Han Geng, A Friend Of Zenith, Appeared In ‘growth Of All Things’ Shanghai Meeting

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He is the first Chinese artist to make his debut in South Korea. As a brand friend of Zenith, Han Geng, from a singer, a dancer, to a talented actor, has continued to follow his own star and achieve himself. The excellent performance in the film ‘To Our Youth We Will Pass’ has earned him the praise and recognition of many film critics and filmmakers, and evaluated his performance as ‘impossible to see magic’. In the forthcoming ‘Growth of Everything’ movie that hits the youth hormone, Han Geng once again completed the perfect transformation. Everything grows and grows fiercely.

Zenith’s friend Han Geng wore Zenith’s flagship happy calendar watch at the “Growth of Everything” Shanghai Meetup

   The flagship series Happy Grand Calendar watch combines sun and moon phase display, hollow calendar, chronograph and other complex functions. At 6 o’clock, there is a Zenith watch factory with a practical and poetic sun and moon phase display. This feature that reveals the sun and the moon’s orbit is realized by two overlapping disks. The iconic happy design at 10 o’clock, through the hollow dial can not only see the rhythm of the legendary El Primero movement, adjustments, high-speed vibration frequency and the exquisite decoration process on the entire movement can be seen at a glance.

Han Geng wears a watch: flagship series happy big calendar watch

51.2160.4047 / 01.C713
RMB 104,400
El Primero 4047 automatic movement
36,000 vibrations per hour
Power reserve of at least 50 hours
Accurate display of 1/10 seconds
Large calendar display with sun and moon phases
Large date display at 2 o’clock
30-minute lap at 3 o’clock
Sun and moon phase display at 6 o’clock
Small seconds at 9 o’clock
Iconic happy design at 10 o’clock
The cutout surface shows the heart of the legendary El Primero movement
Silicon escapement wheel and fork
45 mm diameter

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Rolex Women’s Watch With Luxury Diamonds

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Watches have long remembered more than time alone. Various trends of thought blend together, high-tech and fashion trends are glued at the beginning and end, condensed between Rolex Oyster Perpetual Diary Women’s Watches, showing the aura of charm, like the handsome and arrogant Snow Mountain Goddess, but also gentle The saturated, warm and beautiful jade can’t help but scare the soul when staring.
Smart sparkle perfect to conquer Rolex women’s watches with luxury diamonds
Take a closer look at Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual Diary Women’s Watch. You can’t help but stare, sigh deeply and eagerly try to prove her perfection and charm. The smooth and smooth lines, the dazzling and luxurious but never flamboyant diamond inlay, the color change of the rose gold material seems to be eternally fixed, but in the joy of the minute and second hand, it feels endless throbbing. Concentrating on Rolex’s time-honored creativity and excellent watchmaking craftsmanship, she has become more elegant and free-spirited, and her charm is extraordinary. At the Basel show in 2012, ‘Xiaohe Chulu’ has already conquered the hearts of everyone.
Rolex women’s watch with luxury diamonds
262 diamonds set on a black-gold pink gold dial, so how can you not be so dazzling? Pink diamond setting with 10 diamonds mark the hour, 60 square diamonds on the outer ring complete the minute and second, and 120 diamonds on the side are superior in craftsmanship. What’s more, the 18ct eternal rose gold used in the oyster strap and case is developed by Rolex, and it is reshaped, processed and polished by adding platinum, which makes pink gold exude an incomparable and warm color, so unique, Eye-catching, proud and independent.
Precision Technology
Whether it is a log-type 36 mm oyster case that is guaranteed to be 100 meters water-resistant, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a convex magnified calendar window, or a 3135 self-winding mechanical movement developed by Rolex … everything is A model representative of perfect proportions, superb craftsmanship, precision technology and elegant style. Paired with an 18ct eternal rose gold oyster strap and a crown buckle, the stylish shape does not lose the comfort and portability of the wearer, which is perfect. Love yourself, understand the true desire from the heart, tolerance and perfection is enough to have a diamond-like heart, mature, elegant, and achieve the taste of women.

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Panerai’s World’s Largest Specialty Store Is Located In Hong Kong

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On February 26, 2015, after the expansion of the Hong Kong store of Italian luxury watch brand Panerai, Panerai opened its grand opening today. This Panerai’s world’s largest specialty store is located at 2 Canton Road and belongs to one of the most prosperous areas of the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. As one of the five new concept stores in the world, Panerai’s Hong Kong store and the brand’s Florence history store, Paris, Miami and New York stores follow the same line. They are also born in Spain, studying and working in Italy Designer Patricia Urquiola designed with love.

