Huaxinsi Showing Power Reserve Watch

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Whether the movement of a watch is quartz or mechanical, the moment when the electric power and kinetic energy that provide travel time power are exhausted, if this node is ignored, the watch user will inevitably face time. The chaos is like you’re driving on the road and you’re halfway gone. Therefore, there is a fuel gauge in the car, and the watch also needs a power reserve display to remind people to add power in time. Compared with the romantic imagination of the moon phase, the three-question auditory aesthetic, the eternal feelings of the perpetual calendar, the ‘power reserve display’ What sounds cold is more practical and caring. Torsion pattern Bell & Ross BR01 Paratroopers Tourbillon: Skull shape, the power reserve on the 5th day on the left is displayed in five equal torque patterns.
Power reserve first appeared on nautical clocks with extremely high precision requirements, because ships sailing at sea must rely on accurate navigating clocks to measure longitude, and accurate time calculation is also one of the guarantees of navigation safety. Later, with the popularity of pocket watches, the power reserve concept was also inherited, until the appearance of watches, developed a variety of expressions.
Special display MB & F HM No.4 RT rose gold global limited edition: Parallel dual barrels can provide 72 hours of power, mimicking the aircraft’s jet engine double cabin design.
Space-saving fan-shaped display
The more traditional form is a fan-shaped display, which looks quite similar to the flyback function. The advantage is to save disk space, only need to set a bad arc, and its structure is more dexterous in the layout of the movement. It can be divided into two types: it is displayed with numbers and scales, without numbers, and only with a gradually narrowing width. In the former case, because the overall length of the radian is narrow, the numbers that can be marked are also very limited. Generally, it is calculated in days. The power reserve of this watch is a few days, and the number is marked. Hours are divided into limited equal parts and then displayed in sections to achieve as detailed a prompt as possible. Watches with sufficient width to show whether there is sufficient power have more design space in appearance. For example, the Bucherer’s Plavi series makes the pointer “pulling” a bright red color block and gradually moves to the word low, emphasizing the exhaustion of energy. Some watches incorporate the emotional concept of color to show the kinetic energy from high to low; while some female watches ingeniously use gorgeous diamonds of different sizes, color gradients or different diamonds to make gorgeous power reserve displays. People can’t help but marvel at the infinite creativity brought by the heart of beauty.
Back display Panerai LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3-day power reserve watch: The power reserve is displayed on the case back, with the second hand resetting performance.
Precise circle and superior arc display
Slightly simple design is a circle display or a near-circle superior arc display. At first glance, it is no different from the small second hand and chronograph small dial. You need to observe it carefully to distinguish it. In general, the numbers displayed on the circumference will avoid periodic numbers such as 60, 24, and 12 that have the tendency to understand hours, minutes, and seconds. They are similar to the sector display of digital displays, but they are more detailed in the division of numbers. Improves the accuracy of the energy display and makes it easier for the wearer to read. However, such displays are relatively rare, because the visual effects are not eye-catching. In addition, this function is always habitually willing to mark the words POWER RESERVE, HIGH, LOW, etc. Some are even thoughtful to add directly when the energy consumption is half The word CHARGE (charge) urges the wearer to wind the string. It is well known that text is one of the most space-consuming elements on the dial, so the circle display is rare.
Straight Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Watch: This ‘research watch’ tourbillon, automatic chronograph and power reserve display rotate through the barrel.
Rebellious Straight Line Display
In addition, ‘Linear Display’ is a special type, which is often found in the more avant-garde models of the overall design, either horizontal or vertical, adding a rebellious atmosphere to the dial that is used to the curved design. The straight line display feels like a thermometer, but this ‘thermometer’ will only go towards the freezing point step by step under natural circumstances. However, in order to achieve the visual sense of the thermometer, you need to spend a little bit of twists and turns on the movement. Almost all of the wristwatch movements we know rely on the drive between gears. The ‘walking’ method is inherently based on circles. How can arcs be converted into straight lines? This requires adding a linear rack between the gear and the pointer, or simply replacing the pointer with a large rack connected to a small gear, which changes ‘savagely’ with constant response.
Sector Hamilton Jazz watch: The dynamic storage is presented at 7 o’clock with a small dial attitude, exquisite and eye-catching.
Thoughtful special display
Although there are various forms of expression, the power reserve display has always been criticized for its lack of expressive power. The author thinks that it is generally invariable because it is invariable in any case, and it is too practical to make its impression always Stuck on the weak point of ‘design’. However, there are always brands who can’t hold their breath to make a big trick. For example, both Blancpain and Panerai have subverted the power reserve display from the dial to the case back, making it dominate the world and the reading is clearer. The design is also more free, but for those who need to be “reminded”, this function is still better than the dial in the spirit of serving the people.
Sector-shaped Hublot million-dollar emerald: Power reserve is up to 120 hours, and the upper left reserve display scale is inlaid with different shades of green emerald.
Humans have created a wealth of substances and services with ‘reminder’ functions for themselves, such as alarm clocks and ‘wake-up services’ for hotels. The definition and division of time is the initial ‘reminder’, so with a watch to tell you the time. There is no perpetual motion in the world, so the consciousness of the ‘machine’ will periodically disappear due to the exhaustion of power. Therefore, in the final analysis, people still need to be constantly reminded, so an important function on the watch emerges- Power reserve display.
Excellent arc around the circle Omega flying elegant watch: certified by the Swiss official observatory, the display is located at 6 o’clock.