Classic Touring Breguet Early Chronograph Watch

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In the watchmaking industry, Breguet is one of the few brands with an iconic chronograph series, also known as TypeXX. Of course, TypeXX does not fall from the sky. Breguet has been manufacturing the earliest chronograph watches since 1935. Later, they gradually evolved into TypeXX, but even those early chronograph watches had unique appeal, as this 1938 watch will be introduced in this article.

   It’s hard to pinpoint the most prominent feature of this watch: is it a black dial with copper-color printing and matching hands, or a stainless steel case with a pitted crown and wide lugs? To be sure, the ingenious combination of different elements gives this watch a unique personality and an image appearance beyond that era. Today, this watch is still very suitable for wearing, knowing that its diameter is ‘only’ 32.5 mm. But unfortunately, given the rarity and preciousness of this watch, it is unlikely to actually see it on a certain wrist.

   Breguet produced this watch in 1938 and sold it on June 10, 1939. Despite its age, the watch is well-preserved. The dial has been changed to a ‘tropical’ hue and there are some scratches on the case. In addition, the watch remains the factory. The shape of the winding crown and chronograph button on the right side of the dial show an extraordinary personality. At that time, Breguet played a pioneering role in aviation, and this watch also seemed to draw design inspiration from it.

   Breguet’s deep relationship with the aviation world and the TypeXX series that followed in the 1950’s made this chronograph a remarkable timepiece. It was the first fruit of Breguet’s initial involvement in the field of chronograph watches, and since then, the brand has left a solid mark in this field. This chronograph further demonstrates that Breguet’s innovative spirit continues long after the outstanding founder’s death. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)