Fiyta Released A New Watch In The Flower Language Series And Launched A Strategic Ecological Cooperation With The Jingdong Group In The Watch Industry

On August 2, 2016, at the headquarters of Beijing Jingdong Group, Fiyta grandly released a new watch series, the Flower Language Series. At the same time, Fiyta Group and JD. , Mr. Pan Bo, general manager of Fiyta brand, Chi Weihua, deputy general manager of Fiyta Sales Co., Ltd. and general manager of e-commerce business department, Mr. Xu Wenlong, manager of Fiyta Beijing branch, and luxury goods of JD Mall The general manager of the business department, Mr. Luan Yu, and Fiyta’s best friend, Miss Ma Sichun, participated in the launch ceremony of the cooperation and wished well.

Mr. Chi Weihua, deputy general manager of Fiyta Sales Co., Ltd. and general manager of e-commerce division; Mr. Pan Bo, general manager of Fiyta brand; Miss Ma Sichun, Fiyta’s best friend; general manager of luxury business department of JD Mall Mr. Luan Yue, Manager, Mr. Xu Wenlong, Manager of Fiyta Beijing Branch

    After the grand launch of Fiyta’s light and smart watches in the first half of the year, Fiyta has once again launched a brand new watch series-the Huayu series. The flower language series uses lotus as the design source, showing the natural, pure and perfection of the ladies watch. Ms. Ma Sichun, Fiyta’s best friend, shared her love for Huayu watches, admitting that she had already liked Fiyta watches long ago, and the new Huayu watches made her feel warm. Fiyta brand ladies’ watches are indeed deeply loved by women. In addition to the endorsement of the famous movie star Gao Yuanyuan, it is also the common choice of film and television stars such as Chen Yanxi, Jiang Shuying and Wang Luodan.

Ms. Ma Sichun, a friend of Fiyta’s brand, presented a flower watch

    At the event, Fiyta joined hands with Miss Ma Sichun to start an interesting interaction, and finally a lucky guest was presented with a flower language watch and signed by Miss Ma Sichun.

    As a well-known domestic watch brand, Fiyta has deeply cultivated in the field of watches, forming a diversified industrial cluster integrating production, sales, and agency. At the same time, Fiyta is the most pioneering watch brand in China. From the earliest time of the central broadcast to the research and development of space watches, from star endorsement to quickly embracing the era of e-commerce, Fiyta has always been at the forefront of the industry. Jingdong Group is a household name in China. It is already a giant in the e-commerce industry. When it actively develops luxury goods such as watches, it is determined to innovate. From service to quality, it is gradually improving itself.

    Since 2010, Fiyta Group has begun to cooperate with JD Group. At that time, the era of B2C e-commerce has just risen, and it has ushered in a booming industry scale. As a watch brand, overseas luxury goods have not yet held hands. Chinese e-commerce company, Feiya, reached the first brand to test water. During the six-year cooperation, Fiyta Group and JD Group have achieved remarkable results, and this foundation has become an important cornerstone of today’s strong alliance.

    With this cooperation, Fiyta Group will bring its watch brands such as Fiyta, JEEP, VERUS, and watch channel brands such as Boguan Watch Co., Ltd., Cool Time Street, and Zhuozhi, together with JD watch business and JD Flash Platform-level resources such as shopping, brand street, app terminal, WeChat shopping channel, and Finance jointly launch strategic-level ecological cooperation in the watch business field to achieve group-level marketing events, group-level platform resource integration, and watch industry capital cooperation The three major breakthroughs of the two groups gathered together to integrate the resources of both parties to create benchmarking cooperation in the e-commerce watch industry.

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Synchronize With Time At A Depth Of 2000 Meters

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We live on a blue planet, and 71% of its surface area is ocean. In the depths of these oceans, there are countless unknowns hidden. We explored only a small part of it, and knew nothing about the rest of the vast ocean floor. The deepest record of human beings diving with diving equipment is 332 meters. The huge sea pressure prevents us from diving. However, human beings are gradually trying to break through the limits of seawater pressure. For example, this IWC 2000 automatic watch (Ref: IW358001) can reach a depth of 2000 meters.

Originated in 1982
   The close connection between IWC and diving can be traced back to the 1960s. The increasing popularity of diving has led IWC to launch its first marine timepiece in 1967. It is water-resistant to 20 bar and has a rotating bezel to indicate diving time. The Ocean Time 2000 watch, launched in 2014, is based on a diving watch made by IWC for minesweepers in 1982. It was designed by the legendary designer Ferdinand A. Porsche. Made. And this watch as its ‘civilian’ model, waterproof performance also reached a depth of 2000 meters.

