Summer Is Still Hot. Diving Watch Comes To The Rescue.

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Spring in Beijing is very short. The weather in March and April is already comparable to summer. T-shirts and dresses can finally say goodbye to bloated and light clothing. As the weather gets warmer, the same is true for watches. Time to change to a ‘refreshing’ watch for the hot summer.
TAG Heuer Diving Series WAY2150.BD0911

Product model: WAY2150.BD0911
Domestic public price: 36050
Watch diameter: 40.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Calibre 5
Case material: stainless steel / 18k rose gold, unidirectional rotating bezel
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: 752 7733 4135-07 4 24 64EB

Product Model: 01 752 7733 4135-07 4 24 64EB
Watch diameter: 45.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Oris 752
Case material: Multi-piece stainless steel, minute scale ceramic top ring
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: oris / 61538 /
Watch Comments: In addition to the stainless steel bracelet, rubber is also a good choice. The multi-piece stainless steel and minute scale ceramic bezel are very delicate and rich in quality. A touch of ocean deep blue adds a coolness to the hot summer. The watch uses a self-winding movement with a water resistance of 300 meters and a 38-hour power reserve, which is very powerful. The strap design is also very practical. The buckle is provided with an extended safety folding buckle setting to give the wrist a better wearing comfort.
Longines Sports Series L3.340.4.96.6

Product model: L3.340.4.96.6
Watch diameter: 34 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Movement model: L156
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: longines / 42965 /
Watch Reviews: The watch is 34mm in diameter, a watch that is suitable for women. The strong diving style brings a cool personality to girls. A touch of blue dial, refreshing and clean, the classic layout is simple and practical, and the iconic diving bezel, the classic design will be versatile. The watch has a water resistance of 300 meters, a double-fold safety buckle, a diving extension device, durable steel, and does not sweat easily. I believe it will bring you a coolness in this hot summer.

Summary: general metal watches will be a good choice in summer, clear and cool, even if you sweat, you don’t need to worry about damaging the strap. In the hot summer, go to the beach to swim in the water, it is very convenient to choose a diving watch Waterproof and durable frequently.

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Earl’s New Concept Boutique Landed In Taipei 101 Tower

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Recently, Piaget’s brand-new concept boutique, the world’s top jewelry and watch brand, has made a strong landing in Taipei 101 Building. On the opening day, the guests came to cut the ribbon for the new store.
Guests cut the ribbon for the new concept store
 In addition to Mr. Philippe Léopold-Metzger, Earl’s Global Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Dimitri Gouten, President of Earl’s Asia Pacific Region, came to Taiwan to attend the event. Earl also invited the international superstar Liang Yongqi to dress up to add starlight to the ribbon-cutting event and witness the Earl’s shining legend New page. On the evening of the event, Piaget created a splendid feast of top VIPs, showing Piaget’s luxury special treats.
Piaget’s New Concept Store Settles in Taipei 101
 This Piaget concept store is the first specialty store in Taiwan to adopt a new architectural aesthetic, and will lead all consumers to experience Piaget’s classic treasures together. Unique design pattern, delicate interpretations in many modern-style interior furnishings, so that every guest visiting Piaget deeply feels the core value of Piaget brand, whether it is the comparison of the use of natural building materials, the choice of unique lighting, or It is an exquisite window design, and then displays Piaget’s perfect requirements for luxury texture and meticulous workmanship. It fully echoes Piaget’s exquisite craftsmanship of fine watches and top jewelry.
 Liu Yuxuan, General Manager of Piaget Taiwan, said: ‘I’m very happy. We have introduced Piaget’s first new concept boutique to our guests in Taipei. This shop is another masterpiece of Piaget following Oriental Mandarin’s new concept flagship store. The market power of boutique consumer products is highly valued by the brand’s headquarters. ” Earl has always spared no effort in the creation of fine jewelry and watches, in order to provide collectors with more refined consumer experience, this time the boutique opened, Piaget will invite honored customers Witness a new chapter in Piaget’s beauty, through perfect persistence everywhere, savor the superb craftsmanship and experience the luxurious shopping experience. ‘
 At the same time, in order to celebrate the new opening of Piaget’s new concept store, Piaget will specially launch the Couture Précieuse series released in SIHH in January this year by air from Switzerland to Taiwan to offer Taiwan VVIP exclusive appreciation. The Piaget Rose series once again shows the Piaget brand jewelry craftsmanship gene and romantic character, transfigured into beautiful jewelry.
Brand new building experience
崭 The brand new space of Taipei 101 boutique is loyal to Piaget’s openness, tolerance and innovative soul, leading visitors to explore Piaget’s treasures. The extremely bright and simple architectural design complements the creation itself and is a modern and harmonious unique display space. It witnesses the brand’s exquisite skills in the two major areas of high-end watches and jewelry, which are unique and unique. The furnishings in the store are designed by Christine Querlioz, an architect from Atelier Sasha Architects in Paris, showing the brand’s new architectural style. Stunning interior furnishings with multiple exploration areas (tripod stands covered with dome glass covers showing entry jewellery), fascinating surprises (display windows with theater activity tracks, display jewelry can be recycled Mobile), or a collection of brand history (the Earl family, a selection of Hollywood celebrity photos since the 1970s). Leather and oak tables, large gold and smoky curtains, and black lacquered, green rust, and slightly shimmering pearly carpets-a warm, luxurious atmosphere created by exquisite monochromatic media , I am born for every moment of pure and joyful visit. ‘Everywhere, I play with the contrast between bright and matte, so that the light can be brought alive and interact with the media used.’ Architect Christine Querlioz said that the new sensory feast is rigid and soft. Economic beauty.
New boutique concept from Piaget image
Earl’s Boutique Taipei 101 3F
The brand-new design concept store has a modern architectural configuration, which makes the top craftsmanship and the elegance of the Monarch in parallel, perfectly harmonizing the legendary rich assets of the brand. The brand-based creative culture and extraordinary uniqueness also shine in the details painted by the new concept. Christine Querlioz’s new design concept is a travel invitation to the Earl World, conveying the core value of the Earl family. The brand-new furnishing space is well-built and elegant, and the atmosphere in it is far beyond the appearance, which reflects the elegant origin of the brand from Switzerland. Whether it is the contrast of bright and matte building materials, or the choice of unique projection theater lights, it outlines the unique and elegant side of Piaget; with black and gold as the main color, some inspiration from the Vienna Separatist art The subtle touch of luxury during the Viennese Secession period, the new decoration concept will strengthen the luxurious texture of each creation and the meticulous work of generosity. Creates a rich and delicate environment, a subtle yet simple yet luxurious subtle blend of brilliance, the radiance of the new furnishings, and the subtle differences in the halo are captured without any omission, forming a personality covering the comprehensive characteristics of Piaget spectrum.
 From the exterior walls decorated with black, gold, and blue mosaic tiles to green rust-colored walls, or oak-colored woven furniture, exquisite humanistic details are revealed everywhere, showing the deep connection between Piaget and traditional techniques; The design is like a large jewellery box decorated with gold leaf strips. Visitors are invited to experience the magical beauty of Piaget and pay tribute to the value of old craftsmanship. This styling concept originated from the previous chain makers. When the finished master or rough embryo model was received from the master of the workshop, it was stored in a similar jewelry box, and this tradition has been almost lost today. Piaget Taipei 101 Boutique will lead you to distinguished guests and enter a brand new world dedicated to Piaget’s extraordinary beauty. With the honorable view, the new legendary page will be opened!

