It’s Time To Return To The Workplace!

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After the relaxation and rest of the summer holiday, now it is time to work again! Swiss Tissot watches are the perfect watch for you to help you get back to work.

   A timeless classic. Swiss Tissot watch in 1936, with a beautiful retro style, pays tribute to the era when men began to abandon pocket watches in favor of wearing watches. The beautiful brown or white leather strap is decorated with elegant stitching details, echoing the superior quality of these long-established original watches, and the precise movement of the movement is clearly visible from the back cover, which shows the advanced movement technology.

   On a busy schedule, this watch promises you punctuality.

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Exquisite And Elegant Tasting Classic Tissot Series Couple Watch

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Couple watches have become popular in recent years. Couples choose love gifts and love tokens. When choosing a watch, they often choose a watch with a similar style and the same style. The visual effects and feelings are very good. Today, the Watch House will bring you a pair of Tissot classic LUXURY AUTOMATIC series. The official model of the watch is T086.408.22.036.00 for men and T086. for women.

   Tissot was born 162 years ago in Leloc, Switzerland. This charming town in northwestern Switzerland gave Tissot a wealth of creative inspiration. Tissot’s classic collection carries superb timepiece craftsmanship. Tissot is committed to bringing first-class precision and superior quality to enduring mechanical watches. The Swiss watch industry has always been known for its precise timekeeping. This series is the embodiment of this tradition and is therefore much loved. I believe that the first watch of many watch friends is also a series of Tissot’s classic models.

Basic appearance of men and women
   This pair of Tissot’s classic LUXURY AUTOMATIC series lovers watches are consistent in appearance, and the materials of stainless steel are basically the same. The only difference is the 41 mm diameter case for men’s watches, with a silver dial. The female case has a diameter of 33 mm and uses a white mother-of-pearl dial. The classic round case and strap are made of 316L stainless steel. The solid case and strap design presents the elegant and stylish sense of the Tissot watch, fully displaying the power and beauty of this watch, and adopting a multi-level three-dimensional dial With the exquisite and elegant rod-shaped hands, the watch looks elegant and restrained.

1.14 micron gold-plated screw-in crown
   The 1.14 micron gold-plated screw-in crown has a comfortable feel and the frosted crown is engraved with the capital letter ‘T’ of the brand Tissot.

Stainless steel three-row bracelet
   The stainless steel three-row bracelet has a groove in the middle to add gold plating technology, which plays a very decorative role. The bracelet uses fine mirror polishing and hairline sanding, and a staggered composite surface treatment style, showing the ultimate pursuit of Tissot watches in craftsmanship and design intent.

The side of the case is engraved with delicate bamboo weave.
   The bezel also uses gold plating technology to match the color on the bracelet. The bevel of the bezel is sharp and full of three-dimensionality. The side of the stainless steel case is exquisitely engraved with a checkered bamboo pattern, which is full of post-modern art deco style.

The lugs are flat with the first link of the bracelet
   The lugs are not long, they are flat with the first section of the bracelet, they are polished with hairline, and they are well distinguished from the bezel and the side case. They look very layered. It is also more comfortable to wear, and the wrists are thinner and there is no discomfort.

Stainless steel butterfly clasp
   The stainless steel butterfly clasp has a simple and convenient strap. The clasp is engraved with ‘TISSOT’ and ‘1853’, so that you can know the series of this watch at a glance.

Men’s Silver Dial
   The dial adopts a multi-layered three-dimensional dial, the silver dial of the men’s watch, the black minute transfer of foreign aids, the hour display with 11 fine diamonds inlaid, and a gold plated gem holder. At 3 o’clock, there is a calendar display window, and the window is also gold-plated. The design of the junior hand, gold-plated hour, minute and second hands. The color has been unified, and the whole is not messy. The reading is clear and clear at a glance.

Women’s dial in white mother-of-pearl
   The dial design of the ladies watch is basically the same as that of the men’s watch, but the white dial is replaced by the white mother-of-pearl dial, making the watch more feminine and feminine.

Powermatic 80 automatic movement
   The back of the sapphire crystal glass is fixed with gold-plated stainless steel, which is unified with the entire watch. Both watches are equipped with Tissot’s exclusive ‘Powermatic 80 automatic winding movement’. This movement is jointly created by Tissot and Swiss professional movement manufacturer ETA, which belongs to the Swatch Group. It has an 80-hour long-term power reserve. However, there has not been any change in the size of the movement, which shows that Tissot has made a big step forward in the breakthrough of professional watchmaking. Provides up to 80 hours of power reserve. Both watches are water-resistant to 50 meters.

   Summary: It’s almost Valentine’s Day, this watch is very suitable for Valentine’s Day gifts. First of all, the design style is more elegant and fashionable. The gold-plated design adds maturity to both watches and is also ideal for workplace wear. The diamond-set hour markers add to the noble temperament of the watch. The current official quotation for this watch is RMB 10,700 for men and RMB 9,350 for women.

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