How Is Tudor Fabric Strap Made?

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Leather and metal are the materials of choice for straps, but fabric straps are also unique. Unlike the ‘traditional and old-fashioned’ brother Rolex, Tudor openly welcomes the joining of fabric straps. The fabric strap not only gives the wearer an unparalleled comfort experience, but also embodies the distinctive characteristics of Tudor watchmaking, becoming one of the brand’s signature features.
   Tudor fabric straps originate from eastern France and are carefully crafted by a local workshop with a century-old arts and craftsmanship. ‘Jacquard’ came out in 1801. The term is not limited to some specific weaving machines, but refers to an additional automatic pattern control mechanism. In this article, we will go deep into the weaving workshop to show how the colorful and various Tudor fabric straps are made in the form of pictures. Believe me, it must be far more romantic than boring technology.

Tudor heritage chronograph

   The buckle of this strap is made of high-quality metal, and the appearance is based on the upper part of the Tudor logo, adding a more distinctive brand element.