Aikon Mercury X Only Watch 2019

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Le Méridien presents the new AIKON Mercury watch for the new OnlyWatch charity auction. This ingenious work incorporates patented technology. It is clever and timeless, mysterious, and breathtaking … This unique watch is also the first OnlyWatch with a titanium case. It will be auctioned by Christie’s at the Four Seasons Hotel in Berger, Geneva, Switzerland, on November 9th, and the proceeds will be donated to the Monaco Gastric Continents Myopathies.

   In 2016, Le Méridien launched the AIKON series of watches. In the 1990s, Le Méridien’s iconic design elements returned in glory and iteratively upgraded for the new millennium. The elegant lines of the AIKON series blend with the sharp, sharp-edged contours, matte and polished finishes alternate. Existing AIKON series models focus on guilloché dials to reveal exquisite elegance, while AIKON series Mercury watches draw on the design highlights of the original series models, equipped with transparent sapphire dials, allowing a deep view of dark hollow components. Since the 1990s, hollowed-out dials have become a design feature of Le Méridien. Now they have been re-interpreted with a striking and fashionable atmosphere. They are incorporated into a circular frosted surface facing the center of the dial combined with a hollow sandblasted decorative bridge.

   Le Méridien is renowned for its meticulous design and attention to detail, and the AIKON Mercury is no exception. AIKON’s original bezel and leather strap with the brand’s ‘M’ logo are the classic emblems of this watch series, while the AIKON Mercury watch has lived up to expectations and the appearance has been upgraded again.

   Whenever two toffee pointers intersect, the pointer weight instantly surrounds the ‘M’ logo weight of the hour hand, which is both fun and pleasing. This time display effect seems simple, but it requires the Le Méridien R & D team to complete calculations, computer simulations and prototype prototype trials, to ensure that the pointer can not only hover smoothly on the dial, but also accurately position the center of gravity, When the watch is reset from the upright position, the hands can easily move forward. This unique treasure features white Super-LumiNova and blue coated hands to indicate the hours and minutes, while the teeth, cams and strap stitching are also echoed in blue, highlighting the OnlyWatch 2019 Classic color scheme for the watch.

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Breguet (Breguet) The Fifth Issue Of Ipad Magazine ‘the Embankment Of Watches’ Was Officially Launched

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Breguet Xinyue announced that the fifth issue of the iPad magazine ‘The Embankment of Watches and Clocks’ is officially launched. Please log in to the App Store to download the English version and the French version.

You can also download the 5th Chinese version of ‘The Clock and Bank’ from the official website of Breguet China to explore Breguet’s wonderful world: Catalog-Publications

The fifth issue of ‘The Embankment of Watches and Clocks’ arrives as scheduled, presenting the profound connotation and extreme elegance of Bao Di. The fifth issue of ‘The Embankment of Watches and Clocks’ still continues the narrative style of the previous four issues, subtly blending the interesting story into a beautiful article. The narrative leader founder Abraham-Louis Breguet has created a watch empire on paper, making you feel like you are in the legendary workshop of two centuries ago.

    The fifth issue begins with ‘The Origin of the’ Tradition ‘Series,’ which introduces the past and present of the ‘Tradition’ series. In the ten years since its introduction, the Tradition series has won widespread favor with its novel and unique design. Ancient archives and timepieces constitute Breguet’s precious historical wealth. During the Baselworld 2015, Breguet’s design team took a lot of inspiration from them and launched two masterpieces of timepieces from the series-independent chronographs and 7087 Minute Repeater Tourbillon. The two timepieces have witnessed Breguet’s unremitting efforts to enrich the brand’s complex functions. This article analyzes the structure of two innovative timepieces in detail, and invites you to appreciate the passion that Breguet created when creating these masterpieces.

    In subsequent chapters, the magazine focuses on the story behind the brand. During the Napoleonic Wars, Breguet’s timepieces were known throughout Europe for their extraordinary charm; after the Battle of Waterloo, Mr. Breguet was appointed as the watchmaker of the Royal French Navy, leading Breguet’s development in a broader perspective; The peace situation brought about by the Vienna Conference officially started Breguet’s journey to conquer the world. Breguet has never forgotten history, always adhering to traditional watchmaking techniques, and paying tribute to classics in the name of innovation.

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