 McLaren team with perfect orange and black color matching. TAG Heuer’s cooperation with McLaren began in 1985. The design of this watch was inspired by the famous McLaren MP4-12C sports car, and the complex structure inside is just as precise as the McLaren sports car.

Black titanium coated 2 titanium case, cool black and light. No matter in design, style or color, this watch is in line with McLaren’s style. For example, the carbon fiber dial is the same as the McLaren’s supercar chassis. In addition, the aluminum bezel is marked with ‘MCLAREN PRECISION CHRONOGRAPH’, and the Tier 2 titanium crown is engraved with the McLaren ‘Tick’ logo. The back of the case The sapphire case is also marked with signs such as McLaren MP4-12C and a limited serial number, demonstrating its limited edition identity everywhere.
The latest Carrera McLaren chronograph uses the DUBOIS DEPRAZ CALIBER 4900 movement. The 43 mm diameter dial is wide and clear. The chronograph seconds and minute hands are located at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, respectively. You can read the time accurately. The large calendar window is located at 12 o’clock and has an annual calendar function. You only need to adjust it once a year to ensure that the date is displayed correctly throughout the year. The transparent central area makes the movement and date dial more visible. At 6 o’clock, the TAG Heuer logo and the McLaren model ‘MP4-12C’ are monochromatically engraved. The junior hand is designed with a black titanium carbonized coating and has an orange outer layer, jumping above the all-black dial.

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Masters Launches Iléa Illy Series High Jewelry Watch

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Thousands of diamonds sparkle against a hazy background: Baume & Mercier’s latest haute jewellery watch series, with its absolute contrast, gives its highly feminine Ellie models an intoxicating light and shade effect.

This unique, limited-edition model has a PVD-treated dark black white gold frame that complements the sparkling background set with 970 diamonds. This bold and innovative fusion of light and dark shows the undeniable creativity and professional skills of celebrities in the design of women’s high-end jewelry watches.

This dazzling Illy haute jewellery watch is a vivid symbol of Baume & Mercier’s proud heritage. It continues the brand’s tradition: giving its design studio team plenty of creative space to make a limited edition jewelry watch every year. This year, Baume & Mercier designer Sabine Rochat used her Ellie models launched in 2008 and let the imagination run free. She boldly used a dark black PVD-coated white gold frame, embellished with thousands of diamonds that ran like a river, perfectly emphasizing the round and charming shape of the Yili series. The whole is inlaid with diamonds, and the wider dial edge provides a wider viewing angle for the three-layer dial: coupled with the fine-grained metal Roman numerals, the Baume & Mercier brand name is located between the dial base with diamonds and the upper sapphire glass. On the bracelet part, the diamond-inlaid inner chain is also covered with convex sapphire glass to protect the shiny diamond and show the beautiful curve of the strap.

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Enchanting Entanglement Between Your Wrists Breguet Lady Chronograph

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Breguet’s attention to women is not a recent phenomenon. It dates back to the 18th century. At that time, the brand founder Abraham-Louis Breguet was working hard to create an unprecedented work. This is a This pocket watch tailored by Marie-Antoinette after the French King, combines all the complicated functions of the time. Since then, the watch brand, named after its founder, has dedicated a large number of its work to women. The women’s watch in the INEMARINE chronograph is part of this series of traditional, elegant and precise watches. Previously, there were only diamond-studded styles, but now there will be no gem-set styles. Styles made of 18K rose gold or white gold are more suitable for daily wear. Its movement still uses Breguet Calibre 8827, the world’s smallest self-winding chronograph movement. This micromechanical masterpiece has an hour countdown timer, a 30 minute countdown timer and a date display function. The movement is housed in a case with a diameter of 34.60 mm, has a water resistance of 50 meters, and has a natural mother-of-pearl dial with a hand-engraved rose engine. Comes with a white rubber strap.

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Excellent Craft Breguet Naples Queen Series

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The inspiration of the Breguet Queen of Naples series was inspired by Abraham-Louis Breguet’s early bracelet-type watch designed for Napoleon’s younger sister Naples Queen Carolina. This series of works is elegant and poetic, but also full of modernity. It is an ode to the beauty of women.

