Insufficient Speed ​​passion Brief Comment On Tudor Speed ​​riding Chronograph Watch

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The use of red in watches has always been more cautious, because this color is not easy to control, especially the big red. However, this is very common in motorcycle-inspired watches, especially the red and black color, which is better known as the best combination, that charm can hardly extricate itself. In 2015, with the introduction of Ducati Scrambler’s unique new motorcycle, Tudor, as a partner, followed up with three unique Fastrider chronograph watches. This time, we bring the 42010N red dial watch, do not be poisoned.

    At the beginning of the design, the red of this watch wanted to express the effect of retro fashion. However, the charm of red lies in this. Its mystery makes people have more rich association space. It is a representative of personality. The traditional breakthrough, even you can understand it as charming and charming, so on the wrists of different people, it will also emit a distinctive visual impact.

42010N red dial watch

   Compared with other watches in this series, it is obviously bright enough, bright red, enough to cover the light of other models. Even its ancestor Scrambler red motorcycle is not enough to exaggerate it in the watch. This is what is important for Scrambler. It is classic and modern, pursuing freedom and expressing itself. It’s fashionable, but if it’s not fashionable, you can control it.

Watch side

   From the point of view of the watch itself, as a chronograph, its thickness is obvious. The entire case shape, strap style and buckle are not exaggerated. It still follows the purpose of sturdy and durable series, and at the same time in design Highlight your personality. There is no doubt that we have seen the ‘young’ vitality of Tudor from it.

Leather strap

    Tudor’s sports models can often be equipped with a variety of straps. Steel straps, Nato and rubber are the most common. This watch has belts and rubber straps to choose from. The watch is equipped with a leather strap when shooting in kind. In order to show its ‘youth’ and ‘speed’ energy, the surface of the leather strap is specially textured. The overall style is very different from the traditional leather strap pattern. Echoes the distinctive theme of the watch.

Date quick adjustment structure

    At the 9 o’clock position of the watch, there is a very eye-catching structure. According to the convention, this structure is usually considered a helium exhaust valve. However, this watch is waterproof to 150 meters and it does not need that device at all. Know it’s a special date quick-adjustment device. This device requires special tools to adjust the date.


    The crown and buttons are specially treated in this watch. The surface is PVD-coated with a black coating. On the one hand, it echoes the red and black color of the watch. On the other hand, it can also improve its anti-wear performance. Gives both visual and functional improvements. The anti-slip texture on the surface of the screw-in double waterproof crown gives a good operating feel, and the clearly visible brand logo traces the brand’s long historical and cultural source.

Ceramic bezel

    In addition to the black element of the crown, the bezel is also black, but this time it is not PVD treatment, but black ceramic. This light and strong material has been widely used in watchmaking in recent years. In addition to feel and performance, portability is one of its attributes, and it is often used in sports watches. However, it should be noted that although it can prevent wear, it is easily broken and therefore not easy to bump.


    The three-eye chronograph layout is personally considered to be the most balanced design in addition to the classic chronograph layout of left and right double discs. This layout is very easy to read time. In addition, the hour, minute and hour markers of the watch are covered with a luminous coating, which can still distinguish time even in dark environments.


   The lugs of professional chronograph watches are always very masculine, not to mention such motorcycle watches. The sharp lugs have a matte frosted surface, which conceals the bright luster of the metal and makes it look cold.

Tudor logo shield buckle

    With a leather strap, the buckle uses a folding safety clasp. This kind of buckle is very convenient to use. The buckle is fast and easy to unfasten. There is also a heavy insurance lock on the outside to increase its safety. The buckle style is designed according to the brand’s own logo, highlighting Tudor’s independent style.

Dense bottom cover

    The bottom is the most reasonable bottom cover style that Rolex and Tudor think. Although the bottom can let people appreciate the movement, from the perspective of practicality, the bottom is not any benefit. Practicality is one of the important watchmaking purposes of Tudor and Rolex.

Summary: Among the three watches inspired by Scrambler motorcycles introduced this year, the Tudor Speed ​​Ride series uses a number of precision technologies. Each of the three watches has its advantages, but the same thing is safe and reliable. The internal self-winding movement can provide a 46-hour power reserve, timing, travel time, luminous, and calendar. It provides time information for the watch wearer at any time. The red dial attracts enthusiastic enthusiasts, especially young people who love classic fashion. The watch transforms the pleasure of advocating motorcycle self-parade into subtle dial elements, integrating watchmaking depth into the locomotive culture, and bringing people an unparalleled self-touring fun.