Nomos Four Series Watches Recommended

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Recently I am very interested in NOMOS. I know that NOMOS has four series. Tetra series are square watches, which is easier to understand. Ludwig, Orion, Tangente series are round watches
   TANGENTE, a basic style, designed from the Bauhaus style watch from the 1930s, with curved ears, Arabic numerals and bar hour markers. There are different types of polished and functional movements, different dials, sports models and precious metal cases.
   The difference between LUDWIG and TANGENTE is that the lugs, the case edge and the time mark, the Roman numerals match the railway track time mark, there are not as many varieties as TANGENTE (there is a gold pin version), and they are mostly standard basic movements.
   ORION, different from TANGENTE, has lugs, shell edges and bar-shaped hour markers. In the early years, it was equipped with black and white versions (black-faced gold hands). Now the TANGENTE dial is much more fancy than it. Mainly with standard basic movement.
   TETRA, different from TANGENTE, has a square case and lugs, and the dial is the same (small second dial changed to square). There are different sizes, mainly using standard basic movements.

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