Lv Watch Brand Realizes The Same Price In Beijing And Hong Kong

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The price advantage of Hong Kong Free Trade Port has affected the sales performance of high-end watches in the Mainland, but this situation has begun to change. Yesterday, the Swiss luxury watch brand Zenith, a subsidiary of the global luxury goods group Louis Vuitton Group (LVMH), announced that it will implement the same price for 2014 new watch products in the Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and the same price as the Swiss franc. . This means that a 50,000 yuan watch in the mainland counter will be 15,000 yuan cheaper than before.
 This is the second sub-brand to implement price cuts in the Mainland, following the launch of the same price for Beijing-Hong Kong by the watch brand Hublot on February 1. A reporter from Beijing Commercial Daily contacted Zenith Watch Oriental Plaza store yesterday, and the sales staff said that the watches sold at the counter have now achieved the same price as Hong Kong.

 It is understood that the price of high-end watches in the Mainland will be about 15% -25% higher than that of Hong Kong. If the exchange rate is considered, the price in the Mainland will be up to 30% higher. Zenith watch sales staff also confirmed that after the price reduction, the newly listed watches are equivalent to a 30% discount compared to previous prices. Zenith watches are mostly 50,000 to 100,000 yuan. After implementing the same price in Beijing and Hong Kong, consumers can pay 15,000 to 45,000 yuan less for the same watch.
 Zenith Watch Company told the Beijing Business Daily that the brand hopes to adjust the price to strengthen the emotional connection between mainland consumers and the brand, so that more people stay in the mainland to buy watches, which not only brings a better consumption environment for the mainland, but also It will reduce the subsequent problems of overseas watch repair and maintenance.
 According to watch industry insiders, the high prices of high-end watches in the mainland have led to the outflow of most of the consumption. Watch brands have set up stores in the mainland but their sales have grown little. A Hong Kong watch dealer has publicly stated that about 70% of high-end watches are bought by mainland tourists every year, and 25% are re-routed to other markets in Asia.

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Introduction To Italian Watch Brands

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Italy is a country that values ​​appearance. People here pay great attention to dress. Although they are not punctual, they will definitely wear watches, not to watch time, but watches have become their best accessories to show taste and personal charm.
Compared to Switzerland, Germany and France, Italian watch brands are not many, but they are all classic fashion pieces, such as Bvlgari,
Officine Panerai, Bottega Veneta, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, Armani, Versace, etc. Rooted in this fashion hotspot in Italy, watch designers here can maximize the latest fashion trends and design unique watches that are very suitable for beauty lovers. In addition to fashion, Italian watches are also full of high technology, such as:
Bvlgari-the third largest jewelry brand in the world
   Bulgari in Italy is the third largest jewelry brand in the world after Cartier in France and Tiffany in the United States. Bulgari uses color as the essence of design in jewelry production, and uses a variety of gems of different colors to mix and match, and then uses different base materials to highlight the dazzling colors of gems.

   Bvlgari, 1977
With the launch of the Bvlgari watch, it has become world-renowned, becoming a timeless classic. In 1982, Bulgari Time Neuchâtel was established to design and manufacture Bulgari watches.
   By 2007, Bulgari’s efforts to promote vertical integration in the field of watches had fruitful results, and it had the ability to independently design, manufacture and assemble movements, setting a historical first. In 2009, the Bulgari Group launched Sotirio
Bulgari TOURBILLONQuantième Perpétuel watch, this is the first watch manufactured by Bulgari alone. Its movement and parts are all produced and assembled by Bulgari.
Panerai—excellent quality of precision machinery
   Panerai was founded in 1860 and is known for its precision machinery and superior quality. The earliest production of precision instruments and watches for the Italian Royal Navy. Today Panerai has become a world-renowned premium sports watch brand. With design inspiration from the sea, Panerai positions the brand as high-end watches in sports and leisure. Italian design style and Swiss expertise make each watch a distinctive brand style and excellent quality.

   Today, almost all haute horlogeries in the world come from Switzerland. Regardless of the manufacturing process or the history of the brand, watches and clocks in other countries are unmatched. However, Panerai of 100% Italian origin is an exception. Over the years, Panerai watches have become exquisite collections with tasteful craftsmanship and distinctive styles.
Bottega—a unique low-key
   From fashion, fragrance, home to fine jewelry, Bottega
Veneta presents the elegant texture of flowing clouds to the world’s people with unique low-key attitude.

   Bottega Veneta is known for its high-quality hand-knitting techniques, and recently partnered with Swiss watch magnate Girard Perregaux to launch the first watch, the BVX.
   The Bottega Veneta BVX watch is suitable for both men and women. Its extraordinary temperament and practical functions are in one. It has always implemented the philosophy of Bottega Veneta’s low-key luxury. This neutral watch has a matte dark titanium color. Detachable buckle with brown and cigar alligator dial. The shape that is full of nature’s quiet and comfortable feeling, at the same time, reveals noble and elegant temperament.
   With this chic exterior, Girard Perregaux has created an 18-carat rose gold fully-automatic self-powered system for Bottega Veneta. It has a smooth painted dial. BVX also inherited the company’s famous motto: ‘It’s enough to have your original.’
Moschino—Milan rookie with weird design
   moschino is a 20th anniversary of Milan’s young brand, known for its weird design. A lovely house-type handbag is the best example. The flower-printed handbags are full of youthfulness, and the dark pink and tea-green leather handbags show a gentle side. There are evening sandals in solid gold and crystal.