Gigi Leung Performs Earl Couture Precieuse
Liang Yongqi’s temperament appeared romantically and elegantly, a wonderful interpretation of Piaget’s top luxury
 The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new Earl of Concept boutique in Taipei 101 was opened. The distinguished international superstar Liang Yongqi was invited to attend the ribbon-cutting guest, and Mr. Philippe Léopold-Metzger, Earl’s Global Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Dimitri Gouten, Earl’s Asia Pacific President, and General Manager of Earl Taiwan Liu Yuxuan opened the perfect chapter for the opening ceremony together. Liang Yongqi wears a full set of jewelry of the Couture Précieuse series, presenting a romantic elegance.
 Liang Yongqi is very excited about the invitation. She is happy to say that she has always been a lover of Piaget. The elegant and noble and creative design style of Piaget made her most fascinated, especially the Piaget Rose series inspired by Yves Piaget Rose. The jewellery and watch works made her seem to be able to smell the strong scent of roses. I really wanted to ask my husband to propose to her again with the earl’s ring.

 She has also worked happily with Piaget several times in the past. Last week, she attended the Hong Kong Golden Awards as the guest of honor, that is, she chose to wear Piaget’s top jewelry to shine on the red carpet. Regarding the goods worn at the event this time, Liang Yongqi said: ‘I learned that the Couture Précieuse jewelry worn today was only released a few months ago, especially for the first time that the event was shipped from Swiss Air In Taiwan, its design concept is to take the weaving flower element in the high-end custom uniform, so that the jewelry becomes the diamond-like weaving flower of the second layer of skin. Everyone says that jewelry is a woman’s best friend. When you wear it, I feel this sentence The true meaning of the words. ‘
 When seeing Piaget’s new concept store, Liang Yongqi exclaimed: ‘Very luxurious and noble, beyond the pattern of ordinary boutiques. It is basically like a mansion. The unique architectural concept and the design ingenuity of many small corners in the store provide A very comfortable and elegant shopping environment. ‘
Earl Global CEO Mr. Philippe Leopold-Metzger arrives in Taiwan to attend the opening event

Xie Yifen attended the VIP dinner of Piaget 101 Boutique as the opening performance guest
Supermodels perform Piaget high jewelry and watches
Celebrities gather classic retro style
 For the grand opening of the new concept store, Piaget specially transported thousands of Piaget exclusive Yves Piaget Rose to Taiwan to create a top dinner full of rich romantic floral fragrance and exclusive Piaget guests. Wang Yiren and Li Qianrong were all dressed up to attend the feast. The banquet kicked off with the superb dance skills of tap dancers, followed by a group of models led by the supermodel Li Xiaohan and interpreted Piaget’s top-of-the-line jewellery in a classic 20s retro and luxurious atmosphere. On the stand, Janet (Xie Yifen), an artist who held a rock symphony concert of ‘Crazy Rock and Hard Taiwan’ with Luo Dayou on the National Concert Hall, once again showed the countless exquisite violin playing skills for Piaget. Amazing cross-border performance. Yif, a mysterious and magical artist from France, dedicated his first boutique dinner show to the count, and led guests into a journey of exhilarating fantasy through the magic of Yves Piaget Rose. After Ye Jinling’s golden voice, she dressed in an elegant fashion and sang the first classic track with charm. The wonderful feast gathered by celebrities this night also marked the perfect period in the fascinating singing.
New architectural pattern, ultimate luxury experience and service
 Earl of Piaget, a Swiss luxury watch and jewellery brand, is located in one of Taipei’s most iconic landmarks, the boutiques of Taipei 101 International Shopping Center, and held a grand celebration on April 19. This store is the first store in Taiwan to adopt a new architectural concept. It is based on Taipei 101 with a collection of famous products. With a macro international perspective, it perfectly displays the essence of Piaget’s classic high-end jewelry and watch creation. Service and the ultimate luxury shopping experience.
 More Piaget watch information: piaget /

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