The Beauty Of Hollow Art Piaget’s Ultra-thin Hollow Watch Reproduces The Extreme Style

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‘Watches and Miracles’ Asia’s High-end Watch & Clock Fair focuses on elegant culture, craftsmanship and the glorious tradition of high-end watches. By exhibiting the sophisticated technology of top-end watches, it reflects the industry’s talents. Earl PIAGET also presents a total of 30 masterpieces in the ‘TreasureRoom’ special exhibition area of ​​this exhibition, which radiates a total of 804.2 carats of stunning gems. Among the many new products, this watch alone impressed me the most. The gorgeousness of the appearance and the intrinsic quality blended into the perfect masterpiece. Now, I would like to invite everyone to follow the actual pictures taken by the front line of the watch home Enjoy it together.

  The 18K rose gold case exudes the noble atmosphere of precious metals, and the case is studded with sparkling diamonds, dazzling. The rose gold case with the white strap is beautiful and fresh.

  The dial of the watch is the most eye-catching. The heart-shaped dial can be seen through sapphire crystal, and the hollow is decorated with diamonds. The rotating gear seems to be telling the brand’s superb watchmaking skills, and the fineness of the parts’ grinding is even more amazing.

  Carving on the movement is generally to reduce the material of the movement to make it more transparent and light. On the one hand, the designer must first reserve a suitable space for the jeweller to carve out the pattern; on the other hand, the watchmaker needs to work hard to hollow out the movement to show the beauty of the movement. The sculpting artist waved different sizes of carving knives on the openwork structure of the world’s thinnest automatic hollow movement, and carefully carved delicate patterns on the gold watch bridge and the main plate.

  Seen from the side, the straight lugs are very naturally linked to the strap and have a certain gap. This design is to make the watch look more beautiful and atmospheric.

  The hand-carved 1200G vividly reflects Piaget’s respect for craftsmanship. The 1200G rose gold movement’s main splint and bridge are hollowed out and carved, combined with multiple watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship, in order to pay tribute to the extreme thinness of the 1200S.

  1200G is Piaget’s first hand-engraved ultra-thin self-winding skeletonized movement, combined with precise and intricate engraving technology, and engraved elegant patterns on the gear spokes and the bridge, bringing relief to the movement. Even though the functional components of the movement are extremely detailed, and some of them have a thickness of no more than 0.7 mm, they can run smoothly without modification after overcast modification. 1200G movement can be called the ultimate performance of top technology.

Summary: This watch has gathered all eyes for the beauty of unique design, the beauty of hollowing out and the beauty of art, so that elegant timepieces can show the absolute elegance. At the same time, the special report team of the Watch House has also rushed to the Hong Kong Watch Fair to bring you the freshest and most intuitive watch information. For more details about Piaget watches, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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