Interpretation Of The Beauty Of Elegant Machinery 2015 Watch And Miracle Montblanc New Product Summary

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As the fireworks of Victoria Harbour National Day have dried up, the third ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Exhibition is also coming to an end. Montblanc, a famous Swiss watchmaking brand, creates sincerity with unique creativity and superb technology. It combines elegant tradition, innovative spirit and excellent craftsmanship, showing the brand’s pursuit and determination to uphold tradition, adhere to style and high-end development.
Montblanc Heritage Collection Perpetual Calendar Sapphire Watch

    Montblanc Heritage Collection Perpetual Calendar Sapphire Watch is made of 18K rose gold and has a circular dial with a diameter of 39 mm and a thickness of only 10.24 mm. With smooth lines and harmonious proportions, it combines the delicate case with the slightly curved lugs. Perfect combination to create the best fit to the wrist. The bezel and case back are polished, and the middleware is satin-finished. The light-smoky sapphire crystal transparent dial clearly displays the perpetual calendar display function and the unique moon phase window. It also gives the mechanical watch an elegant and refined artistic aesthetic.
   In order to present the mechanical secrets of complication watches to watch enthusiasts, and to fully interpret the perpetual calendar watch’s error-free display of the year, month, calendar’s outstanding ability and technical mysteries, Montblanc ingeniously uses a sapphire crystal transparent dial for this calendar. On the sapphire watch: the round grained main plate, functional components, especially the mechanical cam that accurately calculates the month and the leap month, the moon phase wheel, and the correction lever and beating device for fixing the position of the blue steel hands in the small dials. Unclear presentation.
For more details, please click: Montblanc Watchmaker pays tribute to this pioneering explorer by creating a second watch named after Vasco da Gama. The 18K white gold Villeret Cylindrical Tourbillon Night Sky Geosphères watch combines a cylindrical tourbillon and a unique world time display to tell the story of Vasco da Gama’s voyage through the two hemisphere night sky in a precise and gorgeous way.
   The various components of the 18K gold dial are patchy and very modern. Inspired by the creative north-south hemispheres, Montblanc designers boldly chose round shapes and round finishes to create this watch. The upper part of the dial is dark black and is decorated with aventurine, forming the perfect background of the tourbillon and its curved concave polished tourbillon bridge, as deep and quiet as the night sky. The lower part of the dial is dark gray, decorated with two spheres and a three-dimensional compass rose design showing the hometown. The hands above the design are decorated with a ‘lily’ shape to indicate the hours.
For more details, please click: Borrowing the 3rd ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Exhibition, Montblanc launches a new 18K rose gold Taipan Heritage Collection calendar watch, condensing Taipan series of inspiration, classic design and extreme craftsmanship The legendary Taipan family of the brand soul adds another glory.
   The diameter of the watch is 39 mm and the thickness is 9 mm. The precise depiction of the details makes the practical functions of the watch perfectly integrated with the design of the times. The watch uses a micro-arch dial and is decorated with radial patterns to create the best. visual feeling. The 12 o’clock position is decorated with Roman numerals; the hour scale is made of faceted wedge-shaped inlays with different lengths, and the calendar window at 3 o’clock is made of matte. In addition, to further highlight the charm of timing, the classic pointer design has become an indispensable element. Montblanc uses toffee-style gold-plated hour and minute hands. Its slim style and delicate dial facets complement each other, creating a high degree of discrimination and reflecting the beauty of time rhythm.
For more details, please click: Montblanc created new Bao Xi Yue Yuan series watches with creative inspiration and extreme watchmaking technology. The new rose gold watch inherits the classic design style of Bao Xi series: the case lines are simple and soft, faceted The lugs are slightly curved, and the curves of the floral Arabic numerals are graceful. They are engraved on the dial with a diameter of 36 mm. The elegant and elegant appearance design and the complex functions of the independently developed movement show the optimism and confidence of Ms. Baoxi. independent.
   Twelve full moon crescent windows at 12 o’clock and moon phase display windows at 6 o’clock echo each other. Day and night change, and the seasons change. Time travels between the lack of the bright moon and flows above the graceful style of the wrist. 90 finely faceted silver-white machine-engraved dials are lined with graceful floral Arabic numerals, which echo the leaf-shaped hands and present a natural and dynamic vitality. The crown is also inlaid with a Montblanc’s unique star-shaped diamond, showing the noble and elegant feminine charm.
For more details, please click: 238

    Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronograph Two-Date Timepiece Gamma Limited Edition is equipped with a super practical and complicated function developed by Montblanc Watch Factory. It can simultaneously display the time in the second time zone (local time) and the time zone of the wearer’s departure time zone. At the 12 o’clock position of this limited edition watch, the center of the time zone of the departure time zone is decorated with the southern hemisphere night sky. Corresponding to this starry sky that guides Vasco da Gama, a miniature world map with a three-dimensional effect can be found at the second time zone counter at 6 o’clock, and we sincerely invite the wearer to travel around the world.
   This watch is designed for travellers. The silver-white dial is decorated with a sun-patterned pattern and is set with eleven faceted gold-plated indexes. The dial is inspired by Vasco da Gama’s voyage, and the sophisticated chronograph dial. The first is located at 12 o’clock, which is closely related to the time of departure. Its center is decorated with a beautiful view of the night sky with the Southern Cross as the background. In response to the starry sky that guides the advance of Vasco da Gama, the second small dial is located at 6 o’clock, and the slightly curved shape is engraved with a miniature world map. Through its three-dimensional effect, people can fully appreciate the model The watch sincerely invites the wearer to take the wonderful meaning of traveling around the world.
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   Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Annual Calendar Da Gama Diamond Edition features a silver-white dial with a beautifully decorated sun-pattern pattern and appliqué scales. It is set in an 18K rose gold case with a diameter of only 9.5 mm and a diameter of 40 mm. It is set with 72 brilliant models. The bezel lines of the cut diamond are classic and smooth. Slightly turning the wrist, the watch refracts thousands of rays of light, like a bright constellation shining in the night sky, especially like the little star light of the Southern Cross in the Milky Way.

   The watchmaker simplifies the reading time through the almanac watch, so that the wearer only needs to manually set the date once on the morning of March 1 of the year. At other times, as long as the watch is fully wound and functioning properly, this complex device can automatically ensure that all calendar-related functions have the required settings and accurately display calendar information.
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    Montblanc Heritage Precision Chronometer Series Tourbillon Minute Chronograph Express Gamma Diamond Edition combines the short-time timing function with the patented tourbillon to ensure absolute accuracy, highlighting the superior and sophisticated timing function. The most striking feature of this limited edition watch is undoubtedly its exquisite decorative craftsmanship. The 44mm white gold case, with a bezel set with 76 diamonds, and the polished satin finish make this watch even more prominent. Elegant and dazzling.
   The dial’s multi-layer structure and elegant finish highlight the two complex functions of the watch. The most striking thing is undoubtedly the oscillation of the balance wheel, which rotates once a minute to inspire people’s curiosity about the function of the mysterious tourbillon. The dial is decorated with a dark blue aventurine, which is particularly eye-catching. Numerous small dots represent the starry night sky and symbolize the southern hemisphere starry sky that guides Vasco da Gama.
For more details, please click: The above is the information related to the 2015 “Clocks and Miracles” watch exhibition prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. We will continue to offer more, More intuitive exhibition reports, please pay attention.
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