Eberhard & Co’s New Chrono 4 Géant Watch

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Eberhard & Co. launches its new Chrono 4 Géant titanium watch, a stainless steel version of which was released last year at the prestigious BaselWorld Watch & Jewellery Show clock .
The launch of this new 1887 titanium special limited edition watch is to commemorate the company’s founding year, explore the world of titanium, and become a source of brand innovation and inspiration.

The Chrono 4 Géant limited edition titanium watch not only inherits its previous style representing strength, sturdiness and vitality, and every design detail has a powerful and decisive influence. This is a watch with extremely explosive power. An unforgettable 46 mm diameter titanium case, polished and polished, locked with PVD-treated screws and engraved with the name of the series Chrono 4 Géant and ‘never forget who you are Who are you ‘motto. Water-resistant to 200 meters, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, Chrono 4 Géant titanium version is specially lined with black dial, round metal plate is decorated with Côte de Genève, with 6 black screws, inscribed with red ‘E’ Sign.

The applique fluorescent hour markers and the central seconds hand are very eye-catching, embellished with black and spiral-shaped counters, in sharp contrast. In addition, the limited edition Chrono 4 Géant can be optionally equipped with a vertical pit pattern rubber strap or a titanium ‘Chimère’ strap, which once again demonstrates the power and vitality of the series.
Source: Eberhard

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Simple Way To Determine Whether A Nomos Watch Is Magnetized

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A simple way to determine whether a watch is magnetized. Many netizens ask, what are the symptoms of nomos watches and other brands of watches being magnetized? Experts from the website of the watch home website said that the watch is generally fast if it is magnetized, and it will stop if it is severe. If the hairsprings are sucked together, the watch will go faster, about 2 hours / day, and the steel parts are most easily magnetized, including the escapement wheel and fork, as well as the hairspring and magnetic force. Will affect and disturb the oscillation cycle of the balance wheel. In today’s daily life, strong magnetic fields can be seen everywhere. The most typical is the magnetic buckle of a leather bag. Most of that thing is made of aluminum iron boron. It has a very large magnetism and various electrical appliances. Therefore, watches are easily unknow Already. The easiest way to judge is to lay it flat with a sensitive point compass. Then quickly and repeatedly watch the watch over the top of the compass, this action also needs to change the watch a few more positions, and then repeat …….
    As long as the compass needle moves. This indicates that the watch has been magnetized. Demagnetization can be done. The principle of the demagnetizer is to generate an alternating magnetic field. If you put the watch in this magnetic field, it will be demagnetized; if it is a constant magnetic field, it will be magnetized. Demagnetizers can be bought or can be made by yourself. General professional stores have demagnetization services. Anti-magnetic watches are usually marked, and the anti-magnetic components are the core ring or core cover made of soft iron.
Important: Keep your watch away from magnetic fields! For example, if you use an LCD monitor with a computer or TV, there is almost no magnetic field effect; you must be careful when using a CRT monitor, especially when turning on and off, do not stay near the screen! Not even antimagnetic watches!

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