   The size of the watch case is 46 mm and the thickness is 20.5 mm. Such a large case size can be said to be a ‘poison’ for large-diameter suitors. Even if you do not go diving, it is usually highly recognizable when worn on the wrist . Because the watch uses titanium to control the weight very well, you don’t need to worry about wearing such a large watch on your wrist.
Innovative inner and outer bezel

   Unlike other diving watches, the Ocean Time 2000 does not use a purely external or built-in rotating bezel, but uses innovative internal and external rotating bezels. The rotating inner ring, which accurately engages in minutes, can effectively protect the mechanical device from seawater and dirt, and also avoids the phenomenon of bumps and bumps when the external rotating bezel is worn, and it is convenient for the rotating outer ring The combination of operations allows divers to rotate easily even when wearing diving gloves or cold fingers. For safety reasons, the built-in rotating bezel can only be turned counterclockwise. Even if the external rotating bezel is accidentally moved clockwise, the diving time will not exceed the upper limit, allowing the diver to safely return to the surface without stopping the decompression.

   Although this watch can dive to a depth of 2,000 meters, it does not have a helium exhaust valve. At 9 o’clock is the clutch system of the inner and outer rotating bezel. When the outer bezel is turned, this action is transmitted to the inner rotating inner ring by the clutch system.
Two styles to choose from

   The Ocean Time 2000 automatic watch is available in two versions, one with a green luminous coating and the other with a yellow coating.

   The crown is also wrapped in a black rubber strap.

   Black rubber strap with titanium pin buckle.

   The IWC bracelet quick-change system can quickly remove the bracelet.

   The Cal.80110 automatic winding movement produced by IWC is used as the 80,000 movement series with the well-known Woodpecker Billerton winding mechanism of IWC. It can provide about 44 hours of power reserve when fully wound.
Summary: I think there are three selling points of this watch. The first is the diving depth of 2,000 meters. Even if you don’t dive, the sturdy and durable that can carry 2000 meters of water pressure can be said to be completely restless in daily life. The second is an innovative inner and outer rotating bezel, which prevents daily scratches and is easy to dive. The third is that after the first two breakthrough functions are available, the price of this watch is only more than 60,000 yuan, and the cost performance is still very high.

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Tradition And Innovation Coexist Interview With Bachelor Ceo Alain Zimmermann

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Baume & Mercier, a well-known Swiss watch brand, has a history of 186 years. It has always given us a low-key and elegant brand image, such as a modest gentleman, entering China Vision of table fans. Not long ago, Baume & Mercier held the world premiere press conference of its Clayton series perpetual calendar watches in Beijing. Taking this opportunity, the editor of the watch house interviewed Mr. Alain Zimmermann, CEO of Baume & Mercier. Let’s listen to Mr. Alain Zimmermann’s comments Relevant strategies and development plans made by the Baume & Mercier brand in the future:

Watch House: In recent years, the continued downturn in the Asian market has affected the entire watch industry. How does Baume & Mercier view this situation? What focus will brands have on China?
Mr. Alain Zimmermann: In fact, the global environment of the entire global market has been affected. This is also a necessary stage of market development. Just like the peak and valley curve, there are climaxes and inevitability, so it is not necessary to face such situations. Frustrated, we see it as a new opportunity. In the past three years, our investment in the market has also increased year by year. The Chinese market has developed too fast earlier. It may take 20 years for Europe, but it only took 2 years for China to figure out the situation in the watchmaking industry. I think China’s new middle class is on the rise. They will explore the story behind the brand. After we entered China, we launched different brand education to familiarize everyone with the famous brand with a history of 186 years. This is the first. Secondly, of course, the situation of our watches, not only to ensure high quality, but also to pay attention to the diversity of products, but also to expand the brand’s publicity.
Home of Watches: At present, many high-end watch brands have turned to the communication and marketing of the Internet. Baume & Mercier brands have also made some attempts this year. What do you think of the Internet model of high-end watches?
Mr. Alain Zimmermann: The Internet model has become more and more important in people’s lives. Young consumers have become very accustomed to obtaining information from the Internet. The Internet is also a communication method that integrates traditional newspapers, radio, and television. It is rich in content and classified Fine, users can quickly get the information they need. Then I think that Internet communication will be a very important part in the future. Users can inquire about everything including brand history, product information, product quotes, after-sales service, etc. on the Baume & Mercier brand through the Internet, making purchasing easier. I Personally also expressed great recognition.
Watch House: Baume & Mercier watches have always given the impression of simplicity and low-key introversion. Relatively speaking, there are not many complication watches. Will Baume & Mercier focus on creating complication watches in the future?
Mr. Alain Zimmermann: In fact, Baume & Mercier has been creating complication watches since its birth in 1830. It has a history of 186 years, but we have not made it an important product line for promotion. Baume & Mercier regards ‘condensing precious moments’ as the brand’s motto. It is more about trying to spread the low-key elegant image as you said. It appears at important moments in life such as weddings, celebrations, birthdays, etc. Our watches have superior quality and affordable prices. , Suitable for those who do not pursue complex functions to buy. Of course, we have never stopped our efforts in advanced complex craftsmanship. Today you will see a brand new watch with ultra-complex functions (baumeshi Crichton series MOA10306 perpetual calendar watch).
Watch House: From SIHH’s new products in the past two years, it is not difficult to find that Baume & Mercier pays more attention to the development of women’s watches, and has indeed achieved good results. What do you think of the current female consumer group?
Mr. Alain Zimmermann: Yes, women’s watches have been made since the brand was founded. It can be said that they are the earliest brands involved in women’s watches in the watch industry. Baume & Mercier has always regarded women’s watches as an important development direction. In addition to Lingni, Crichton and other women’s watch series, it has launched a new agreement series. More than just a tool for timing.

