Ladoire Presents A Unique Rgt ‘origin Of The Sun’ Watch

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From the love of Japanese culture, Lionel Ladoire spent more than 300 hours to create a unique ‘Origin of the Sun’ watch, whose name is also derived from the origin of the ‘Japan’ country name. In Japanese words, Japan calls its country ‘the place of sunrise.’ The side of the watch’s titanium case is engraved with the ideographic characters of Japanese characters, the first word means ‘sun’ or ‘day’, and the second word means ‘origin’ or ‘essential’.

RGT ‘Origin of the Sun’ by Ladoire

The hand-cut platinum display system on the Origin of the Sun watch displays the Japanese national flag. The watch will be officially unveiled at an auction in May 2012, at which time 30% of the auction proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross To help victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

 RGT ‘Origin of the Sun’ bottom

Powered by Ladoire’s self-made Calvet / 01 / RGT self-winding mechanical movement, the watch has a 48-hour power reserve, the main splint and a two-part raised micro-automatic dial at 6 o’clock are coated with special Matte white and red satin finish. The eccentric ring dial displays hours and minutes, and a specially shaped pointer indicates the GMT time.

Specially colored main splint

The stunningly designed movement and display system is housed in a titanium case measuring 56 mm x 45 mm. The platinum bezel and case back are coated with black PVD. The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters and features a full-grain hand-stitched calfskin strap with white and titanium black PVD buckles.