Gold And Diamonds-radar Rado’s Grand Slam Combination

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This glamorous Glam Slam mini series is always looking forward to the pursuit of the latest technology and fashion, because here Radar Rado combines the high-tech materials that make it famous with several of the world’s most precious Substances: diamonds and gold.
 May I ask where this new model and the hot spots of supermodels and superstars are more suitable to release these new models than Miami? The home of the famous tennis ‘Grand Slam’, hot weather and glorious nights, this is the perfect place to release the latest monochrome magic watch from Radar, each with extremely precious new elements.
 Broad vision, bold ideas, and brilliant talents are the things that radar designers think of when they create these new watches.

  Rado Radar HyperChrome Glam Slam Mini Series-650.0589.3.069
 For men, the sparkling black high-tech ceramic complements pure 18K yellow gold. These two materials blend perfectly to create an unquestionably distinguished style. This individually numbered limited edition watch only produces 333 gold and 333 rose gold versions. Although it has been lost by many collectors, it has also made watch fans who are fashion pioneers no matter whether they are on tennis courts or swimming pools. Equally brilliant.

 Radar HyperChrome Glam Slam Mini Series-580.0483.3.001
 For radar, ladies are just as important as men. There are two watches in this mini collection that are tailor-made for ladies, each set with diamonds. In the VIP box of the Tennis League, in the club on the Promenade, or at a cocktail party on the beach at sunset, the bezel and side set with 181 diamonds will undoubtedly set off waves in the crowd, causing a lot of waves Envious eyes.
 Radar is proud to recommend this watch with infinite charm. Its practical and dazzling high-tech ceramic case is built with an integrated structure, ensuring that the watch has the lightness and excellent protection of this advanced material. Scraping.
 Glorious, glamorous, and Miami-inspired, the Glam Slam watch has made Radar, a master of materials, a master of fashion at the same time.