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Celebrating Blancpain 275 Anniversary Glory

BLANCPAIN, the world’s oldest watch brand, celebrated its 275th birthday in Beijing on December 10, 2010. For 275 years, Blancpain has made many achievements in continuous innovation in the field of top watchmaking. Its global vice president and sales director Andre Meier, Blancpain’s global vice president and marketing director Alain Delamuraz, and Blancpain’s vice president Liao Yu attended the event to witness the moment of brand glory. The brand also specially invited Wang Shi, chairman of the board of directors of Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd., a legend who has achieved peak achievements in the field of business achievement and adventure. He is also a loyal fan of Blancpain. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China said, ‘Mr. Wang Shi is a representative of China’s elite leaders. He is a successful entrepreneur and an accomplished explorer. His belief coincides with the spirit of the Blancpain brand. ‘At the press conference, Liao Yu presented the precious’ Tribute To Fifty Fathoms ‘(tribute fifty years old) replica professional diving watch to Wang Shi, and paid tribute to Wang Shi’s belief in transcending himself. Blancpain’s exhibition in Beijing was ingeniously divided into six scenes, showing many brilliant achievements in the history of the brand-namely: 1. The watch has always adhered to the classic circular design; 2. It has created a complete The world’s most complicated watch-‘1735’, this watch combines six complex functions, namely: three questions, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, moon phase profit and loss, dual tracking hand timing, ultra-thin function; three, leading professional diving Watch trends; four, gold carving crafts show the art of watchmaking; five, the original Carloso movement inspired the watchmaking industry, Qiankun Carrousel watch was collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing; six, the top movement factory for future development Provide a powerful source of power. After 275 years, Blancpain continues to surpass the pinnacle of watchmaking technology, injecting breathtaking skills into top mechanical watches.

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Omega Glory Presents The Hippocampus Aqua Terra ‘pyeongchang 2018’ Winter Olympics Limited Edition Watch

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To celebrate the countdown to the second anniversary of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Korea, OMEGA is proud to present a unique and stunning timepiece.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra “PyeongChang 2018” Winter Olympics Limited Edition Watch

   Inheriting Omega’s long and glorious Olympic timekeeping history, this famous Swiss watch brand has already looked forward to continuing to play the outstanding role of official timing at the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics. To celebrate the countdown to the second anniversary of the event, Omega has combined unique and unique design elements to create a limited edition watch with great collection value.
   The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra “PyeongChang 2018” Winter Olympics Limited Edition follows the innovative technology and design excellence of the Seahorse Aqua Terra 150m watch. However, the focus of this limited edition watch design is on this. The event is an extraordinary sporting event.

Omega Seahorse Series Aqua Terra ‘PyeongChang 2018’ Winter Olympics Limited Edition Olympic Theme Box

   The most striking difference of this watch is the addition of the name of this grand global sporting event. ‘PYEONGCHANG 2018′ (Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics) is crafted from five colors of the iconic Olympic rings, and is decorated on the minute circle of the extremely popular blue PVD dial.
   Even more amazing is that the numbers ’20’ and ’18’ are accurately aligned with the corresponding minute scale, which is a rare coincidence.
   The sapphire back carries the official logo of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The side of the case is engraved with a limited edition number. This watch is only available in 2018.
Design and innovation

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra “PyeongChang 2018” Winter Olympics Limited Edition Watch Back

   This 41 mm timepiece, including the case itself and the metal bracelet, is made of stainless steel. The dial is decorated with the unique ‘Teak Concept’ texture of the Aqua Terra series, and it is equipped with an 8500 ‘Zhi coaxial’ movement inside.
   When it comes out, the Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra “PyeongChang 2018” Winter Olympics Limited Edition watch will also be specially carried by its unique Olympic-themed watch case. The timepiece will become a member of the Omega Olympic-themed watch with a glorious history, which is particularly valuable for collection.

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Omega Special Series Beijing Olympic Series Special Edition 2008

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OMEGA Special Series Beijing Olympic Series Special Edition 2008
Red gold case and leather strap
Number: 422.

Movement: OMEGA 3313
The self-winding chronograph movement with column wheels and coaxial escapement ensures stable and long-lasting accurate timekeeping. Free-play balance wheel system with date, hour, minute and continuous small seconds and central chronograph hands
Power reserve: 52 hours

Crystal surface
Arc-shaped anti-reflective, anti-wear sapphire crystal

Case and dial
18k red gold case
White mother-of-pearl dial

Water resistance: 100 meters
330 feet

Case diameter: 35 mm

Date display
Timing function
Certified by the Swiss Observatory
Small seconds dial

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