Is Rolex Green Jindi And Green Water Ghost Really ‘collapsed’? I’m Afraid The Mentality Is Broken

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In fact, I have hidden the whole thing for 2 weeks. After writing, I think about it and put it on hold. The reason is very complicated. I wo n’t elaborate on it one by one, but I received it one after another a few days ago. Some readers’ consultation is more typical of this brother, who asked me Lujindi in January, and suddenly came up again this month. And I also clearly answered him at the time: ‘No more buying will continue to be expensive.’ At that time, the price was around 230,000. This time he left a message asking and was stubbornly blocked by me: ‘Hesitated at 230,000, now 330,000, forget about the rivers and lakes (this brother said that he would listen to me in the future …)’ This is also what I want to make today Everyone talked about-why can’t I always make a decisive decision? The Rolex Lukindi incident has been in the past for some time, and it may not be clear to some readers. I will probably describe it. In early June, the price of Lujindi was suddenly raised, and then reached the early 400,000. At that time, a record of 410,000 credit cards was circulating on the rivers and lakes. But this price didn’t last long before it was returned to more than 330,000 original, so everyone thinks that ‘Lvjindi collapsed’, spread throughout the market, and some people even hope that other popular models will have the same effect, but In fact, this is just a failure of artificial speculation. In fact, Lujindi is a short-term market caused by some watchmakers trying to raise prices to each other, and among these, there are not many real transactions, but only handshake between peers. But why the price ca n’t resist, let’s put aside other external factors, the most important thing is determined by the output and channels-in the short term, Lujindi is still far from 400,000 (someone told me before Green Jindi wants to dominate the price of 400,000, but the choice of 400,000 is much more than everyone imagines, and the competitors are not weak). The more watchmakers who own this watch, and the larger the number of watches, the more difficult it is to ensure the price front, because merchants are selfish, and anyone wants to sell first. Let me give you a very simple example about game theory. Many years ago, a similar incident occurred in a shopping mall in a city. During the promotion season, the heads of several major shopping malls sat down to try to reach an agreement and control the promotion intensity to ‘full 300 minus XX’. The endless vicious competition guarantees the intensity of the promotion while controlling profit to the greatest extent. Unfortunately, only half a day later, the first mall broke through this agreement and the alliance was broken. The end result is naturally that each of them lowers the price and everyone makes a lot of money. In fact, everyone will choose the best for themselves at the moment, but the final result may not be the best for themselves (the movie ‘Beautiful Mind’ has a classic dialogue, Nash played against Martin and said, ‘You should not win , I went first, every step is perfect ‘, this line is the best explanation). The first watchmaker to sell at a reduced price was the first domino (he considered his own cost and risk of selling the goods as early as possible, but the price collapsed and he was also implicated in the follow-up). I am not in favor of this hype, I just want to tell you that without chips, you can’t just speculate on everything. Why is the mall alliance prone to collapse? Because the shopping mall brand was too homogeneous, there was no other way than price war. The same goes for Lujindi’s return to the original position. With a large number of channels, it is difficult for a few people to really control the price. Only scarcity and monopoly can be unbreakable. In fact, in addition to the recent return of Lujindi to around 330,000 prices, there are still some small fluctuations in the Rolex hot models. First of all, Green Water Ghost has also fallen from a maximum of 120,000, and now it is more than 110,000 (no difference in my eyes). Another representative is Yu Wenle Ditona. This watch is also very special. The Chinese public price is 214,700 yuan, but it has already exceeded the public price. It was also pushed to about 240,000 a while ago. ), Recently also dropped to around 220,000. Another piece may be ignored by everyone. The five-bead chain blue black circle, the Chinese public price of 72200 yuan, the highest reached about 160,000. I have seen more than 150,000 a while ago, more than 130,000 a few days ago, and now there are also 120,000 shots. Already. But the rabbit thinks it’s still too expensive, so just wait and see … In fact, as far as I am concerned, I have long been uninterested in the price of popular models, because there are too many good watches and nothing worth tangling, but I can’t stand the readers’ inquiries. Today, I will also treat them as one. Respond. In fact, my judgment is this. Generally, watch models use the Chinese public price as a watershed. As long as I buy it near this price, I default it to be feasible. But more than too much, I have always suggested that you not only know how to give up, or even pay attention to it for a period of time, because too much attention will make people miss the possible scenery (and the less attention, the more opportunity to return the price). For example, Lu Jindi I recommend it to everyone from 180,000 to 190,000 (the public price was 256,600 yuan, and later rose to 27,1200 yuan), but then it was still waiting and watching, the most hesitant stage is that you missed the cheap Unwilling, at the same time watched it continue to rise, continue to remorse. Decisiveness is really a good quality. The premise is to tell yourself that at the moment you start, cut off all thoughts that shouldn’t be there, and whether it goes up or down in the future has nothing to do with you. In fact, from my observations over the past few years, all the hesitations only indicate that I don’t like them enough-in the middle of last year, domestic Rolex could still buy the old blue and black circles at the public price. Rabbit reminded everyone, but no one was speculating And no one chased. After the market rose, everyone flocked. I understand that this is the love of money and the satisfaction of explosive models, not really love this watch. And many people are eagerly looking forward to the collapse of the popular models, which is nothing more than ‘the unwillingness of their own wave of no benefit’, the imbalance of mind has wiped out the fun of buying a watch. Of course, everyone also asked me, what else can I buy without paying attention to the explosion? Look naturally, there will be new models. For example, my favorite Rolex this year has also been recommended to you. Recently, I just started, GMT meteorite. My prediction is that this watch will be followed by a relatively small number of people, but after all, platinum is not the first choice for some people. It is not necessarily the first choice, but this is also an opportunity for people who really like it. (Rabbit decides to withdraw from the competition. This watch Too tough, leave it to the men, and it’s a bit heavy for me). Finding and waiting for a good watch that suits you is far more interesting than chasing mature hot models, and I believe that everyone will slowly appreciate it. Then look back. As far as consumption is concerned, there is nothing that we really miss that will be painful. Let go of our minds, set our minds, and let us go. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

