Famouran Brand Ambassador Zhang Zhilin Visits Watchmaking Workshop

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Famouran Brand Ambassador Zhang Zhilin and his beloved wife Yuan Yongyi started the journey of watchland watchmaking workshop, experiencing the essence of high-end watchmaking, and discovering this mysterious machine belonging to the master of complex functions, Famulan World and magnificent treasures of time.

 Zhang Zhilin, who has been the ambassador for the Franck Mulan since 2013, is a Hong Kong superstar with numerous film and television songs and awards. He is well known for his gentle and handsome image. Zhang Mulin is favored by Fa Mulan’s exquisite craftsmanship and creative thinking. Both sides share a common passion for extraordinary innovation, striving for breakthroughs, elegant taste and traditional craftsmanship. This trip is also the most exciting and anticipated journey of tracing the origins of Zhang Zhilin’s years as the ambassador of Franco Mulan, so it is of special significance.

     In 1995, Famulan set a new milestone by setting up the Watchland watchmaking workshop in the small town of Genthod, Geneva. Many famous artists and thinkers have been attracted to and lived in this paradise. Together with its spectacular views of Lake Geneva to the MontBlanc Mountains, and the spectacular views of the Alps, this land is even more prominent. After being renovated and rebuilt, the manor has become a unique watchmaking workshop where the case, dial, mirror and even the movement can be produced by themselves.

     At the Watchland Watchmaking Workshop, strolling through the time corridor, Zhang Zhilin watched the watch’s watchmaking process from substrate polishing to ultra-complex advanced watchmaking. The well-organized and elaborate production techniques, including the amazing patience and professional skills required for these steps, such as decoration and assembly, all reflect Famouran’s passion for creating excellent timepieces.

     Under the guidance of Patrice Couston, the chief watchmaker of the tourbillon workshop, Zhang Zhilin challenged the assembly of the Vanguard Gravity watch. After completing the assembly in person, Zhang Zhilin couldn’t help marveling at the complexity and difficulty of completing a watch, and sincerely lamented that the Franck Muller watch is not only an exquisite thing on the wrist, but also an art worthy of collection.

     Vanguard Gravity blends with sports design style, with perfect and smooth lines, fully showing the watch’s unparalleled power. The new tourbillon frame concept is made of aluminum. The traditional tourbillon bridge and pillars have become harmonious and marvelous ovals, with diameters of 21.2 mm and 7.7 mm, respectively. The 14mm eccentric balance wheel makes this unusual tourbillon more distinctive.
 The rubber on the bottom of the strap perfectly matches the wrist shape, making the overall design of this watch more harmonious and pleasing. The strap is available in a variety of materials, including fabric and crocodile leather. Available in titanium and 18K rose gold, or white gold, and the bridge is available in six vibrant colors. The watch is inspired by the astronomical world and fully reflects the idea of ​​the future.

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