Fighting The Sky And The Sea

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The world-renowned Basel World Jewellery & Watch Fair (BASELWORLD) has opened, and the staff of the Watch House Special Reporting staff have also begun to work. They will bring you the 2015 Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair. The latest, fastest and most comprehensive coverage. Let’s follow the footsteps of the House of Watches and admire Fiyta’s new series of flying watches in the Basel International Jewellery & Clock Fair.

Watch real shot show:
Black IP-plated case made of titanium

Case diameter 45 mm

   Fiyta casts the “Fly Shark Series” watch for China’s carrier-based aircrafts with excellent skills, as a precision timing device for carrier-based aircraft pilots during training and sea and air combat, and accompanies pilots to battle the floating seas; Continuing the ‘flying shark’ concept, Fiyta casts the flight watch. The case shape of the Chinese carrier-based pilot’s watch ‘Flying Shark Series’ has been followed, and the processing has been enlarged. Large open face dial, magnified orange digital scale and luminous hands for clear reading. Metal sanding and sandblasting process, the surface of the disc appears black matte, reducing reflections.

Watch details real shot display:
With spiral crown

Equipped with a chronograph function, which can count up to 12 hours. The dial is sandblasted and black matte.

Bottom engraved embossed fighter

   Many of the details of this watch fully reflect the concept of flying: the crown design is inspired by the fighter jet flame tail, the tip of the large second hand is decorated with a striking red fighter, and the bottom cover is engraved with a relief fighter. The design and production are exquisite. The watch especially adds anti-magnetic 16000A / m and anti-vibration functions to ensure that pilots can have safe, reliable timekeeping equipment in the air without external interference, and it is also suitable for more intense sports when worn normally. The entire watch is made of titanium alloy material. In addition to its relatively light weight, the material is extremely stable, more close to human skin, and less prone to allergies.

Summary: As one of the flagship companies of Chinese watches, Fiyta has accumulated rich experience through deep historical accumulation and rich cross-border cooperation in science, technology and sports, and successfully entered the international market after years of hard work. Adhering to the corporate spirit of ‘pursuit of perfection, excellence’, Fiyta constantly learns and surpasses the world’s advanced design concepts and watchmaking craftsmanship brand concepts. Its masterpieces continue and its brand culture is also a classic.