How To Properly Remove The Casio Watch Bracelet

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Newly bought watches often need to be adjusted due to the length of the strap, because the strap is a key part of the watch, which determines the comfort of wearing the watch and the safety of the watch. Casio watches are often taken to repair points for disassembly, but it is not that difficult. Here’s how to properly remove the bracelet of a Casio watch.

  Casio straps have a direction to remove the band section. Generally, there are arrows on the band to indicate the direction in which the studs between the band sections are punched out. It cannot be reversed. The installation direction and the removal direction are opposite. The part of Casio strap with the buckle removed (the short part) should always be above the watch (when the watch is looking, the crown is on the right). The strap does not resemble a human belt, and the mounting orientation is specified.
  The method of disassembling the metal Casio strap is that when the watch is spread out, the letter or logo on the strap discount must be consistent with the dial. If it is reversed, the strap is reversed. You can open the buckle with your thumb, and the butterfly buckle can only be seen if the logo is in line with the dial. The strap is turned upside down.
  There is a discounted Casio strap removal method, because there are many holes on the side to adjust the length of the strap. When indenting the strap, also pay attention to the buckle adjustment section (indentation and release) which side of the strap should not be indented. In this way, the buckle will form a lever force, which makes it very easy to open the strap and easily lose the watch.
  When disassembling the metal Casio strap, it is best to go in even numbers, and the left and right of the buckle must be removed evenly. This can ensure that the buckle is centered and comfortable to wear, especially for women with thin wrists. Pay more attention to this problem when going to the strap section.
  Casio straps Disassemble the spatiotemporal core straps and the bolting of the knots. Generally, the so-called ‘hairpins’ are used. It is relatively easy to loosen and leak out, and the solid core strap is generally connected with the strap by screws or bolts. It may loosen and leak out after a long time, so be sure to check it regularly. The Casio strap can be removed by pushing it with a needle-like object. If the push pin comes out, it is already loose. If the Casio band is dismantled and you notice signs of disassembly, repair it immediately. Some watches particularly love this problem. It is recommended to replace the strap on the case every 7-8 years. That thing is very cheap. It is best to touch the oxidized rubber when installing with screws to ensure its reliability.
  In addition, when disassembling the watch, pay attention to keeping the small parts on the watch. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find the lost parts. The method can be put in a small plastic bag during disassembly. Of course, if the novice is not confident, you can still get the watch repair point to handle it.

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