Kalpa Hemispheres Watch

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In the world of returning from time and space, travel depicts its unique trajectory. With a delicate touch, a private map of travelling like the sensory world emerges.
    To experience this adventurous spirit firsthand, Parmigiani created the Kalpa Hémisphères watch. This new series, with its extremely accurate second time zone display, pays tribute to travel. With one glance, time is in your hands.
    A distinctive navigator-Bernard Stamm, eager to cruise the sea and challenge extraordinary-his wonderful adventure brings the infinite marine charm of the Kalpa Hémisphères series, creating a boundless horizon.
    ‘When I saw the coast, the light became concentrated and bright, and the air was scorched hot by the African land. From blue, to the extremely hot ocher yellow. I felt the power, grand and barbaric, pushing me towards That disturbing and hostile Southern Ocean. ‘
    Detail breeds style and proves elegance. The new Kalpa Hémisphères model, carefully crafted by Parmigiani watchmakers, showcases the unique, gorgeous and colorful craftsmanship of fine watchmaking. Through exquisite techniques, the art of watchmaking shows its essence and pursues the essence of time. Like the same journey of in-depth watchmaking, true excellence is in it. The Kalpa Hémisphères series watches, made of stainless steel and 18K rose gold, with blue, silver, ink and camel dials, present a variety of styles, just like the sweet and sour bits of travel, making people feel colorful charm.
    ‘I passed the finish line as a victor. After experiencing the terrible 40 degrees south latitude storm wind belt, finally, the warm welcome came. An aboriginal dancer presented me with his sacred dance. From the sharp contrast Many strange causes will be waiting for me in this strange land that was born, ‘said Bernard Stamm.
    When innovation is successfully integrated into daily life, its value is self-evident. The Kalpa Hémisphères watch liberates the complicated mechanical gear sets that are usually hidden in order to provide a complete second time zone hour and minute display, which is extremely convenient to use. A rare breakthrough in horological technology that allows independent adjustment of the second time zone minute. The time difference of many travel destinations is different from the synchronized GMT, which is actually half an hour or three quarters.
    The world is constantly changing, and everything must have the ability to adapt to change. In order to allow travelers to adjust local time or destination time at any time, the settings of the two time displays (hours and minutes) are completely independent and do not affect each other. The two crowns on the right side of the case are designed for this purpose, one for adjusting the time zone and the other for winding the movement, adjusting the date and local time.
    Through the complex clutch mechanism of the movement, many different timekeeping operations can be performed. The new Parmigiani PF 337 automatic movement responds to the brand’s outstanding technical requirements. The complex design contained in it can only be born through a complete and comprehensive management control in the watch factory. ½ hour jet lag: India, Iran, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Australia (central time zone), French Marquesas Islands, Newfoundland. ¾ Jet lag: Nepal
Central local time
2. Time in the second time zone at 12 o’clock
Small seconds
4. Calendar display
5. Local time day and night display
6. Day and night display in the second time zone
On the chain
    The watch is wound automatically when worn. When the watch stops moving, rotate the watch A in the undrawn position for a few turns to wind it.
    The watch can be wound at any time.
Setting dual time zone time simultaneously
1. Pull crown A outward two spaces.
2. With crown B in the undrawn position, the local time and the time in the second time zone will be adjusted synchronously (the hands rotate in synchronization).
3. Continue to rotate the hands and refer to the local time day and night display until the correct time is displayed.
4. Push crown back into place. Note: When crown A is pulled out two spaces, the second hand will stop moving (second stop).
Adjust local time only
    If you only need to adjust the local time without changing the time in the second time zone, please pull out crown B first (the local time and the time in the second time zone will not be synchronized). Then pull out crown A by two divisions and rotate it, and refer to the local time and day display for time setting. Push crowns A and B back into place.
Adjust time for 2nd time zone only
    To adjust the time in the second time zone without changing the local time, first pull out crown A by two divisions. Then pull crown B out and rotate it, and refer to the second time zone day and night display for time setting. Push crowns A and B back into place.
Set date
1. Pull crown A outward one space.
2. Rotate the crown until the correct date is displayed.
3. Push crown A back into place. As the time zone difference will cause the day and night to be different, the Kalpa Hémisphères watch’s hour and minute display is perfect, adding the second time zone day / night display and the local time day / night display.
    ‘In the monotonous gray background in the distance, the rocky promontory, Cape Finisterre, that is the mark of the earth’s paradise. Finally, I felt that I was close to the final victory. At the end of the game, I expected the joy of reunion, words Indescribable, and once again challenged the sea, an adventure story that has sailed. ‘
    The Kalpa Hémisphères travel watch cannot be perfect without a calendar display. The dial on the back of the dial shows the date and time through a 9 o’clock azimuth window. The date is linked to local time, helping travelers to identify their time and space. Let people taste the eternal Jiguang film feather at any time …
Technical Information
Movement: PF337 self-winding mechanical movement is handmade.
18K rose gold model with automatic gold pendant.
Hand-chamfered ‘Geneva Ripple’ bridge.
Vibration frequency: 28800 times per hour
Diameter: 15 1/4 cents / 35.60 mm
Thickness: 5.10 mm.
Rubies: 38.
Power reserve: 50 hours.
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds at 6 o’clock, day / night zone at 6 o’clock local time
Display, second time zone display at 12 o’clock, second time zone at 1 o’clock, day / night
Area display, large calendar window.
Dial: Stainless steel models are available in ‘silver’, ‘ink’ or ‘metal blue’ dials; 18K rose gold models are paired with ‘camel’ dials.
Case: 18K rose gold or stainless steel.
Strap: Full leather or alligator strap.