Fei Yada Reveals The Astronaut’s Life In Space

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A rocket carrying the expectations of hundreds of millions of people stands in the Hexi Corridor in northwest China, waiting quietly for the moment of departure. ‘Shenzhou 10’ is ready to go, affecting countless people’s nerves. Space is a magical world full of charm, and life in space is a curious and mysterious topic. Since Shenzhou V, eight astronauts have flew into space in China. They have become national idols and have attracted much attention. So what little-known anecdotes are there in the capsule?

 The space environment is very different from the earth’s environment, where there is no air, no gravity, and it is full of dangerous space radiation. Of course, in a closed space station or space shuttle cabin, there is enough air for you to breathe. Good spacecraft shielding materials can effectively block space radiation, but ‘weightlessness’ will bring some trouble to life. After arriving in space, there are many anecdotes that are hard to reach because of many phenomena, habits and lifestyles that are different from the ground.

Extraordinary eating moves

 Astronauts usually eat 4 meals a day, and the recipes within a week are not repeated. However, astronauts ca n’t eat whatever they want. They must eat according to the recipes prepared by ground nutritionists. They can eat sausage patties, spicy grilled fish, potato roast beef, butter bread, tempeh broth, Various dishes such as tuna salad, biscuits, chocolate, yogurt, preserved fruit, fruit juice and more. Of course, there are rules for eating habits in space: first put food in your mouth, close your mouth, eat slowly, and then swallow it. When chewing, slow down the rhythm. Chewing slowly will help digestion and reduce exhaust gas in the body Production and excretion to avoid pollution of the astronauts’ living environment. Drinking water is also the same. Put a drinking tube in your mouth and open the valve. After suctioning, close the valve and take out the tube, otherwise the water may float into the cabin. Because of weightlessness, water will float everywhere, and it may be sucked in from the nose to catch people, or stick to the equipment and cause short circuit or rust. Therefore, astronauts have to undergo strict training in eating and drinking.

Black and white confused

 Although the astronauts are in space, they still live in ‘Beijing time’, and they say hello to the staff on the ground every day at normal time. However, day and night alternate very quickly in space. This has something to do with the orbital cycle. Astronauts make a lap in 90 minutes, which is one day and one night. When they fly to the shadowy side, it is night. When they fly to the bright side, they are daylight. On the earth, the habit of ‘working at sunrise and resting at sunset’ had to arrange work and sleep mechanically according to the hour. In space, no matter day or night, it’s all dark. This is because space is in a vacuum state, there is no air, no water, and no dust. After the light hits it, it passes directly. There is no reflection, astigmatism, or refraction, so we see that the outside is black. So apart from basic equipment, time means everything to astronauts. All space missions have meticulous time calculations; ensuring accurate time synchronization with the Earth Command Center is the safety guarantee for completing space missions. There is no room for error in space missions, especially for equipment requirements. From God V to God X, Fiyta has always provided Chinese astronauts with a list of ground training and space flight missions. As an auxiliary timing device on the wrist, its excellent performance can accurately and conveniently accompany the astronauts to complete difficult operations such as combined flight and orbiting, which is truly powerful on the surface. In 2013, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the success of China’s first manned space flight, Fiyta also launched a tourbillon watch commemorating the 10th anniversary of the success of China’s first manned space flight.

 Some people may ask that there are computers on the manned spacecraft, space shuttle or space station, and the computer has a clock display. Why do astronauts bring their watches? Because during the spacewalk, the space agency has set a detailed work schedule for the astronauts. Every operation that the astronauts need to perform and every task that they plan to complete have strict time regulations. If the astronauts do not bring watches, Without the concept of time, it is possible to mess around, lose things, or even fail to complete the task smoothly. Therefore, the watch plays an important role for astronauts in the entire flight mission.

Weird scrubbing and bathing

 Because of the weightless environment of space, astronauts are unique in washing their face and brushing their teeth. In order to prevent the water from floating around, it is generally considered to be a rub with a wet towel; when brushing your teeth, dipped your toothpaste back and forth a few times and then wet Wipe your teeth clean with a towel and brush your teeth. If you brush your teeth like on the ground, the toothpaste bubble will fly all over the cockpit. Astronauts generally use electric shavers for shaving. You must also be very careful when using beard dregs leaking out of the shaver. The capsule is inherently small, and environmental issues are extremely important. If tiny scum floats in the cockpit, it will be very difficult to clean up. Bathing in space is even more troublesome. The astronauts have to put their feet in a fixed ring, otherwise the floating body will keep tumbling after being flushed by the water. The water in the state of weightlessness is all small drops of water, which can easily hurt or even kill people. Therefore, astronauts should wear breathing masks and goggles when taking a bath. After taking a shower, the body’s sewage does not automatically flow down, you need to run the water pump to remove it with the air. The water that gets on the canvas cover must also be pumped away. Taking a bath, the real bathing time is only 15 minutes, but it can take 45 minutes to clean up sewage and other preparations.

 Since ancient times, how many people have long been to the palace where Chang’e dances, and how many people want to see the world beyond the earth. It is very lucky to be an astronaut. It is glorious to be able to live in space. Human beings have endless wisdom. Only by constantly surpassing their predecessors can we explore more unknowns; only by constantly surpassing ourselves can we realize our dreams in our hearts. .

10th Anniversary of China’s First Manned Space Flight
Model: GA8600.WHW
Movement: Tourbillon movement
Case: titanium alloy
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire
Dial: Silver, Space Planet Surface Concept
Bottom cover: titanium alloy,
Spaceship and starry relief pattern
Strap: titanium alloy
Waterproof: 10ATM
Limited: 100 pieces