30 Kunlun The Golden Tube Watches

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On the 55th anniversary of the brand’s founding today, Kunlun has selected three contemporary museum collections to recreate and reinterpret life-giving; in addition to proving the brand’s heritage of clock and watch design In addition to contemporary innovation and superb technology, it also once again highlights the classic reproduction of the immortal legend, evoking a good time of nearly half a century.

    Since the establishment of the brand Kunlun in 1955, René Bannwar has set his ambitions and promised to be a pioneer in technical leadership in watchmaking. This decision also allowed him to develop and create many amazing representative works in the future; such as ROMVLVS (Roman lettering series), Admiral’s Cup (Admiral series), Golden Bridge (golden bridge series) with extreme craft performance, etc. Kunlun did not choose to completely express the endless creative spirit of its brand with male models, but interpreted the perfect interpretation through several female models that were added later. In 2010, with this rare brand anniversary, a limited edition collection of museum collections-the treasures set was launched, allowing the world to be touched by its dazzling light again, returning and recreating its extraordinary achievements.
    The first watch in this classic museum collection series, the Golden Tube; dates back to 1957, this simple yet imaginative geometric design embodies the unparalleled elegance and unique elegance of the 1950s It also perfectly reflects the contemporary popular spirit of the early 20th century. The design concept of ‘The Golden Tube’ is derived from Hubert de Givenchy, the most influential top design master in French fashion in the name of pure, perfect, classic lines and top fabrics, published by Hubert de Givenchy in 1957. The dress ‘Sack Dress’ is a curved straight dress. Note: This dress appeared in the well-known movie ‘Tiffany Breakfast’ and was worn by the leading American Hollywood actress-Audrey Hepburn.
    ‘The Golden Tube’-with a look similar to ‘Cuff-Watch’, presenting a 14.5mm diameter and 31mm length watch or jewelry accessories; it is different from the specifications of the previous system and subverts the past And using a ‘Lucky Charm’ concept of accessories, like a hand-pulled through the strap, and can slide freely up and down along the strap. And this elegant and small box, the appearance is completely covered by top-level gems, forming a line of vertical shining and moving diamond lines; The Golden Tube is a total of 342 gems inlaid and decorated, weighing a total of 3.58 carats, of which The focus is on the clever arrangement of the horizontal crown at 12 o’clock and the white domed mother-of-pearl dial; the dial is topped with three top diamonds at 3 and 6 o’clock At 9 o’clock, the case is available in white gold with a crocodile leather strap and a rose gold strap. There are a limited edition of 30 pieces worldwide.
Golden Tube 2010: NT $ 880,000 in Taiwan (White gold, mother-of-pearl face plate)
    This replica collection of museum treasures will be published for the first time in the Kunlun watch brand stores-(Geneva, Hong Kong and Shanghai); and after November 2010, select 10 global overseas points of sale in limited quantities.

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