Citizen: Public Welfare Walking Starts

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Recently, at the 41st World Environmental Protection Day, Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. led many volunteers to the Pinggu International Walking Avenue to carry out the sixth ‘Going Healthy and Going Environmental Protection’ public welfare walking activity . For many years, Citizen has insisted on holding environmental protection public welfare actions, hoping to pass on the simplest and most convenient way of “walking” to convey healthy living attitudes and green environmental protection concepts to the public, and called on everyone to establish a low-carbon environmental awareness and work with Citizen to Towards health and environmental protection. ‘
If each person walks 5km per day instead of driving, a total of 1,825km in 365 days a year can reduce carbon emissions by about 400kg. At this environmentally friendly walking event, Citizen specially invited Wen Yi, a best-selling author who insists on walking on a daily basis, and Lu Jiansheng, a sports benchmarker who loves sports.