Iwc 150th Anniversary Special Edition Series Watch Preview

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In December, IWC previewed the anniversary special edition series to be exhibited at the 2018 SIHH in advance to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the upcoming brand. There are 27 limited edition watches, made by Portugal. Series, pilot series, Portofino series and Da Vinci series, which also includes a first digital watch with hours and minutes, inspired by the Pallweber pocket watch in 1884, words Not much to say, let’s take a closer look at each style.

IWC Special Edition ‘150th Anniversary to Pallweber’

   The commemorative special edition series made to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the brand has been prepared for up to 5 years. Although all works belong to different series, there are still some unified style designs. At the scene, Christian Knoop, the creative director of the brand, introduced that, first, the models are equipped with white or blue dials. ‘They are coated with up to 12 layers in complex production processes. High-quality lacquers, polished and ground, and finally need to be embossed several times. Our inspiration is from the enamel dial of the Pallweber pocket watch with a special aesthetic and historical significance. ‘ Models with white dials are equipped with blue hands, while models with blue dials are equipped with rhodium-plated hands. The embossed dial with blue hands is inspired by the first IWC Portuguese watch (model: IW325) in 1939. Second, all models are equipped with a black alligator strap and decorated with the ‘150 Years’ anniversary logo, which is presented in a logo or engraved manner.

Pallweber Hunter Pocket Watch

   Introducing specific works, the first important watch is the special edition of the 150th anniversary of the ‘tribute to Pallweber’. The first digital watch in the history of the brand was born in 1884 when Johann Rauschenbach, then owner of IWC, and Salzburg watchmaker Joseph Pallweber cooperated. He obtained the right to use the Poweber system, and the watch was born. This commemorative work continues the biggest features of the original model-the digital display is equipped with jumping hours and minutes, 6 o’clock second hand display, but at the same time to increase the power reserve function, a new research and development of the 94200 homemade movement. This new movement has two gear train systems, one of which is specifically responsible for the technically demanding digital display. The power of this independent gear train system will not affect the general gear train system, and ultimately achieve precise operation and 60 Hour high power reserve.

IWC Special Edition ‘150th Anniversary’ Portugal Series Constant Power Tourbillon Watch (Model: IW590202)

   The second is the ‘150th Anniversary’ special edition of the Portuguese series constant-power tourbillon watch. Platinum case, white lacquered dial with blue hands, limited to 15 pieces. This watch is equipped with the second new self-made movement, the 94805 movement, with manual winding and a 96-hour power reserve, and for the first time combines a constant-power tourbillon and a simple moon phase profit and loss display, after 577.5 years. Only need to correct one day. The patented constant power mechanism transmits absolutely uniform force impulse to the escapement wheel. In combination with the tourbillon, it can balance the negative impact of gravity on the watch’s swing system, thereby ensuring extremely high accuracy.

IWC Special Edition ‘150th Anniversary’ Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon (Model: IW504501)

   The third model is the ‘150th Anniversary’ special edition of the IWC Portuguese series tourbillon watch. For the first time, IWC combines the perpetual calendar and tourbillon device. The timepiece features an 18K gold case with a white lacquered dial and blue hands, limited to 50 pieces. Here comes the third newly-developed movement-51950 homemade movement. The tourbillon consists of 82 parts and weighs only 0.635 grams. In order to make it clearly visible at ’12 o’clock’, the watch designer opened the calendar to advance the ring, thereby integrating the moon phase at ‘6 o’clock’ The moon phase profit and loss position is displayed. The automatic winding system uses a pure gold oscillating weight and has a 7-day power reserve.

IWC Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition (Model: IW459304)
Wearing the 36th ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition of the Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic, white gold and diamonds

   The fourth model is naturally loved by girls. The diamond-set gold Da Vinci Women’s Watch and the Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition, with 18K red gold case, white lacquered dial and blue Color hands, limited to 50 pieces. The watch is equipped with a moon phase profit and loss display at the ’12 o’clock’ position. The case and the movable lugs are set with 206 flawless diamonds totaling 2.26 carats.
Da Vinci Automatic 150th Anniversary Special Edition (Model: IW358102)

Da Vinci Automatic 150th Anniversary Special Edition Blue and White Dial

   The last one is a special edition of the ‘150th Anniversary’ of Da Vinci automatic watch, equipped with a small second hand at the ‘6 o’clock’ position, for the first time to launch the new IWC 82200 homemade movement. This extraordinary watch has a stainless steel case, a blue lacquered dial and rhodium-plated hands, limited to 500 pieces. It is equipped with a fourth brand-new self-made caliber 82200, a newly developed automatic movement with a Pellaton winding system, which provides a 60-hour power reserve. For highly wound components such as detents or cams, they are made of almost wear-free ceramic materials. Through the skeleton rotor, the wearer can admire the movement decorated with beadwork and Geneva stripes.