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18k Rose Gold Ladies Watch Omega Butterfly Flying Automatic Mechanical Watch Appreciation

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Omega Butterfly Flying Ladymatic series is one of its most dedicated female watch series. The Ladymatic watch series was launched as early as 1955, and has led the trend of the times, creating a new era of women’s elegant style. This is one of the earliest self-winding watches designed for women by the Omega brand, equipped with the smallest automatic winding movement in the history of Omega. Omega recreates the legend with original design and coaxial innovation technology, giving the Ladymatic name a new meaning. This watch not only allows women to show their personal taste by using the watch, but also equipped with the world’s top series of production mechanical watch movements. Today I will bring you an Omega 18k rose gold female watch.
 Omega Ladymatic 425. watch

 The tragic childhood failed to hide her sweet smile, the flying skirt was deeply engraved in the hearts of every man, she is a classic iconic blond beauty, she is a symbol of sexy goddess and a representative of popular culture, She is a ‘comet beauty’ Marilyn Monroe. The Omega Ladymatic series was born in 1955. Its feminine charm and elegant style have continued for nearly an era, while the contemporary Marilyn Monroe has left an eternal mark on the world with its unique charm and white skirt lifted by the wind.

 The new Ladymatic women’s watch series in 18K red gold adopts a 34mm polished case. The ingenious ceramic ring is located between the outer ring decoration ripple and the inner ring case body. The bezel snowflakes are inlaid with diamonds and shine, such as accompanied by Marilyn? The light of Monroe’s magnesium light shines at all times; the rays of the sun rays radiating from the center to the surroundings on the mother-of-pearl dial are soft and reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s white skirt lifted by the wind. Striking, with 11 diamond hour markers, it shines in the sun; the polished screw-in crown is set with a ‘bright omega-cut’ diamond, which contrasts with the bezel diamonds, and is truly unique; Polished sapphire crystal case back, 8521 coaxial movement providing powerful power is clearly visible.

 Summary: The Ladymatic series is one of the glorious signs of Omega’s rebranding. Not only is the exquisite workmanship and design unusual, the movements and materials used are the most advanced at the time. This is enough to witness the high gold content of this watch, and as a female watch, this is a height that other watch brands cannot reach.
 Watch details reference: omega / 6597 /

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