   Moschino, known for his style play, is a stranger to the Milan fashion industry who insists on solid wear and elegant lines. His designs are always full of playful gameplay and humorous satire on fashion. Moschino watches continue Moscino’s playful style. Each watch is extremely impactful and can definitely make it unforgettable.
Robert Cavoli—the most “wild” brand in Milan’s fashion world
   Roberto Cavalli is a world-renowned clothing brand founded by famous Italian designer Roberto Cavalli. Just Cavalli is a sub-brand created for young people. Since Roberto Cavalli founded the company in the 1960s, his wild and sexy style has become a pioneer of fashion trends and the most “wild” brand in Milan’s fashion circle. In the 1990s, Cavalli fashion became a unique image representative of fashion trends. Contradictions and conflicts can be seen everywhere: two materials with different natures blend together, simple and simple and luxury and extreme temperament mix, formal elegance and casual play The walk between the skins completely disintegrates the stereotyped matching theory! The dual characteristics of being soft and rigid, restrained and unrestrained have suddenly become the aesthetic orientation of the new generation.

   In 2012, Roberto
Cavalli signs agreement with Swiss watch maker Franck Muller to launch a series of Roberto manufactured and sold by Franck Muller
Cavalli (Robert Cavalli) high-end watch. The average price of these watches is between 3,000 and 5,000 Euros, and only in Roberto
Sold in the Cavalli flagship store and the Franck Muller store.
Armani-the leader of the Italian fashion industry
   ARMANI’s Chinese name is ‘Armani’. It is the top brand in the Italian fashion industry, just like the LV in the bag and Dupont of the lighter. They are all top luxury products. A 7000-8000 clothes are all low-end clothes in this brand.

   And ARMANI watches may be some subsidiary products derived from this brand. Just like Montblanc also makes watches. Armani watches bring ‘casual fashion’ to people who love fashion. The pursuit of individual appearance and the background of fashion and leisure. Armani watches not only shine in fashion watches, but also did not lose the slightest sense of elegance and luxury when attending formal occasions.
Versace-a symbol of avant-garde art
   Versace, a well-known luxury brand from Italy, created a fashion empire, representing a family of brands. Versace’s fashion products penetrate every field of life, with its distinctive design style, unique aesthetics, and strong pioneering artistic representation. Let it take the world by storm. Its distinctive design style is a symbol of unique avant-garde art with a strong sense of beauty. Among them are those with gorgeous and imaginative styles that are full of Renaissance characteristics. They are sexy, beautiful, feminine, and colorful. They have both opera-like super-flat reality and gorgeousness, and can fully consider wearing. Comfortable and properly displayed body shape. Versace also deals in perfumes, glasses, ties, leather goods, bags, porcelain, glassware, scarves, down products, furniture products, and more.

   The early 1990s was an important period in the history of Versace brand development. During this period, the birth of the Versace jewelry and watch series gave the brand a diversified strategy.
   Versace watches fully comply with the strictest Swiss watch manufacturing standards, while at the same time Maison’s charming style. All Versace watches are made in Switzerland. The strict quality control and inspection standards required by the Swiss certificate ensure that every Maison watch is of exceptional quality.

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Parmigiani Launches Kalpagraphe Series Of Black And White Male And Female Pair Watches

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To pay tribute to black and white colors, Parmigiani launches two Kalpagraphe ladies watches with white sapphire dials and two Kalpagraphe men’s watches with black sapphire dials. The new watch is faithful to the characteristics of the Kalpa collection, and its case is shaped like a barrel.

   Parmigiani is pleased to introduce the sporty and stylish Kalpagraphe black and Kalpagraphe white counters. The two colors are opposite and complementary, symbolizing the unity of opposites between men and women. In many cultural contexts, black and white are also used to represent duality and unity.

   Parmigiani’s new Kalpagraphe ladies watch is equipped with a rose gold case and a white sapphire dial. It is elegant and modern with a white rubber strap. Limited editions are inlaid with diamonds.

PFC128-0253200-X01401, limited to 99 pieces, priced at 17,000 Swiss francs

PFC128-0243200-X01401, limited to 99 pieces, priced at 19,000 Swiss francs

   The Kalpagraphe men’s watch is accentuated by a black stainless steel case with a black sapphire dial and a black rubber strap. The case’s bright black finish is derived from ADLC coating. This finishing process gives the case a perfect surface and excellent abrasion resistance to meet the highest expectations.

PFC128-1002400-X02401, unlimited, list price 37,900 Swiss francs

PFC128-1072400-X02401, limited to 10 pieces, list price 49,500 Swiss francs

   The new watch has many common features, including the PF334 self-winding chronograph movement with a rose gold crown, buttons, chronograph ring (6 and 9 o’clock), caseback screws and buckle, and 22K gold rotor. . (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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