   Panerai’s Canton Road store opened in 2010 and is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, a major shopping area where Hong Kong luxury brands are lined. The specialty store area is now expanded to 367 square meters, becoming the world’s largest specialty store for this Florence brand. Compared with other Panerai stores, Hong Kong stores are unique. The unique exterior wall is made of wavy aluminum plate and has a wall clock, displaying the brand’s characteristic dial. The expanded Panerai specialty store occupies more than five floors, with five large shop windows on the ground floor, facing Canton Road and Beijing Road, the intersection of these two shopping avenues.
   The store is based on the well-known Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola based in Italy, reinterpreting the classic aesthetics and watchmaking of Panerai, while retaining the brand’s unique characteristics in design. Patricia Urquiola’s design respects the brand’s traditions without losing fashion, and cleverly connects the past with the future.
   Through the design concept and selection of materials, Panerai began to manufacture precision instruments for the Italian Navy diving commandos from the 1930s to the 1950s, demonstrating its deep roots with the marine world and the brand philosophy. Patricia Urquiola has carefully selected unique and unique elements for the store, using Italian Calacatta Luccicoso (Caracata) textured marble, bronze, solid wood and special wave-shaped transparent glass.
Showcases of straps of various colors can definitely make your Panerai’s personality extremely.
The abstract painting on the lobby wall is the figure of an Italian navy diver.

   If the store does not count as a lobby, the display floor (currently open) has five floors. The first and second floors are mainly sales areas, but the decoration style of the first and second floors is completely different.

   The design of the extended long showcases on the upper floors of the specialty store draws inspiration from the underwater world, and the copper chandeliers and detailed wooden sales counters evoke the mood of the ship sailing in the vast ocean.
 In addition, each floor has its own mural.
   The most special of all floors is the fifth floor, which was immediately attracted by this replica diving suit. This floor is the customer service center. Panerai will dispatch professional watchmakers to provide customers with watch repair and care services.

   This diving suit is completely engraved in accordance with the original, which can make people dive to 80 meters. This large weight block on the chest can tell that this is not an ordinary thing.
We can clearly see the traces of pure hand chiseling on the helmet.
I can’t dive without this pair of weight shoes.
    In addition to the regular sales area, the fourth floor serves as a separate VIP exclusive area, providing a unique shopping experience for Panerai enthusiasts. The comfortable sofa in the VIP room will make you never want to leave here, while the third floor is not an office. Open to the outside world.

  The exquisite and exquisite style in the store reveals fashion and elegance, and at the same time makes people feel at home, allowing customers and collectors to taste the ingenuity of Panerai watches in a comfortable environment.
   After visiting this store, Mr. Angelo Bonati (middle), CEO of Panerai, Mr. Julio Sato, managing director of Panerai Asia Pacific (right), and Mr. Antonello De Riu, Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong (left) attended Peihai The opening ceremony of Nahai Hong Kong store, and hand in hand cut the ribbon for this store.
   Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati said, ‘I am proud to announce the expansion of the Canton Road store in Hong Kong, and now it is the largest Panerai store in the world. For us, Asia is an important market with rapid growth. Patricia Urquiola In keeping with the brand philosophy, we have successfully demonstrated our heritage with tradition and our expectations for the future, design, innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Hong Kong stores also have special edition watches unique to the world. ‘

VIPs, business partners, and media friends from Panerai Asia Pacific came to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
After cutting the ribbon, Mr. Bonati also playfully put the remaining ribbons in his suit pocket as a memorial.

  After the ribbon-cutting, drumming sounded, while the Chinese traditional culture symbolized the auspicious dance of the awake lion, Mier was full of feet, dazzling, and a joy. In addition to praising Panerai’s long-established brand history, Xing Lion’s wonderful dance is also a blessing for the new store.

Seeing such a wonderful Southern School lion dance reminds me of ‘The Lion King of Huang Feihong’.
All passersby kept on footing, recording historical moments one after another.

  In the early spring season, Mr. Angelo Bonati, CEO of Panerai, and the guests present at the lively Canton Road witnessed a new chapter in the development of this Italian high-end watch brand in Asia.

   To celebrate the opening of the Canton Road store, Panerai also specially designed three Luminor 1950 special edition watches, namely PAM00606, PAM00618 and PAM00608. Their common feature is that they engraved ‘HONG’ on the lever position of the iconic bridge guard. ‘KONG’. The 606 is 47 mm and uses the P.3000 movement.

   Both the 608 and the green canvas strap have a diameter of 618 and are equipped with a P.9000 automatic movement. The green canvas strap corresponds to the black dial and the other 608 corresponds to the brown dial. It is fair that at around 60,000 Hong Kong dollars, it seems that Peipei will have a better place to come to Hong Kong in the future.

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