Excellent Precision, Breaking The Boundaries-swiss Mido Grandly Held The Helmsman Series Observatory Certification Long Kinetic Energy Fully Automatic Mechanical Watch Listing Grand Ceremony In Beijing

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On January 9, 2019, Swiss Mido grandly held the launch conference of the Helmsman Series Observatory certified long kinetic automatic mechanical watch at the Pullman Beijing Xingji Hotel, and Swiss Mido entered Jingdong. The platform’s first anniversary celebration. The event scene was full of science and technology, full of mysterious agents. Mr. Gianni Calderoni, Vice President of Global Sales of Mido, Switzerland, and Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of China, were invited to attend. The guests and media friends gathered together to witness the new breakthrough of Mido in the field of watchmaking. The Swiss Mido Time Editor-in-Chief Zhang Haojin was the incarnation of the ‘Time Agent’ at the airborne scene, pushing the atmosphere of the event to a climax. Mr. Jiang Ke, vice president of strategic planning for JD.com’s fashion division, a strategic partner of Swiss Mido, also attended the event as a “Senior Agent”, sharing the outstanding sales performance of JD.com and Mido, and looking forward to the future development. The newly launched helmsman series observatory-certified long kinetic energy fully automatic mechanical watch is dedicated to the pursuit of ‘excellent accuracy’. This series is the first time in this series to be equipped with the Swiss official observatory (COSC) certification and equipped with silicon balance springs. Watch with movement. The overall design and style show the pioneering spirit and trend attitude, which is enough to meet the demands of various consumers who are constantly ‘breaking the boundaries’ for timepieces.

Swiss Mido Helmsman Series Observatory Certified Long Kinetic Automatic Mechanical Watch Launch Ceremony

Ms. Wang Yan (middle), Vice President of Swiss Mido China participated in the ceremony with guests

Swiss Mido Time Editor-in-Chief Zhang Haojie incarnates ‘Time Agent’ to attend the ceremony

 Swiss Mido Helmsman Series Observatory Certified Long Kinetic Automatic Mechanical Watch Launch Ceremony Live Show

   The scene of the listing ceremony was full of science and technology, and various special agents elements made the guests feel like they were in a mysterious intelligence bureau. The whole event kicked off with a parkour show highlighting the ‘breakthrough of the boundaries’. Ms. Wang Yan, Vice President of Swiss Mido China, took the lead in revealing the precise, shock-resistant and stable characteristics of the new products of the Helmsman series by publishing mysterious information. Following this, the brand ‘Time Editor’ Zhang Haojie became the ‘Time Agent’ airborne event site, interacted with the audience on the stage, and distributed ‘welfare’ through the event live broadcast platform, setting off the first climax of the live event. As a ‘senior agent’, Mr. Jiang Ke, Vice President of Strategic Planning for Mido Fashion Business Division, Mido’s strategic partner, appeared at the center of the stage. Beyond the first anniversary of Mido’s entry into the JD platform, it is full of unlimited expectations for its future development. The interaction and elements of each agent’s theme run through the whole event, and the atmosphere is lively and interesting. Not only this, the guests brought a greater ‘surprise’ to the guests on the scene, and jointly lit up the new helmsman series-‘Mystery Treasure of’ Excellent Precision ‘, Swiss Mido helmsman series observatory certified long kinetic automatic mechanical watch The listing was dazzling under the sigh of the guests.

Newly launched Helmsman Series Observatory certified long kinetic automatic watch

Newly launched Helmsman Series Observatory certified long kinetic automatic watch

   The newly launched helmsman series observatory certified long kinetic energy automatic mechanical watch is another leap in Mido’s watchmaking skills. In order to achieve ‘excellent precision’, this watch is equipped with the forward-looking and innovative movement in today’s watchmaking industry. It is also the first in the series to be equipped with the Mido Caliber 80 certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) and equipped with a silicon balance spring. Observatory certified fully automatic mechanical movement. This movement is mostly used in high-end watch brands. This cutting-edge technology in the field of watchmaking will bring an extraordinary wearing experience; bold design, cutting-edge technology that advances with the times, and many functions will also serve the pursuit of avant-garde and Cutting-edge watch enthusiasts still have a good choice. The overall design of the watch reflects the individual style. The full range of 7 watches meets the demands of young consumers with different styles who are committed to pursuing the lifestyle of “breaking the boundaries”.

Swiss Mido ‘Editor of Time’ Zhang Haojin

   The Swiss Mido helmsman series has always advocated the pioneering spirit of ‘breaking the boundaries’, which is exactly the pursuit of Mido ‘Time Editor’ Zhang Haojin. Young people who ‘cross the border’ should always be on the way to try new things, on the way to live an optimistic life, on the way to escape from the original comfort zone. Only in this way will time really settle down in life and become a proof that people have lived hard. Time is a very special and meaningful carrier for ‘Editor of Time’ Zhang Haojin and Swiss Mido Watch; it carries Zhang Haojin’s journey of transformation and also carries the Swiss Mido 100-year system Table history and immortal insistence on brand values. Maintaining the original intention and unremitting pursuit is the silent tacit understanding between Zhang Haojie, the editor-in-chief of the time, and the Swiss Mido watch, and the quality that the Swiss Mido watch has been through for 100 years.

   With the maturity of the e-commerce platform, the sales proportion of the e-commerce platform has risen rapidly. Swiss Mido officially entered Jingdong a year ago and established a Jingdong self-owned brand authorized flagship store. Today, it is also the first anniversary of Swiss Mido in Jingdong. In the past year, Swiss Mido and JD.com have joined forces to create a new consumption field and upgrade of consumption methods for consumers, creating a win-win situation. The development and consolidation of Swiss Mido cannot be separated from the support and help of various partners. It is believed that in the future development path, continuous multi-dimensional platform cooperation will definitely achieve better results.