Movado Time-limited Art Museum Officially Unveiled, Experience The Extraordinary Charm Of Artistic Innovation Together

On August 7, 2018, the MOVADO Time-Limited Art Museum held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the atrium on the first floor of Beijing Xidan Joy City Shopping Center (131 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing). At the same time, it announced the cooperation with Chinese visual artist Lin Zinan, integrating artistic creation with watch design, and jointly achieving innovative and sustainable development, and launched a new theme for the autumn and winter advertising brand—without “numerous” constraints, and more self (Don ´t Let Numbers Define You). Once again, Movado’s strong spiritual desire to show his own personality is presented.

Mary Leach, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, Movado Group (second from right)
Executives of Jingdong Mall, Xidan Joy City and Lin Zinan perform ribbon-cutting activities

Mary Leach, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of MOVADO

 MOVADO Mary Leach, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of MOVADO Group, said: ‘This cooperation fully demonstrates our love for visual arts, and also reflects MOVADO consumers’ appreciation of iconic design. This design can be expressed through a unique museum dial. ‘

Lin Zinan in artistic creation

  Lin Zinan, visual artist. His creative style combines traditional and modern forms, showing his imaginative, psychedelic, surreal, delicate and strong personal artistic style. MOVADO has been working closely with world-renowned artists for over 137 years of history, and has created countless fine works of art. This collaboration with visual artist Lin Zinan is an extraordinary new attempt.

Mr. Lin Zinan spoke

  During the event, the host invited visual artist Lin Zinan to take the stage. Mr. Lin Zinan said: ‘I believe in the concept of eternal time. These paintings reflect my views on a multi-dimensional and unparalleled universe. Infinite possibilities, no limit in every cycle. Everything must be reborn. Time is like a black hole, without time, without a beginning, without an end, just like a point on the clock face of a museum. ‘

Movado Product History Wall in Museum

  Lin Zinan applied his unique artistic insights to the strap design of the MOVADO Red Label series watches, creating 6 artistic straps with an artistic atmosphere. On the day of the Beijing MOVADO limited-time art museum, Mr. Lin Zinan appeared with three watch designs. These three watches will be auctioned in the JD.Com mall, and all proceeds from the auction will be donated to the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund.

Insights from photographers

  Famous photographers analyze the visual effects of MOVADO Movado watches from the perspective of cinematography. ‘Time is like a label. Movado watches combine old sense of history with modern modernity, which attracts the eye and has a low-key and deep connotation. . ‘

MOVADO × ZINAN Limited Edition Graffiti Watch

  The black, which represents the infinite universe, is incorporated into the design of the strap. From the perspective of transcending reality, the superimposed landforms are superimposed, presenting the theme of not being bound by reality, and opening up infinite possibilities.

‘Infinite’ Watch Works

Mr. Lin Zinan ‘Limited Packaging Design of Chinese Elements’
  The co-branded MOVADO created an ‘infinite’ watch work, showing the artist’s high-level, high-conscious consciousness exploration. ‘People flow with time and cannot predict their destiny. But in a high-dimensional parallel universe, you can see the flowering period in full bloom at a glance, the change of landforms, and the coexistence of day and night.’ Bound. As long as you go forward, you have unlimited possibilities.

Mr. Lin Zinan watching the works

Watches in museums

Watches in museums

  Movado’s limited-time art museum incorporates ‘black’ technology at the scene, which reflects that the watch era and technology start at the same time and advance with the times, attracting many visitors to experience.

‘Black’ technology in the museum

Mary Leach, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, Movado Group
Executives from JD Mall, Xidan Joy City and Lin Zinan toast to the event

  This event continues to be exhibited until 10: 00-22: 00 on August 12th. If you want to watch the watch design that escapes the sense of ‘number’, you can come to Beijing Xidan Joy City to experience it in person!