Reine de Naples Queen Naples 8908
Ref. 8908BR / 5T / 864 / D00D

In 2018, Breguet’s Queen of Naples watch series added another gorgeous new product. The Reine de Naples Queens Series 8908 watch features a rose gold case set with 128 brilliant diamonds and a dial with Tahiti mother-of-pearl, highlighting its noble quality. This perfect new product fully reflects the main features of the first generation of watches-12 o’clock position is equipped with power reserve and moon phase profit and loss display. The eccentric scale ring and small seconds dial are located at 6 and 7 o’clock, respectively. These functional layouts were inspired by Abraham-Louis Breguet’s first watch specially designed for Queen Caroline Murat from 1810 to 1812. According to historical records, the watch numbered 2639 is a goose egg-shaped spring watch with an exquisite and exquisite strap. Its maintenance record is treasured at the Breguet Museum in Place Vendôme, Paris. This model uses a separate lever escapement with a thermometer function and a dial with fast / slow indication. On the model number NO.8908, this function is replaced by the power reserve and moon phase profit and loss display. The watch was delivered to the Queen of Naples on December 21, 1812, with a silver engraved dial and Arabic numerals.

With the launch of the new Reine de Naples Queen of Naples series 8908, Breguet reinterprets the masterpieces in the history of watchmaking, adding new products to its women’s watch series. Just like the custom-made watch designed for the Queen of Naples, Breguet now brings to women customers a unique watch with beautiful design and excellent craftsmanship. Its automatic winding movement is specially designed to meet the needs of female customers. And specifically designed.

Reine de Naples 8918
Ref. 8918BB / 58 / J20 / D000

Reine de Naples Queen of Naples series 8918 watch, made of 18K white gold, case size 36.5 * 28.45mm, bezel set with 117 diamonds, silver-plated K gold dial hand-engraved with engraved floral pattern, partially decorated with natural white Mother-of-pearl, lined with Breguet digital hour markers, pear-cut diamonds at 6 o’clock. The watch is equipped with Breguet’s own Cal.537 / 3 self-winding movement.

Reine de Naples Queen of Naples 8928 mini watch
Ref. 8928BB / 5P / 944 DD0D

Reine de Naples Queen of Naples series 8928 mini watch, the case size is 33 * 24.95 mm, exquisite and delicate, inheriting the design essence of the Queen of Naples series, using the classic mother-of-pearl dial, eccentric scale ring at 6 o’clock, matching The large Breguet Arabic numerals are smart and lively, echoing the chic case. The unique ‘spherical’ lugs are set with delicate diamonds; the winding crown is set at 4 o’clock, and a dazzling pear-shaped diamond is the finishing touch. The bezel, around the case, and gold folding clasp are carefully embellished with brilliant-cut diamonds, adding brilliance to the watch. The watch is equipped with Breguet’s own Cal.584 / 1 movement, which provides a 38-hour power reserve. The Queen of Naples 8928 mini watch is available in 20 styles, with different materials, dial design, diamond setting and bracelet.

Reine de Naples Queen of Naples 8999 Day and Night Display
Ref. 8999BB / 8D / 874 / D00D

Reine de Naples Queen of Naples series 8999 day and night display high jewelry watch, in addition to high jewelry, this watch also shows a high level of accomplishment in watchmaking technology. The bezel and case outer edge are set with 131 square diamonds, while the dial and spherical lugs are decorated with pavé diamonds. The crown is also decorated with a single drop-shaped diamond. In addition to indicating the hours and minutes, this watch also has a secondary dial that displays the time of day and night. The two auxiliary dials form the shape of the number 8. This number has a special meaning in many cultures, reminiscent of the symbol that also symbolizes endlessness. There is also a bright moon made of titanium on the lapis lazuli disc, and the faceted edge of the balance wheel reflects a bright light, symbolizing the running track of the sun. This ‘sunlight’ will change according to the movement of the balance wheel in the Arabic numerals during the day, until after sunset, it dives under the steel bridge supporting the display device. The disc is decorated with mother-of-pearl, representing clouds and shining stars. Breguet combines the artistic characteristics of timepieces and jewelry to create such a poetic high-end jewelry watch.

Reine de Naples Queen Naples 8939 Fine Jewellery Watch
Ref. 8939BB / 6D / J61 / DDDD

The Breguet Reine de Naples Queen of Naples 8939 high-end jewellery watch combines high-end watchmaking with high-end jewellery. Its diamond-studded dial gathers remarkable technical achievements. This diamond setting process requires craftsmen to excel Precision, and rich expertise. The specially cut gemstones, combined with the complicated and intricate invisible setting method, make the dial unique. Hand-engraved silver-plated gold eccentric dial, set with a pear-shaped diamond at 6 o’clock, with radial mother-of-pearl hour markers. A dazzling diamond bracelet adds sparkle to the mother-of-pearl set on the dial. Alternatively, choose a gorgeous bracelet made of Tahitian pink Akoya pearls, or a restrained and elegant silk strap.

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