Let Your Date Touch Your Heart – An Interview With Mr. Ma Side, Chief Executive Officer Of Jaeger-lecoultre North Asia

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The focus of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new products on SIHH in 2017 undoubtedly falls on the dating series, which is a happy thing for female consumers. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s own watchmaking capabilities do not need to say much, but in the past, men may be more familiar. The dating series actually serves as a bridge for female consumers to Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, allowing more girls to understand Such a powerful watchmaking process at home can also be perfectly integrated with the exquisite appearance. When interviewing Jaeger-LeCoultre, the CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre North Asia this year, he was also proud to say that when you walk into Jaeger-LeCoultre’s stores, there must be one in the dating series that can impress you.

1. From the four new women’s watches released by Pre-SIHH, is this year’s focus on women’s watches?
Ma Sed: Yes, 2016 is the 85th anniversary of Reverso. Our key product lines are on the Reverso series, so the focus of this year can be said to be dating series. The dating series was launched in 2012. This series itself has a variety of choices in different sizes and different materials. This year, I hope to reshape the women’s product line of this series, introducing a combination of exquisite appearance and fun like the wonderful sound. Functional watches, hope to provide more different options for female consumers.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Sonatina Large

2. What are the advantages of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s dating series when so many brands are launching women’s watches?
Masid: The dating series was first developed from the MasterLady 29mm diameter model, and has now produced a rich product line, whether it is functional, simple or complex; from the design, simple or luxury diamond; Groups, mature or young, can actually find their own suit in this series. So we brought Zhao Wei, a contemporary speaker, who is not only a mature and successful female figure, but also very popular with young people. Like the dating series, she can cover a very wide range. This is the advantage of Jaeger-LeCoultre Women’s Watch.
3. What other plans are there for this year besides dating series? What new strategies are there in the product sales market?
Ma Sed: Actually this year’s task is mainly to reshape the product line. In addition to promoting the new products of the dating series, next year we will focus on the master series, so this year can also be considered a transitional year. Although there were fluctuations in the entire watch industry in 2016, in addition to external reasons, the more important thing is that everyone’s taste and aesthetics of the watch have changed. In the past, more people may like large-size, diamond-like, and more public styles. It is more inclined to the classic and less swanky design, and the consumer groups are becoming younger, so many brands have lowered the price of entry models, which are corresponding measures taken as the market changes. But there is another point that I think is very important. It is the heritage of the watch. I used to give her a watch that was owned at the age of 18 as a gift for my daughter’s 16th birthday. She would always wear it and always cherish it. . So no matter how the market fluctuates, the value of the watch is still there, and we will always be full of confidence.
4. Luxury goods themselves emphasize the ‘tonality’ of the brand. Under the current bad environment, many brands have lowered their attitudes to meet market demand. How do you think of the balance between the two?
Ma Sed: Many years ago, luxury brands were more dependent on dealers, relying on them to recommend to customers, and then slowly have their own specialty stores, and have a direct connection with customers, developed to now, and then online Channels and even online customer maintenance, including maintaining old customers and recognizing new customer relationships. These are not just because the environment is not good, but the brand wants to better convey its ideas to our customers. In order to have more interaction with customers, Jaeger-LeCoultre also has a lot of cooperation, such as the annual Shanghai Film Festival, etc., hoping to let more people experience the brand and get the most direct feedback. Only by ensuring that from the early stage to the purchase, after-sales and other aspects to get the best experience, the brand can spread to more people. And Jaeger-LeCoultre has launched online sales channels in Europe, Japan, and the United States. At present, in the Chinese market, the full product line and price can be seen on the official WeChat, then 2017 plans to launch Jaeger-LeCoultre’s online store.
5. Finally, what options would you have if you were asked to recommend a watch for female consumers?
Masid: If it is not limited to new products this year, I will actually have two recommendations. One is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s classic Reverso series. You can choose a style with and without a drill, so that when working during the day, it is simple and generous, and it is turned to the side with a diamond at night. The party is the best match. Another option is the date series tourbillon watch, because the tourbillon is one of the most exquisite high-complexity functions. For a woman who likes a mechanical movement, it has both appearance and inner fusion, and it is highly recognizable when worn. It must also be a different choice.

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