Jeanrichard Shang Weisha Officially Becomes The Official Watch Of Racing Metro 92 Rugby Club

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Shang Weisha JeanRichard will cooperate with METRO 92 Rugby Club to become its official watch, which means that Shang Weisha will put its own brand in the sports industry.

Founded in 1882, the club was a pioneer of French rugby and inherited from Hauts-de-Seine. In the 130 years since then, the club has been one of France’s major rugby clubs. In addition, he has repeatedly sent players to the French national football team, including some important leaders. The club has won the national championship five times and will now inject new legends, rewriting history in just a few seasons.

‘A long and rich history, a promising future, and a perfect philosophy of life, this is what Shang Weisha and Racing Metro 92 Rugby Club have in common.’ Bruno Grande, chief operating officer of the Swiss company, said in excitement ‘is in recovery The brand of Shangweisha and the fast-growing legendary club now share the same values: the courage to challenge, the value of teamwork, the desire for a fulfilling life, and no waste of every second. Members of Racing Metro are just like members of Shangweisha Like us, they are extraordinary heroes in ordinary life. They are warriors who dare to explore and discover, and are ready to conquer the world at any time. ‘