Self-abuse Or Self-breakthrough Micro-carving Technology On The Wrist To Survive

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The art of micro-carving brings infinite possibilities to the art of watches. With the development and maturity of watchmaking, mastering time is no longer the only function of watches. Under the skill of sculptors, we You can see the Jin Ge iron horse and sword light sword on the square dial. In the heart of the watch-the movement sees a large ‘blank’ and even the engraving of the great landscape.

 Piaget Altiplano metal engraving watch-the art of carving under the microscope

 The ‘bullino engraving’ technology was developed by an Italian engraver. Traditionally, this craft is dedicated to decorative daggers and hunting weapons, and its name is derived from the engraving tools used by Italian artisans. Because the micro-carving effect is extremely detailed, it can only be performed under a microscope. Chiseling along points and lines can only be achieved by craftsmen engraving with different strengths. The love of watchmakers for watchmaking technology seems to have reached a state of masochism. Rather than the birth of a micro-engraved watch is a process of self-breakthrough, it is better to say that this is a ‘midpoint’ in the masochism game of watchmakers. .

 Piaget led people on a magical journey in 2014, revisiting the dream country built by the Spice Road, and applying gold carving technology to the Altiplano dial.

 Piaget Altiplano metal engraving watch-the art of carving under the microscope

 The master of gold carving uses a microscope to engrav the elephant outline with a metal needle on the gold dial, and then uses metal micro-carving technology to retouch the body of the elephant’s flowing gold. The skin texture, eye position and elephant trunk shape are carefully processed by the master with a background pattern carved with a diamond head chisel, making the composition more delicate and moving. The gray part of the elephant’s body must be micro-carved at a 90-degree angle, while the deeper shadows are engraved at an 80-degree angle. The final finishing work of the metal micro-carved pattern is completed by craftsmen relying on image magnification technology.

 Roger Dubuy’s Sword of King Arthur’s Round Table Feast

 Roger Dubuis watches are famous for innovation in the watchmaking industry. The Excalibur Round Table launched in 2013 draws inspiration from the legend of King Arthur. In the 45mm rose gold case, Miniature technology casts the three-dimensional three-dimensional mold of the legendary round table knights with sharp swords, then casts them in liquid pure gold, and then carefully crafts every detail for each detail to perfectly show the round table meeting of the twelve knights. scene.

 Roger Dubuy’s Sword of King Arthur’s Round Table Feast

 The stunning miniature craftsmanship has created twelve statues of knights with different shapes that are only 6.5 mm in height. This distinctive masterpiece of timepieces is extremely delicate. Only by carefully appreciating its local details with a magnifying glass can it be able to Experience its meticulous craftsmanship.

 RM 51-01 Michelle Yeoh’s Dragon Tiger Tourbillon Watch-Microcarvings show domineering

 Famous movie star Michelle Yeoh, as a member of Richard Mille’s ‘RM Family’, launched a jewellery watch RM 51-01 Tiger and Dragon-Michelle Yeoh in 2014 to celebrate the ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II’ Published in 2014.

 Richard Mille’s collaboration with Michelle Yeoh can be traced back to the RM 051 Phoenix Tourbillon Phoenix Tourbillon watch launched in 2011. This time, Michelle Yeoh made a fresh review of the internal shape and construction concept of the movement, introducing the aesthetic elements of ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, and the tourbillon movement is surrounded by dragons and tigers. Both dragon and tiger are made of 3N red gold and are hand-carved and embedded in the movement. To this end, the brand customized special tools to meet the needs of high-end craftsmanship. In order to make animal images come to life, the artisans have gone through a difficult and long manual detailed drawing process, and even the invisible parts of the naked eye have carefully carved dragon and tiger patterns.

 The baht on the movement must compare

 Superb engraving craftsmanship not only appears on the dial, watchmakers and sculptors have reached the point of ‘masochism’ in the pursuit of watch functionality and craftsmanship. Vacheron Constantin experienced the manufacture of the first engraved balance plate in 1755. In 1924, it launched the first overall engraved movement. Since the 1960s, it has created engraved movements for watches. Experienced research and pursuit across the century. The master of Blancpain’s micro-carving has restored the urban customs of 5 countries and regions, such as Switzerland, France, Japan, Mainland China and Hong Kong, with exquisite carvings, so as to understand the homesickness of travellers.

Métiers d’ Art Mécaniques Ajourées “Carving Machine” Series

 Vacheron Constantin has always been a pioneer in the field of engraving technology. The brand launched the first complete engraving movement in 1924, and continued to manufacture more and more sophisticated mechanical parts in the pursuit of transparency. The Métiers d’ Art Mécaniques Ajourées “Carving Machine” series launched during the Geneva International Watch Salon in 2014 reflects the brand’s passion for breakthrough innovation in carving.

 The watch is equipped with a 4400 manual-winding movement. This is the first time Vacheron Constantin has tried to sculpt a classic homemade movement. The engraving movement is a difficult art. It is required to hollow out the material of the movement as much as possible and carefully ensure the smooth operation of the timepiece. After successfully digging out nearly half of the material for the 4400 solid movement, the sculptor abandoned the previous practice of engraving the main board and bridge with a micro handsaw, and carefully carved the entire circumferential surface of the movement to create a truly three-dimensional, sculpture-like work. Movement. Inspired by the ribbed vaults of the train station’s interior hall in the late 19th century, they carved a fine circular arch pattern on the movement with a charming arc using a carving knife in their hands. The ingenious combination of different hand-polishing techniques brings out the relief effect of the engraved skeleton. The engraving process of the skeleton of the movement alone takes at least three days to inject unique charm into the movement.

 Hong Kong (top left); Japan (top right); Paris (bottom left); Switzerland (bottom right)

Blancpain Villeret series micro-engraving movement-the ‘stereoscopic 3D’ stereo effect

 As one of the few watch brands specializing in micro-engraving, the master of micro-engraving restored the Swiss, France, Japan, mainland China and China with delicate details in the Calibre 15B manual movement of Blancpain Villeret series micro-engraving watches. Urban style in 5 countries including Hong Kong.

 Whether it’s the Great Wall of Beijing or the streets of Paris, every crevice on the Great Wall, every brick, the momentum of winding, and the shadow of the distant mountains … every steel beam of the Eiffel Tower, the dome of the Sacred Heart Church, the Arc de Triomphe Famous high-relief … The gold sculpture team from Blancpain firstly used the knowledge of the architectural characteristics and cultural styles of different cities to draw sketches in the pattern according to the movement board and modify it repeatedly, then gradually reduced the pattern according to the proportion and made Finally presented in the movement. The later polishing and retouching is also an important link that cannot be ignored. The meticulous degree of this process will directly determine the integrity of the pattern, so that when viewed from any angle, it can be kept perfect and perfect.

 The micro-carved elephant pattern blooms with rich colors after the oxidation process. Later, the craftsman polished the work with wooden bolts and sanding paste to add gloss. Finally, paint the surface with ink color. Throughout the complex micro-carving process, craftsmen need to grind the engraving tools with diamonds and ceramic discs from time to time to achieve sharp edges and precision comparable to scalpels.

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