   At the end, everyone may be confused. The pilot and Portofino did not appear in this anniversary series. In fact, we have already seen it in the preview, but the brand hopes to leave a suspense for everyone. By 2018 It will appear at the SIHH watch exhibition in January. In addition, the brand also officially announced that the new factory will officially open next year. I believe that it should bring more technical support to IWC, watch fans friends look forward to it!

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Yibo Brand New Logo Enabled

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As we all know, revising the logo of a mature brand is a big deal. In 2003, the EBO brand logo was revised for the first time. Today, ten years later, the Ebol logo has been revised again. Tao Li, general manager of Ebo Boutique (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., said that the new logo is richer in meaning and deeper in meaning. This is not an external pressure, but the pursuit of its own brand value. At the same time, Epo has launched the fifth five-year strategy-boutique strategy, which is a new journey for Epo to optimize the growth mode.

下午 On the afternoon of June 27, 2013, ‘Special Art Started Elegant Life-New Proposition of Ebol Brand • New Logo • New Product Launch Conference’ was held at the 24th Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair. For China’s flagship watch brand Ebo, the bid change after a lapse of ten years means a brand new start. With the official launch of the new logo, the once well-known ‘Forever Sincerity is always true and lingering’ has been loaded into the history book of EBO. At the Yibo brand conference, Tao Li, general manager of Yibo, interpreted the brand’s new proposition.

Engineer means design, manufacturing, especially structural design, process design, and engineering manufacturing. Elegance means elegance, especially temperament and attitude. To interpret ‘Engineered Elegance’ in Chinese means ‘fine art starts elegant life’. Tao Li said: ‘This sentence has two meanings: the first meaning is self-excusement, and the other is advocacy.’
In the watch industry, China is generally considered to be a big country in watch manufacturing, but it is also a weak country in manufacturing. Tao Li pointed out that the revision of the Yibo logo was not due to external pressure, but originated from its own pursuit. ”Made in China’ has been branded with low quality and low price, but SWISS MADE has been labeled by people as expensive but value for money. Ebo is to use the Swiss brand as a new benchmark and learn from their excellence Attitude and watchmaking skills are dedicated to consumers, which are comparable to the Swiss brands, and use ‘good products made in China’ and ‘high-end manufacturing in China’ to achieve sustainable development of national brands. ‘
Tao Li also said that the great social and economic development has changed people’s consumption ideas and attitudes to life. Watches have gradually become a symbol of taste. Consumers have also paid more attention to watch product quality and cultural connotation. Ideas, business ideas and profit models should inevitably change as well.

‘What Yibo wants to do is to start from the beginning, practice the growth methods of designing boutiques, manufacturing boutiques, promoting boutiques, and selling boutiques, vigorously promote an elegant lifestyle, and actively promote the transformation of Chinese consumption into boutiques.’ Say.
In addition, Yibo’s new LOGO still uses the original five English letters-EBOHR. Except for a slight adjustment of the font shape, the brand DNA contained in it continues to be inherited. The first two letters E and B are the prefixes of Everlasting and Brand, which means ‘permanent brand’; the third letter O is the prefix of Outstanding innovation, which means ‘outstanding innovation’; the fourth letter H is the Honest team The first letter of the word ‘Meaning the integrity team’; the fifth letter R is the prefix of ‘Reliable products’, which means ‘reliable products’. The EBOHR brand DNA is represented by the five English letters of EBOHR, and its complete meaning is: ‘Relying on outstanding innovation, a team of integrity and reliable products to achieve a successful brand.’
It is reported that EBOHR has added a new “Double E” brand logo to EBOHR in this logo revision. Its originality is derived from the two English prefixes of “Engineered Elegance”. After the addition of a new logo, the brand identity of the main brand ‘Yibo’ and its sub-brands ‘Kana’ and ‘Yufei’ formed a consistent visual system, and emphasized that Ebo and Kana and Yufei have different positioning The multi-brand architecture is also the same Ebo brand family.
In this launch event, Ebolt introduced the first new products to be launched after the brand’s new image was launched: the Legend of Masters series. According to reports, the master legend series watch is completed by the elite team of Ebo Zhongrui. It integrates the aesthetic commonality between the East and the West in design, and creates eternal value image with many classic elements. It also presents the perfect craftsmanship and excellence of the watch with perfect details Quality has become an eye-catching appearance after the transformation of Yibo Huamei.

   Based on the new concept of “making a good watch”, taking the Swiss brand as the new benchmark, and taking the market segment as the new guide, Yibo vigorously promoted the new process of product upgrading. The launch of the new brand identity and brand proposition marks a new starting point for Yibo to bid farewell to the traditional development model and to practice professional and sustainable scientific development concepts.

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