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Bulgari showcases its selection of fine jewelry in St. Moritz. Accompanying the cocktail party, the guests and guests present will appreciate Bulgari’s most exquisite jewelry work.
A pair of platinum earrings set with jewels with bold cuts, for elegance: two incredible Colombian cushion-cut emeralds. The precious gem is paired with a set of white diamonds, spanning an original combination of classic cuts-from olive to round, from pear to oval.

Nicola & Beatrice Bulgari

In 1906, founder Sotirio Bulgari decided to open the Bulgari sister store in the very cosmopolitan and elegant city center of St. Moritz. His original goal was to have a unique mountain vacation destination in the summer, but the store was a huge success and St. Moritz soon became a permanent and major retail destination. As a result, the St. Moritz store is a cherished subsidiary of Bulgari, as it represents a milestone in the international expansion of the brand.
The brilliant jewellery pieces displayed at the St. Moritz store are definitely a beautiful example of the creative research and unparalleled expertise that define Bulgari. Since 1884, Bulgari jewelry has successfully stood proudly in the forest of the world with the symbol of excellence of the Italian brand.

Left: Virginie Ledoyen-Right: Dolores Chaplin

Stunning three-dimensionality, bold color combinations and distinctive designs are all the iconic features of each Bulgari creation-the high jewelry series is an important epitome of these features. Lace woven from diamonds and platinum, kaleidoscope-like colored gemstones, soft and smooth necklaces, luxurious rings … all of which shine in the Bulgari boutique in St. Moritz. Only on such occasions can guests appreciate such jewellery, as it crosses the border between craftsmanship and art.
After the event, surprise guests were presented with a private dinner. Special guests Nicola Bulgari and Beatrice Bulgari, Rolf Sachs, Virginie Ledoyen, Dolores Chaplin attended the dinner, and invited the Roman jazz musicians Riccardo Biseo and Giorgio Rosciglione and the famous magician David Jarre to perform entertainment guests.
Source: Bulgari